Artificial Intelligence and the Content Creation Process

AI and content

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Humankind is a continuous content producer. Everything is content, from stories around a fire up to cool audience-fitting articles on blogs and newspapers.

The word “content” refers not only to written text but also to images, visual, videos, infographics. Every time you communicate, you are creating contents.

Content has improved its format overall the time, and now we are assisting to a new upgrade. Artificial Intelligence technologies are modifying, once again, how we create, deliver and consume contents.

It’s time to give a new boost to our content strategy.

How does it work and how AI can efficiently help it?

Why Content Is Important

Oh, yes, content is essential! Everybody says that, isn’t it?

You are surrounded by contents, on social media, on blog posts, on TV, even on the street while you are walking across the shops’ window and billboards.
From text to video, there are many kinds of content, and all of them serve a different purpose in a different, specific way.

Let’s start with some quite interesting data.

Think about a full minute — count sixty seconds of your life.

Have you done it?

Well, you must know that, in those tiny sixty seconds, on the Internet happens:

  • 3.8 millions of Search Queries on Google
  • 1 million logging in on Facebook
  • 18.1 million texts sent
  • 347.222 scrollings on Instagram

and counting.

What conetnts your read in 60 seconds

Millions and millions of contents shared and consumed on the web. It’s a huge trend, and we can be sure about it thanks to different and several pieces of research.

For example, we know that Content is King, but how much exactly is it important in an integrated strategy?

According to research from Content marketing institute, content marketing has “six times the power of traditional marketing for converting people into leads and leads into customers”. We are facing a real revolution in the way we think and use the Internet, commercials and advertising.

Once we create content, we want our audience to see it.

However, the real intent is that people appreciate our content with a cascade of emojis, comments and shares, increasing the engagement in a positive loop.
Content creation is a balm for our ego and a powerful tool for boosting reputation and reach new people. How? With a social word of mouth, sure, but, also, improving SEO.

Blog content leads to “434% more search engine-indexed pages than other business sites that don’t publish content”.

How AI Can Help You Produce Interesting Contents

AI is becoming prominent on the market nowadays, and content marketing of any kind has never been so well-loved.

Content marketing is the face your business shows to the world, and taking care of how you communicate and how you write is something fundamental. You need to write good content, detailed, enjoyable and useful, and It’s not something you can improvise.

Most businesses need an efficient content strategy, which is expensive in terms of time, money and workforce. Creating content, especially good-quality one, is a time-consuming process, that takes a lot of time and effort in every step.
After picking up a theme, we have to find out the right sources to make our post or article reliable.

Then, we have to craft the text, to make it easy to read and SEO-friendly. After that, we think about the visual part: the key is selecting the perfect, free to use photo (or shooting and editing it by ourselves), or filming and editing a video.
Always keep in mind your audience and what it’s expecting from you. You have to start with the type of content to go ahead with the tone of voice you are going to use.

Here’s why some automation of the process can be useful. Automation (and tools that allow us to spare some time) is now a buzz in this field, which helps to improve results and collect more data.

Any Tool? Yes Please!

Time-consuming activities like content creation and content curation can be cut by adopting marketing automation software: it “enables sound decision-making, allowing marketers to make better use of the limited resources at their disposal. Through automation, marketers can achieve greater levels of customisation, thereby enhancing customer experiences.”

Automation is a valuable tool. It is not only to generate leads, but it also helps to automate tasks to speed up some processes.

How exactly can AI boost content creation? What is behind the content creation process and how Artificial Intelligence help the flow?
First of all, select an idea — a useful, interesting, appealing idea that your audience will love reading.

In this case, some tools can help do the trick, like Hubspot content strategy tool. It’s a tool” that helps you discover what to write about, organise it into topics that build authority, and track the ROI of your content efforts.”

What kind of contents can you create and share – and improve thanks to AI? We told you before: as many as you can think!

Let’s begin with videos, one of the essential and most used marketing tools in 2019: the research showed that “54% of consumers want to see more video content from a brand”.

An AI-based tool for video is Magisto. You can feed this tool with photos and videos you want to merge and select the editing style and the soundtrack from the library. The AI will process it, analyse it and create a smooth video in colours and look.

screenshot Magisto

Another popular video tool that uses Artificial Intelligence for video marketing purposes is, Lumen 5.
Lumen 5 tries to understand what your text talks about and tries to find matching photos from free (and stock) photo libraries. From a given text content, like a blog post, it “will automatically fetch the content and populate your storyboard.”

Lumen 5 screenshot

Next, in line, photos are another trendy type of content nowadays. It looks like no one can stay out from having an Instagram account. Influencer marketing bases its power on images. A picture can determine the success or the fail of million dollars advertising. Smartphones allow creating beautiful shots with a click, and everyone feels like a photographer.

AI is capable of creating several kinds of realistic images. Let’s focus on two unusual cases: portraits and landscapes, both by Nvidia company.

Nvidia knows perfectly well the importance of images, too, and it implemented an AI-based tool capable of “fill in photo-realistic details based on little more than colour tones and text labels”. The name of the tool is “GauGAN” to give a wink to Gauguin, one of the most famous exponents of post-impressionism movement.

It is based on “Generative adversarial network” also shortened as GAN” algorithms.

On the left part of split-screen, using a smart brush, you draw a rough sketch, for example, of a landscape, with a few basics details. You create basic shapes and flat colours, as a childish drawing made with old-school Paint.

On the right, however, you obtain a realistic landscape made by AI. For every piece of drawing you have to pick a colour from a semantic palette.
Every colour is paired with a specific shape or object, for example, “blue” for the sky and “green” for leaves and trees. Select your colour/label, draw your shape and let AI work for you. The software will analyse your input and create a real-looking landscape, to which you can add some details and filters.

GauGAN is currently experimental, and at the moment, you can only test it on landscapes.

If you prefer portraits, well, AI for image generation is also working on that.
Are you able to imagine the face of someone that doesn’t exist?

Painters do that, and you too, in some way, when you are creating personas or writing a story. You have clear in your mind how the characters look like.

Well, AI software can do exactly the same thing. Again, we’re talking about Nvidia and GAN technology. AI is trained to combine and merge existing features and create completely new and realistic faces.
The realism is so high that almost anybody, at first glance, could say that those faces don’t exist and they’re only a simulation.

A successful Marketing Content Strategy still relies a lot on text-based content. Text production may look less fancy. For example, you have to adjust your texts much time, studying your keywords with accuracy, if you want to be successful with SEO.

AI-based text generators are working in many different fields.

Artificial Intelligence helps to generate short text. For example, by creating:

  • subject lines for newsletters
  • tweets
  • advertising posts

AI also helps to generate long text, like reports, news articles, blog posts. An example of this last is our Content Creator tool. Once you’ve decided what to talk about, you can select three articles and feed the creator. The system starts to extract value for you, and it will send you an email once the selection is ready to go. Content Creator catch your style and adapt the output to it, imitating more and more carefully your writing every time you use it.

In this way, you can create text in half time, always with your style. Of course, at the moment it still needs a little help from the human mind, but he’s so useful (and cute) that we can forgive it!

After pure content creation, marketing automation and AI can be useful also in content curation. AI curation tools find articles from the web that can be interesting for your audience.
One good example of it is Curata: a tool that, according to the website, will scour the web and return highly relevant results by using keywords, news sources, authors, bookmarked or shared content.

Last but not least, people have to see what you’ve so carefully created, so you have to diffuse your content in the most efficient way. How can you achieve the best distribution? It’s more a Marketing Automation kind of job, by scheduling your contents when your readers are most likely to be online. One of the most famous tools to do this is!, that allows finding content from around the web-based upon provided keywords. After that, you can craft and schedule on different channels the pieces of content you found.

Well, now you only have to choose your favourite AI tool and… start creating!


  • Content is one of the most critical parts of your marketing strategy, and we are surrounded by it. Craft an efficient approach, with attractive, useful, easy to use kinds of content, and you rock!
  • Content means text, photos, videos… every part of it needs special care to communicate efficiently, to the right target and with the perfect tone of voice.
  • Content creation is a vast time-consuming activity. AI can help your content strategy in different ways; all of them useful to reduce the time spent to craft it. It can generate text, merge videos and even create photos from drawing.


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