From Personas to Social Monitoring: A Journey Into AI And Analysis

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We’ve taken a long trip between personas, social listening, social monitoring and social analytics. In the previous four articles, we have merely touched a complex topic that can be very useful during the design and management of our strategies.

Here we are to recollect all the most essential parts of this process, to create a handy and practical guide to this fascinating world.



Let’s begin from the start: when you want to deploy a strategy to understand which people you are engaging and what they are saying about your brand, you have to identify people you are talking to. Personas are the most essential and most useful tool to do this. They’re linked to every aspect of the customer journey and, of course, relationships with the customers must be nurtured and encouraged.
A buyer persona is an ideal customer that you build to have the shape of your potential customer in front of you. Always.

Naturally, people are much more complex and unpredictable than a standard model, so you have to perfection, monitoring conversations and determining where to focus your time and efforts.

To sum up, you need to enrich these ideal people with real data. This work can lead your product development through a more precise direction. As a result, you can attract the most valuable customers to your business. Persona’s motto is: the more detailed, the better!

It’s better to start with two or three of them: every persona needs to be specific, from age, to work, to daily life, to passions, habits and so on.

How AI helps to build effective Buyer Personas

Artificial Intelligence Tools are powerful allies to help in evolving personas towards personalisation. Using Artificial Intelligence, you can better identify people preferences and improve the outdated idea of “customer experience” in something new: personal experience. However, the Martech Panorama, the collection of technology tools addressed to the Marketing activities, is still lack of AI tools for buyer personas improvement.

In this section we can mention Socialbakers Audience Persona Tool and our GhostWriterAI.

Social Listening

Once you have your Personas and you know whom you want to engage, it’s crucial to understand what they’re talking about, especially if they’re talking about your company. In Social listening, you have to collecting data and analyze them. You scan the Net for finding new opportunities, look for mentions of your brand, follow conversations about your industry and your competitors. Next, once you have all the data you need, you analyze them to find relevant pieces of information and take practical actions.

Social listening is crucial to improve your strategy, build a feeling relation with your customers and understand what they want. With all this info you track your performances and monitor your competitors.

How Artificial Intelligence improves Social Listening

First of all, Artificial Intelligence in Social Listening can sensibly reduce the length of the process of listening. Several tools that can automate the process, scanning the web in search for hashtag and mentions.

Besides, AI can do it in a more accurate way than doing it manually, allowing you to have more and more specific data. Last but not least, Artificial Intelligence improves social listening automatically tagging content to let insights more easy to read and actionable to use.

Social monitoring

You can use Social Monitoring to collect data on your company online, and creating short term strategies about what people are saying to your brand.

Social Monitoring Analysis is quite different from Social Listening because the first is about the past, and the latter is about the future. Social Monitoring can help you understand how often people mention you in social conversations, which can lead to handy insights and short term strategies.

Thanks to a Social Monitoring activity, you can understand what the users – and people who are part of your target – are saying and act accordingly.
Social Monitoring is a more focused part of the Social Listening activity.

How Artificial Intelligence improves Social Monitoring

Some Artificial Intelligence algorithms scan the web using Natural Language Processing (NLP). These AI-based tools for Social Monitoring match words with other recursive patterns: behaviours, gender, ages, on media and social media. Another group of useful algorithms in the Social Monitoring activities are those specialized in Image Recognition.

These AI algorithms recognize brand presence beyond mentions and suggest you the post with higher engagement about your brand, to enter in conversations in the most useful way.

Social analytics

After collecting all the data, it’s crucial to give them some meaning. Every time you post a video, a photo or a status on your social media, you generated data.
Comments, likes, shares, impressions.
How many data are in a minute?

Also, by analyzing those data, you can understand your audience, what they like, and what they appreciated more. Data helps you to analyze every single bit of your marketing strategy.
A successful digital strategy comes managing the right kind of data. Being able to identify which sources are more meaningful for you, understanding them and transforming info in actionable strategy is the goal.

How AI improves Social Analysis

As per Social Media Listening and Monitoring, there are Artificial Intelligence tools which help in boosting your Social Media Analytics. They empower humans activities, working along with your marketing skills to give you the best analysis in less time and with a lot more depth in the information. Artificial Intelligence Tools for Social Analytics are trained to identify patterns and automate the delivery of the insights giving you more time to refine your data-driven marketing strategy.

It’s been such a fantastic journey! Did you know all these pieces of information? Which part of this process do you work with and which one is your favourite?


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