AI and Email Marketing. From Action to Message with Artificial Intelligence

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AI and Email Marketing. From Action to Message with Artificial Intelligence

Email is a simple thing. Email Marketing is, actually, one of the most powerful tools marketers can use for their marketing strategies.

Why? Because it’s discrete, it’s functional, it’s custom, and has significant help from two fantastic friends: Marketing Automation and Artificial Intelligence.

Email Marketing: A Fundamental Marketing Tool. With A Boost

According to Convince and Convert, ”44% of email recipients make at least one purchase in a year based on promotional email”.

As we learned, Marketing Automation isa subset of customer relationship management (CRM) or customer experience management (CXM) that focuses on the definition, segmentation, scheduling and tracking of marketing campaigns“.

Marketing Automation can be an important way to make your life and your work easier and more efficient.

Email marketing is part of marketing automation, and can have a boost from matching with AI.

Email Marketing is a way to create a tight bond with your customer, thanks to personalisations. You can reach your audience when it needs your presence, and this is the key to build its loyalty. To achieve this goal, you need to create useful templates and use some efficient tools.

Marketing Automation allows you to personalize, schedule and send your emails to a selected list of readers, thanks to some automatic mechanism. Doing that means programming the software to send your email to a mailing list.

After that, the system knows what to do. Pre-settled workflows will do this according to customers behaviours.

It seems easy, right? You have some email contacts, send them your email with exciting and useful contents. It’s done! Here you have 100 new prospects! Well, unfortunately it does not work like this.
You have to be sure to send fascinating and valuable contents, as well as tons of other things. Details make the value!

Marketing Automation: The Perfect Mail To The Perfect Customer

Marketing Automation is useful because you can send the right content to the right person at the right moment, and said person is more likely to act and convert. Every single email contact hides a potential conversion, and it’s essential to understand, nurture and be gentle with customers.

For example, you can send an email to members of the newsletter for the launch of the new season of online courses, but only ones that already attended a cycle of lessons.

Can’t you recall some examples of receiving this kind of email?

Let’s analyse a hypothetic customer journey from the Marketing Automation point of view.
You have seen on Facebook that fantastic online course you’d like to attend. You visit the company’s website, and you decide to subscribe to their newsletter.

Here’s where the magic happens!

After clicking the Subscribe button, you receive a confirmation email that informs you that everything is going in the right way. If you allowed the system to read some of your data, you could receive exclusive promotions and freebies.

You decide to explore the website to find the perfect course for you. You start surfing, but the price is too high, so better think about it for a while.

A few days later, an email from the website reminds you that you haven’t completed your order. When you do it, the system sends to you a freebie to prepare yourself at best for the lessons. After every single experience, you receive an email with all the materials, PDF and link you’ve seen in class.

You have loved the course. It has been what you need. When it’s your birthday, the school sends you another email. A gift card with a code, valid for three months, that allows you to have a discount on all the other courses they offer.

This workflow can be done thanks to some tools developed to guarantee an omnichannel campaign. Email, SMS, Facebook advertising, everything gives its contribution to the customer journey.

Everything to properly nurturing your audience, converting leads in clients and increase customer engagement.

This matching email marketing software with a CRM (Content Relationship Management). A CRM allows you to track your lead touchpoints. The email marketing tool sends some emails according to actions.
A famous example in the email marketing panorama is Mailchimp. You can activate “rules” aimed to convert better and obtain a higher response from users.

Is there something more that you can do?

email marketing before AI

Email Marketing Automation with Artificial Intelligence

With Marketing Automation, you can schedule almost every mail you send. You can make your clients feel special. You can give your conversion a boost. AI can improve your strategy by adding tones of little yet crucial resources.
Let’s use again the example with the process we analysed for Marketing Automation Email Marketing.

The customer clicks the “Subscribe” button. A couple of days later, he hasn’t bought the course yet. The navigation history and the amount of time he passed on each page on the website are clues. AI can send him a mail where, after remembering him the purchase, suggest some similar courses that he could be interested in.

By following his behaviours, the system can also understand when and how often he’s more likely to open the mail, to send them with a frequency that doesn’t bother him.

When he finally buys the course, the trained AI sends him another mail.
Congratulation! Now the customer has a freebie to get prepared for the first lesson.
Not only that but also and some links, based on interests of other customers that purchased the same course

This mail has a funny and sparkling object that has been suggested by AI algorithms trained to optimise subject line. By running several A/B test, Artificial Intelligence algorithms discover that more formal and professional tone have a lower conversion on this segment. That’s why it has suggested to the marketers a more friendly subject line.

Our brilliant student is now on the mailing list of the school. After every lesson, like everyone else in the course, he receives an email with the latest content. The mail is sent 12 hours after the end of the class. AI saw that, in this way, people open them more likely, maybe they have had the time for a rest, and they are ready to review the essential notions.

According to different course experiences, our friend is going to receive additional content to let him go more in-depth. He can improve his knowledge with a personalised experience.

Oh! It’s our friend’s birthday! His personalised email is on the fly!

A Happy Birthday message and a discount code to use on other courses, making a selection based on his navigation history and purchases made by profiles similar to his.


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