Content Is King, AI Is Queen: The Important Role Of Artificial Intelligence In Content Creation

Content and AI

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Artificial Intelligence-based content marketing tools are helping marketers and communication strategists more and more every day.
Do you need to write hundreds of articles? Give the task to a machine of thousands of words and have it done at a scale.
Sounds odd, but it is not far from reality.
There are AI content marketing tools that can already write articles by themselves and select the best audience for your company to address. Is that all? No, of course not.

AI is a tool that is reshaping our world, and content marketing isn’t an exception. It’s changing every day, and it’s one of the most important drivers of digital marketing. AI is deeply transforming it, from community management – thanks to bots – to content curation and even content creation. AI is going to change content marketing deeply.

But which exactly will those changes and transformations be? How can AI change the way we consider content?
Let’s find out together!

AI And Hyper-Personalization: How AI Can Make Content Marketing Efficient For Everyone

Customers require a more and more personalised offer, and marketers are more than happy to please them. If everything is over-personalised, it allows better identifying people and their needs.
“79% of customers are willing to share data in exchange for contextualized engagement, and 88% will do so for personalized offers” (Salesforce, “State of Marketing” report)

Percentage of marketers who say personalization improves the following

Great, isn’t it? Of course, but there is a small issue.
This kind of content marketing is precious, but also really challenging because it’s quite tough to collect precise and accurate data and draw the right conclusions based on them.
AI hasn’t the same limitations of the human brain in quantity analysis term, and can easily avoid problems due elaborating millions of data at the same time. More (right) data, more info to personalise customer journey and improve their experience with us.
The result: high quality, hyper-personalised content. That can help the brand to build a real connection with its audience. Of course, this profitable relationship leads to numerous advantages for the company.
Once you produce the content, anyway, you have to show it to your audience.

Know Yourself And Your Public: AI And Targeting

Everyone who works in the marketing field knows very well the importance of targeting. It’s essential to create personas, know your audience and be sure to give them the most accurate advertising.
However, many variables play a fundamental role in targeting: location, personality traits, occupation… there’s a lot of pieces of information, way too many, coming from different sources. Even the most expert team find the task hard.

Take, for example, Heliograf. Heliograf is the automated storytelling technology developed by The Washington Post. It is aimed to write new articles to catch local information and initiative and be near to the local communities in highly focused content.

“Heliograf is creating a new model for hyperlocal coverage,” said Jeremy Gilbert, The Post’s director of strategic initiatives. “In the past, it would not have been possible for The Post to staff more than a handful of the most significant games each week. Now, we’ll be able to cover any game that we have data for, giving the teams and fans near-instant coverage to read and share.” ( The Washington Post leverages automated storytelling to cover high school football).

An in-depth and focused localisation made by AI can lead to a better knowledge of the market and your target and, by consequence, to enhanced content and advertising strategies.

A Better Customer Experience With Artificial Intelligence? Yes Please!

Customer Experience is one of the essential parts of a customer journey. Clients are, first and most of all, people.

People want to feel pampered by their favourite brands. They ask questions, they want answers, and they like to talk with brands that are caring and useful.
People are looking for new content continuously. They check review, look for additional info, compare prices on different websites.

Indeed brands can improve what they are doing even more.
A Salesforce Research on Customers reveals that people expect a higher involvement of companies in understanding their needs and expectations, but it’s not always true.

Consumers and brand expectations
State of the Connected Customer

As this article explains, “AI-based chat and customer support bots are already quite capable of turning queries into conversions.[…] Having a chat-based presence on a website can greatly turn referral to conversion odds in your favour because customers’ queries can be answered instantly and to their liking.”
That’s why AI helps customer care and make the experience valuable for the customer. It can analyse data better, and it can provide a 24/7 assistance with personalised contents with endless calm, patience and comprehension.
For some tasks, it is incomparable. However, people are keen on human touch, and they want to have the power to switch to a human-assistant if it needs.

Artificial Intelligence is and is going to be even more, a massive transformation for our world, and we need to be prepared to embrace it. Are you thrilled and, most of all, are you ready?


From targeting to customer care and community management, AI reveals itself as a (un)surprisingly useful tool.
A great transformation is currently in action, and AI is the main protagonist!

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