AI-Powered Data Enrichment Tools

Get value from each conversation.
Make it easy to connect with your customers using AI.

People constantly changing. Find out what they need with AI-Powered Data Enrichment. Personalize their Customer Experience with Ghostwriter AI™.

Soluzioni di data enrichment per aziende usando intelligenza artificiale

We analyse data to help companies understand their audience and catch new opportunities with scalable and predictable progress.
Improve your sales operations, customer care, and marketing campaigns now.

Our AI-Powered Data Enrichment Tools

Sales, and customer support, conversations data analysis. More leads conversion and a better customer experience, thanks to conversations insights.

Find immediately what you need. Get faster resolution times and more efficiency in customer care. Real-time support to requests and information your operators receive (email, phone, chat).

Corporate marketing content management made simple. Get in-topic news suggestion, text extraction and social posts, predictive content A/B testing, and more. Have your audience data at a glance.

Internal data (CRM, email, chat, and more.) and external sources analysis. Accurate information to suggest market access strategies (competitive analysis, purchase intent, prospect profiles, positioning, and more).

Message personalization through Natural Language Understanding (NLU)

Personalizing content is the key to reaching customers who are constantly distracted by new messages.

Optimize the entire customer journey process by leveraging Ghostwriter AI™ technology, Natural Language Understanding (NLU), Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms, and semantic system to analyze conversation data.

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AI-Powered Data Enrichment tools advantages for your business

Increase ROI of marketing campaigns
Data-driven strategies and decisions
Marketing and sales campaign customization
Customer purchasing intent and behaviour prediction

How Ghostwriter AI data enrichment works

data enrichment fonti esterne
data enrichment fonti interne
data enrichment miglioramento

External data collection

fresh, quality data from external third-party sources

Internal data enrichment

the correct information to understand people their behaviours

Action improvement

the active suggestion of actions to improve your ROI

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