A Better (buyer) Persona Using AI

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Creating a fitting Buyer Persona is a delicate yet critical moment during the creation of a marketing strategy.

It’s a work that needs precision and knowledge of the market, the consumer and the product. To create the best personas ever, Artificial Intelligence can have a prominent role.

Let’s find out how.

What are Buyer Personas?

What does persona mean in marketing?

According to HubSpot, a Buyer Persona is

“a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer based on market research and real data about your existing customers.”

They’re linked to every aspect of the customer journey. Relationships with the customers must be nurtured and encouraged thanks to interactions with the brand.

The problem is, a person’s intentions are one of the hardest things to understand, even with models.

The reason is that models are often a lot less specific than the mind of a real human being, an individual with emotions, and impulses. Personas are not personalized, role-based, hard to adopt, and pricey to update.

So, how can we improve the way personas work?

With AI, of course!

Why and how to create a Buyer Persona

Creating a Buyer persona means working on internal and external research. Some of the data that you need are, according to Hubspot, “customer demographics, behaviour patterns, motivations, and goals.”

Creating a fitting persona means that you can determine where to focus your time and efforts, leading product development through a more precise direction. As a result, you will be able to attract the most valuable customers to your business. The more detailed, the better.

To develop such a project, a lot of time is needed. You have to monitor conversations, understand what your audience really wants and talks about, and create a real 3D model that fits those characteristics.

infographic what data should a persona include

You don’t have to start with hundreds of examples, because you could always add one or two personas whenever you need them. It’s better to start with two or three of them, just to have the chance to develop the first ones as best as possible.
Every persona needs to be extremely specific: with a reliable data basis, it’s possible to create an impressive identikit.

Some of the aspects you may want to consider are gender, age, level of education, social networks used, industry, job, goals and objectives, passions, habits, what he/she’s looking for, day by day life, the tone of voice and register he or she uses the most.

It’s a lot of data: you have to build a real character, someone you can empathize with.

Several tools are helping marketers to create buyer personas, here a couple:

make my persona personas tool
Make My Persona

How Buyer personas can be improved with AI

Buyer personas seem to work fine, so why bother to change?

Firstly, because AI can evolve them to a marketing instrument even more efficient, more comfortable to work with, on a greater scale, and continuously updated, with way less human work needed.

Also, AI can evolve personas towards personalisation. Nowadays, brands must tailor their outreach and promotional materials to personal characteristics, not simple models.

“By processing transactional and behavioural data from consumers who share common traits with a marketing persona, machine-learning systems are able to determine what messages and methods of outreach should work best for that particular persona.”
[Marketing Personas and AI]

The knowledge that AI can give to marketing professionals leads them to craft promotional materials and, thanks to the high level of automation, the software is able to assist in the content creation and delivery processes.

To sum up, using AI means to create content and models as close as possible to full personalization, with a lot more data, by automating the process and maximize relevance to prospects and customers.

How do you create your buyer personas?


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