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1. Lookalike Profiler

Profile a new lookalike audience, up to 10x your social followers. No more static buyer personas but a live profile of your next client.

Find out how they think, feel, and the exact language they use. Speak directly to your target audience in the language they understand. They will love to buy from you!

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2. Lookalike Predictor

Predict results of your ads, up to +35% engagement.
With Lookalike Profiler you can anticipate what your customers need, and with Lookalike Predictor you can see how much your target audience is interested and will react to your content.

Ask the Lookalike Predictor a prediction on your content!
It will show you topics, keywords, attention, and the reaction of your lookalike audience.

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3. Content Creator

Create your article up to 50% faster.
Once that Lookalike Profiler gives you topics, trends, and keywords to speak directly to your target audience, then you writer’s block will disappear, and your content will write itself, thanks to the Content Creator.

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Leverage AI to have instant dynamic profiles based on your actual data and get your new segmented lookalike audience

Our Customers

We found in GhostWriter a Human-Oriented approach to understand the context in which our consumers operate.

Peter Jensen, Chief Digital Officer at Moleskine

GhostWriter for me represents the essence of technological innovation. The people of this team make the difference.

Stefano Papini, CEO at Dynameet