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Recently we have discovered how to create a buyer persona, and we have found out why Social Listening is such an essential tool for your digital strategy. We have also learned that Social Listening is often mistaken for Social Media Monitoring while they’re two distinct disciplines.

Let’s unveil all the secrets of Social Monitoring with this episode of our 101 Articles!

What is Social Monitoring?

Again, Hubspot can give us some help to define this critical piece of the social strategy. According to the website, it is “the act of monitoring social media for information relevant to your business”.

You can use Social Monitoring to collect data on your company online, and creating short term strategies about what people are saying about your brand.

Inside the Social Monitoring knowledge box, (men you find all that query that you can apply to socials looking for mentions (@yourbrand), hashtags (#yourhashtag), keywords (#searchedkeywords)

Social Media Monitoring vs Social Listening

As you may notice, a Social Monitoring Analysis is quite different from Social Listening because “social media monitoring is about the past, and social listening is about the future.”

Another Social Monitoring Definition says that it is “[the] process of applying a tool to track assigned words or word combinations, which are called keywords, on social media”.

Why is Social Monitoring so important?

Why would you want to spend time and effort learning what people are saying about you online?

Short answer: to have a better and more performing social media strategy.

Long answer: Social Monitoring can help you understand how often you’re being mentioned in conversation, which can lead to handy insights and short term strategies.

Thanks to a Social Monitoring activity you have the chance to scan what people say about your brand on the entire web.

In addition to that, by doing so, access to new info and new idea, identifying new opportunities.


How does Social Media Monitoring work?

We know now that Social Media Monitoring is incredibly essential, but how does it work? As this article says, its job is “crawling and indexing sites, sometimes in real time, such as Twitter.

Once all of those sites are indexed, they can then be searched to find mentions, opinions and sentiment on specific products, brands, companies, people, places.”

The software distils between millions of posts, comments, content and tweets to find concrete, useful pieces of information.

Once you have them, you can understand what the users – and people who are part of your target – are saying and act accordingly.

A few examples of Social Monitoring use cases

As we just said, Social Monitoring is a short time tactical that can lead you to great results for your brand and your long term strategy.

Are you curious about the real application of this great tool? Let’s find them out:

1. Improving your customer care

By monitoring what your customers are saying you can understand if they need something. Also, you give them all the support they deserve and build a solid reputation as a caring and customer-oriented brand.

In addition to that, you check the online reputation and communications of your competitors’. By learning what your audience is saying about them you can catch new ideas.

You can bump into new opportunities by answering/starting a conversation with a well-tailored tone of voice.

2. Crisis management

Do you remember your frustration when you asked that brand on Twitter why your order was still under processing even after two weeks, and no one answered?

That’s exactly why you don’t want to ignore mentions online from your customers.

By monitoring them, you know what they desire, what they are worried about, and why they could be mad at you.

Also, if needed, fix everything quite quickly, avoiding a dramatic impact on your brand reputation.

3. Content curation

Social Monitoring is critical in the research stage of developing your social media strategy, so you can ensure it’s as effective as possible.

When you know what your prospects and customers are saying day by day, as well as what they want, taking a strategic decision is way more comfortable.

Tracking hashtags, mentions and specific keyword can help you better track the impact of campaigns

You can measure your social engagement. What does social engagement mean? How a brand is by creating interactions with the audience.

Social Monitoring Tools

To do Social Monitoring, you can take advantage of some handy tools, for example. Here a small selection.

Hootsuite. This is a classic. Among its features, Hootsuite can cover a lot of social channels, allowing you to “add a wide range of streams to each social network data dashboard”.

Another, this time free, service is Tweetdeck. This little tools only covers Twitter, but its interface is pretty similar to Hootsuite ones.

Using Twitterdeck, you can quickly check your Twitter account and set up other relevant ones.

Talkwalker is a tool, you can monitor results in real-time, but you can also access more than two years of historical data.

It analyzes online, social, print and TV/radio content.


Can Artificial Intelligence be useful in Social Media Monitoring?

YES! Artificial Intelligence represents a new help in Social Media Monitoring activities.

Sentiment Analysis

AI is useful to improve sentiment analysis through a deeper text understanding.

Using Natural Language Processing (NLP), you can match words with other recursive patterns: behaviours, gender, ages, on media and social media.

So you get an understanding of how our customers are feeling about product, service, or brand as a whole.

Ready to Engage

AI can suggest you the post with higher engagement about your brand so that you can enter the conversation maximizing the impact and reaching the broader range of audience than ever.

Recommendation System, the same that helps to make Amazon and Netflix so popular, can successfully be a tool to increase your popularity too with a real-time conversation approach.

Brand Recognition

AI is useful to recognize brand presence beyond mentions. How many time a brand is people mind even without mentions? Using Image Recognition, you can spot the concealed information and discover brands in the picture.


What is Social Monitoring?

Social Monitoring is a way to check what people say online. They may talk about you and your brand and you can take advantage of ofthat.

What’s the difference between Social Listening and Social Monitoring?

Social Monitoring is part of Social Listening activity.

Can Artificial Intelligence Affect Social Media Monitoring?

Social Media Monitoring takes advantage of tools that leverage AI. They help marketers to better enter in the right kind of conversation.

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