Keep Your Ears Open: How Social Listening Helps You to Understand Your Industry

Social listening

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Social Listening, a powerful tool to improve your brand

Reputation online is crucial for any company. Why?

Listening to your customers, clients and prospects put you in their shoes. It allows feeling their appreciation, stopping the potential crisis, touching how people are engaging with you. You can understand what people want, find new solutions and having a better relationship.

That’s why you should monitor what people say about you online.

Listening is an amazing skill.

Running a proper social listening manually is almost impossible. There are so many channels and way to communicate today that you can’t watch out everything.

Let’s discover this world together!

What Is Social Listening?

According to Hootsuite, Social Listening “allows you to track, analyze, and respond to conversations about your brand and industry online.”

Social listening is made of two different steps that complete each other.

The first one is collecting data. You monitor your channels, you look for mentions of your brand, you follow conversations about your industry and about your competitors.

The second step, once you have all the data you need, is to analyze these data. Analyzing them you can find relevant pieces of information, and take practical actions.

That’s the main difference compared with Social Media Monitoring: Social Listening leads to new long-term strategies. While Social Media Monitoring takes immediate actions about what people are saying directly referring to your brand.

You obviously could do social listening manually, and that would take up your entire day. There are several social listening tools that can automatize the process, scanning the web in search for hashtag and mentions, in a more accurate way.

Why Is Social Listening So Important?

The value of social listening is huge. Parents always say to their kids to listen before speaking because is in the human being attitude be bossy in conversation. It’s a kind of social statement: I say over you, so I lead the conversation.

However, if you speak without listening before, the result is that, sooner or later, you will be alone.

Social listening can be a very important technique to improve your strategy, create a stronger bond with your customers and understand what they really want, track the performance of your channels and monitoring your competitors.

Be human-centric!

  • Do you have a clue of who your real audience is?
  • What they think, what they are talking about?
  • What is their feeling about your industry, your topic and, last, your brand?
  • What do they want and expect from you?

Listening conversations and sentiment, you can create a customer-centric strategy, proposing valuable contents, and improving your customer experience with direct interactions.

Do you like what you are reading?

A Few Examples Of Social Listening Uses

Apparently, social listening is complex yet really valuable. But how can you use it to improve your business? Let’s find out some examples:

  1. Customer experience. The first thing — and one of the most important ones — you can achieve with social listening is nurturing a relationship with the audience in your industry and engage with them. People really appreciate when brands interact with them and are responsive on social media, by answering their questions and taking care of their customer journey.
  2. Audience analysis. You can boost your content strategy by analyzing as much as possible. By knowing what people like, what they look for and what they need, it’s possible to craft a strategy that considers audience preferences for different demographics and emerging trends.
  3. Tracking the brand. It’s possible to track conversation around the brand to understand and work on consumer attitudes and sentiment. In this way is possible to discover new challenges and opportunities. This is more a Social Monitoring activity You can, track the sentiment around your brand and work on improving some areas or products. This includes the Sentiment Analysis.
  4. Competitor comparison. Naturally, by listening to online conversations is possible to study competitor’s behaviour. You can track consumers’ attitude towards them, identify some gaps in their offer or communication and examine their communication.
  5. Trend analysis. Knowing what’s going on online is extremely important for any business, and social listening can be a great help. In fact, you could pick up on industry trends before they even become popular. This would allow you to rethink marketing and content strategy to engage even more users!


What is social listening?

The way in which you can take an active look inside what people are on while they are on socials.

Why is social listening so important?

Social Listening is important to allow you to have an overall strategy about your industry and, going deep, about topics, trends, interests of a new potential audience.

Now what?

That’s your time!

Are you leveraging social listening techniques?

Which tool you are using for?

Share them with us!

Stay tuned: this is only the first article dedicated to AI, social listening and social monitoring! 😊


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