AI and Digital Marketing: Revolution or New Habit?

use ai for marketing digital strategy

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Today, Artificial Intelligence is crucial in numerous aspects of everyday life. We have smart devices, we interact with chatbots, and all of these are designed to understand consumer needs and preferences to deliver customized experiences.

How is artificial intelligence affecting digital marketing? Computer sciences related to AI (like machine learning, deep learning and natural language processing [NPL]), is increasing its relevance and incorporate artificial intelligence in marketing strategy can be a booster for digital strategy, for many reasons.

“AI Is Changing The Future Of Digital Marketing”
[Hacker Noon]

AI Content Generation

Using AI, digital marketing strategies can transform the way you engage with your audience. It helps marketers to learn from people everyday life experience and adjust marketing strategies with new inputs.

First of all, Artificial Intelligence algorithms, adequately trained by humans, allow computers to respond to and perform many marketing tasks. Artificial Intelligence massive content analysis can be useful to create unique content, as some companies already are doing, such as BBC, CBS, the New York Times and Reuters.

It can help you drive relevant traffic, acquire customers and increase sales at a scale. For example, “Press Association is partnering with news automation specialists Urbs Media to have robots write as many as 30,000 local news stories each month” .

It’s incredible, right?

Yes, even if you think that it’s incredible, it’s time that you open your eyes and be aware that AI can create and generate content.

Not as a human (not yet).

For example, it can generate news. We say “generate” instead of “create” because, at the moment, we are not discussing creativity. AI-based content creators are using templates and fill-in-the-blanks to enter data and keywords. It can give the result as a human wrote it.

For example, BBC, CBS, the New York Times and Reuters have contents that have been generated by AI, as well as email marketing brands are using the power of AI to personalize email marketing campaigns.

About 75% of Netflix viewing is driven by the recommendation algorithm: via @WIRED— Netflix US (@netflix) 8 agosto 2013

Artificial Intelligence Recommendations

Artificial Intelligence can also suggest most appropriate content.

Optimizing web content is an excellent opportunity to connect with audiences. Artificial Intelligence recommendation systems can show visitors different contents according to different behaviours.

By analyzing millions of data about customer experience, Artificial Intelligence algorithms predict consumer’s behaviours. Then, You can personalize your audience customer journey, increase engagement and lead to increased sales.

Business Intelligence can provide better customer experience by collecting and analyzing data and deciding which content is the most suitable, based on elements like location, historical data and past behaviour. Historical. Past.

Artificial Intelligence goes beyond that.

Can be a future behaviour. Can be a prediction about preferences.

Artificial Intelligence based marketing systems can, in real time, detect when content is relevant, and when the users are more likely to convert. In real time the system shows the right product, photo, text, or whatever is the content.

The customer receives the right page for his/her experience, with the most meaningful content and is engaged. Step by step, become loyal. A great example of that is Netflix’s recommendation system. It gives suggestions for movies and TV shows most interesting for each viewer.


AI-based digital marketing tools and data analysis strategies are considerably quick and accurate. They can empower human capability to deeper understand other humans behaviour because they can see the “big picture” in a snap. They are not going to be part of the future. They already ARE part of our present. Are you ready?


How AI Is Revolutionizing Digital Marketing

9 Applications Of Artificial Intelligence In Digital Marketing That Will Revolutionize Your Business

How AI is changing the future of digital marketing

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