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Know Your Audience gathers information about your target audience, tells you exactly the keywords they are searching for, what they care about, what they are talking and gives you actionable data on which you can base your ad campaigns around, giving you better results in less time.


Engage More

Copy and paste your text content into the tool and the AI will predict the engagement of what you wrote in just a few seconds, giving you the possibility to tweak and test new ways of writing the text to increase the engagement with a much lower monetary risk.


Be Relevant to Your Target

Find the topics that matter for each of your customer segments. Save several minutes spent in searching the right news. Use trend topics to stay on your audience’s mind and keep your readers engaged. helps you get content to nurture your audience in a click.

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GhostWriter.AI is the AI-Powered Social Media Marketing Platform

Understanding people has never been so easy! Connect your social accounts and GhostWriter.AI will work for you.


  • Get automatic or custom buyer personas
  • See if your ad copy matches with them
  • Improve your advertising
  • Reduce live A/B tests


  • Gain knowledge about your target audience
  • Nurture them with topics that are in their interest
  • Get the information about how to manage external communication


  • Get know about new market you want to enter
  • Gain Competitiveness
  • Create customized services
  • Get instant reports

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How Does GhostWriter.AI work? is a content marketing strategy platform with a simple mission: help you discover more about your customers and show you how and what to talk to them about so you can sell more.

It will help you:

  1. Better identify your audience
  2. Find a new audience, up to 10x your existing followers
  3. See how your audience reacts to your content with real data
  4. Create your content 50% faster

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Hassle-free Technology

The AI software allows you and your team to save a lot of time setting up, evaluating and modifying campaigns. Forget the guesswork, gives you actual tangible data to make your decisions with.

GhostWriter.AI technology requires no specific expertise from your part.
We are happy to help you make decisions for your social campaigns more easily.
Get the most out of your data with no efforts.