Social media analytics: the best gift for your brand

Social media analytics

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Studying audience, collecting data from different channels, analyzing competitors, engaging with influencers, monitoring brand and mentions, then, you inevitably need social media analytics tools.
Running out of the budget is easy and, if you collect data without analyzing them, you are getting losing time and money, feeling depressed for your performances.

Stay happy: there is a handy solution for that!

You are going to learn about how to monitor your business through social media analytics software.

We are going to learn:

  1. Social analytics: what are they?
  2. Why should you use them?
  3. A few examples of Social Analytics
  4. How can AI affect Social Media Analytics?

Social analytics: what are they?

You are listening to your audience, and you now have a massive collection of data on your desktop. Yeah, but what do you do with them?

Social Listening is essential to create a customer-centric strategy, proposing valuable contents, and improving your customer experience with direct interactions. If you want to deepen the topic, you can read our article here!

Every time you post a video, a photo or a status on your social media, you generate data. Data about comments, likes, shares, impressions.
By analysing this data, you can understand your audience, what they like, and what they appreciated more.

However, what about all this data?

Why should you use them?

Social Media Analytics controls the activity of traffic generated within social media channels. They help you to analyse every single bit of your marketing strategy.

If you have a perfect digital strategy, but you don’t make any analysis, you’re probably wasting your time and resources. The data you collected before need to be applied to your brand’s strategy and goals to be valuable.
Being able to identify which social networks drives the most users to your site and what content engages them is extremely important to create content that engages users and lead them to convert or completing goals. You can understand where you’re going and what your audience wants. Not bad at all.

With the right tool, you can analyse a lot of different metrics, depending on the social you’re working with.

For instance, you’re able to categorise media types, country of origin and language of your audience, sentiment and content type (and way more!).

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A few examples of Social Analytics

Analysing data is crucial for our company. However, how exactly does it work?

Data are not for everybody. You need to feel comfortable with numbers, data filters, report, calculus sheets.
That’s why it is a good idea having a data analyst in your marketing team to dig out the best from numbers and transform them into a strategy.

Let’s see together a few situations when social analytics can help us:

What are my competitors doing? With a dedicated tool and a specific benchmark, you can watch your competitors’ actions. For example where, when and what they are posting on their social media, data about their followers such as numbers, engagement, customer responses and interactions.

Dashboard 100% customised You can create your dashboards always to keep on eye on all your accounts (and, sometimes, those of your competitors, too). You can manage all the metrics you need, from ROI to ad performance and hashtag analytics – and even customer care support.

Content strategy Which kind of content is driving the best results? What does your audience appreciate most? Thanks to analytics, it’s straightforward to find out! You can customise your digital and content strategy by proposing themes and format that engage your audience.

The common point among these activities are data, and the standard output is a kind of report.

Where there is a report, then there is a social analytics tool.

Very often, tools born to do Social Listening or Social Monitoring. Then you need to have a clear vision of what they are finding and here comes in help reports.

The best Social Analytics tools are those that are specific for each social channel. Facebook Insights, Instagram Insights, Google Analytics, Twitter Analytics, Linkedin Insights, to mention some of them.

What is the problem with them? The vision and the strategy.
You can only have a vision and a strategy per channel.

That’s why other tools that mix data coming from different sources can be a solution.
Here a few Social Analytics Tool that gives you multi-sources reports:

  • Sprout Social
  • Hootsuite
  • Keyhole
  • Buffer
  • GhostWriter: of course! 😉 Our little purple ghost is the perfect tool to deeply understand what your audience feels, likes and talks about the most with clear and actionable data insights.

How can AI affect Social Media Analytics?

AI can dramatically boost your Social Media Analytics. Yes, but how? Artificial Intelligence is capable of working along with humans skills to give you the best analysis in a fraction of time and with a lot more useful data.

As this article says, AI can help your company identifying patterns, exploring insights not available otherwise, automating the delivery of the insights that are most relevant to a particular user. At the end of the day, “With a blend of human expertise and artificial intelligence, the subject matter experts can frame the research in their terms, while the machine runs the analysis at scale.”


What is Social Analytics?
It’s a crucial part of your marketing strategy to understand what your audience and your competitors are saying – and to do something about it.

Why is it so important?
Having many data and knowing how to analyse them is the key to drive your brand’s strategy towards engaging contents and happy customers! 😉

How can AI help with Social Analytics?
Filling in data reports can be annoying. AI helps to identify patterns and write down your analytics documents faster.


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