Audience Segmentation: how AI improve personalisation

Segmentation and AI

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AI-based technologies improve audience segmentation. A well-tailored segmentation and, by consequence, good personalization is one of the most useful marketing techniques you can use for your business.

Ok, fine, we need a selected audience for our products and, most of all, our ads campaigns. Moreover, you know what? You guessed it: Artificial Intelligence can be handy to identify a better audience for your marketing strategy.

Let’s go deeper inside Artificial Intelligence tools to improve your marketing audience.

What Is Audience Segmentation and Why Is It Useful?

Deloitte said that 42% of questioned executives think AI will be “of critical importance” within two years. It means that AI is going to be more and more pervasive in our lives and, of course, in our marketing strategies.

Segmentation is impossible to skip and crucial to remind. The activity of dividing your audience into groups means that you can target messages more effectively to your customers, parting the ones with similar characteristics and needs.

Technically, segmentation is “the process of categorising large volumes of customers/consumers into different groups. The customers, collected in groups, show some similar characteristics like gender, preferences, age, location, ethnicity, and so on and so far.”

Proper segmentation can be what makes the difference between a successful Marketing Automation activity and non-sense spam that your potential customers are going to hate.

One of the Marketing Automation basis, in fact, is segmentation of the target. Artificial Intelligence tools for Marketing Automation have dramatically improved most recent Marketing Automation segmentation techniques.

In this way, it’s possible to act by personalising adv and campaigns to focus on each target. Here you can find a brief introduction to personas and their importance in any ads strategy.

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From Audience Segmentation To Personalisation

When you start segmenting your audience, you divide them into many little groups. You select each group based on distinct features that allow you to craft the most effective campaign.

There is one truth: customers are demanding more and more authentic brand experiences. If they don’t have them, they stop being engaged and that’s a risk a company can’t afford. Segmentation is the key to personalisation. Personalisation is the key for conversations… such conversions.

This article says that “marketers have found personalized outreaches to be 14 percent more effective. Consumer demand for personalised outreach makes accurate segmentation an imperative for marketers, or they risk damaging their brand and losing business to competitors.”

We’re accustomed to segment clients and cluster them in particular and quite rigid categories. That’s not enough, not anymore. Now we need a ‘segment-of-one’ approach. Moreover, most of all, we need to know exactly how to segment our customer base, used to send targeted marketing campaigns through personalised messaging.
So that’s where Artificial Intelligence comes to help marketers in improving segmentation activity.

Your Best Ally: AI for Target Segmentation

In segmentation, AI can be useful because its algorithms can deeply analyse each user in every aspect. From habits, likes and previous activity of existing customers and leads, it can draw precise conclusions very quickly. A significant point to engage with customer and prospects on a personal level.

Artificial Intelligence “helps in dividing these groups into individual buying personas depending upon past behaviours of the customers”.

In this way, marketers can reach a better and deeper knowledge of the customer, sending messages more relevant for him and, by consequence, leading to possible conversion. It’s also important to make the customer feeling as if there’s a personal relation occurring with him or her.

In fact, “Personalised messaging gives the buyer a personal touch as he/she thinks that the product is being specifically sold to him/her and feels like buying it.”

For example, our GhostWriterAI service, and particularly the Profiler feature, is capable of getting real-time data, interests, interactions and keywords from new potential audiences. Why new? Because starting from your current audience on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn identify and automatically categorise people interests and topic.

Thanks to AI-based technology, Ghostwriter gathers the most critical data audience and allows marketers to create engaging and exciting contents.
It scans text information on social media, to understand which kind of content your audience is up to. GhostWriter understands context and thanks to that can distinguish different usage of the same words.

Think about that. How different is approaching an audience which is discussing “Milan” as a city or as a soccer team!


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