IoT: When AI Met The Coffee Machine

IoT and AI

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What happens if you combine AI and the Internet of Things (IoT)?

Both are outstanding and innovative technologies, that will drive our future lives.
They’ve been more and more critical now, by leading us towards innovative solutions for daily issues.

But how exactly will this affect us regularly and how will they combine to achieve new, exciting goals?

IoT: A Brief Introduction

IoT is a lot more than a simple “thing”. It “allows us to connect independent devices together and make the most of them by allowing them to exchange data and interact. Imagine the power of data collected through all these devices.”

We actually can imagine this power, because it’s approaching nearer and nearer. It’s fascinating and bewildering.

Even if the name still evokes sci-fi and futuristic atmospheres, from “Back to the Future” to “I, Robot”, IoT technologies are way more common than you could possibly think: an IoT-based “thing” can virtually be anything!
For example, it can be a car’s sensors or a person with a heart implant. All of these are a common, sometimes even mundane things, but prove that IoT is way nearer to us than we expect it to be.

IoT Foundation are machine learning and AI because devices can interpret the data collected through them. This field is getting smarter and companies are incorporating machine learning in their devices , to find and collect a considerable amount of data.

IoT technologies are capable to “communicate” among one another, and everything is potentially connected 24/7.

As we said, one of the most essential things about IoT is the capacity to collect and store lots and lots of data. However, there’s much more: “Since the essence of IoT devices is to gather data and make use of it, placing data obtained from physical devices through machine learning and artificial intelligence allows us to expand upon those processes.”

How exactly does it work and how AI is capable of boosting IoT value?

Benefits From IoT And AI Together

Both IoT and AI technologies are new superheroes of their field. Recently, they’ve been applied to many aspects of human life: healthcare, finance, and even personal daily life.

IoT-based devices consent to collect data, as we said, but there’s no purpose in them until they’re transformed into valuable pieces of information.

If combined, they can create a powerful tool as nothing else before.

In the last few years, AI has become one of the most valuable and important elements of our present and future. It’s something that is going to completely transform our lives, and the transformation has already started.

Combining AI and IoT allows the latter to release its full potential. First of all, there is a more significant amount of data that can be obtained connecting devices and made useful with the help of AI. This can also lead to finding smarter insights.

After this one, another significant advantage is more material, yet fundamental in 2019 society: they both save a lot of time and money thanks to automated processes.

We just said that IoT is nearer than we think, and we can prove it. In which devices could AI and IoT work together? Virtually, there’s no limit to choice. The only crucial thing is to have a programmable electronic device. Even Siri or Google Assistant is kind of AI inside a tool, so you could use them as IoT.

internet of things

The true relationship between IoT, Marketing and Artificial Intelligence

AI and IoT also have a great friend in common: digital marketing. Application of IoT in this field can be nothing less than disruptive.
Marketers need to take IoT seriously think about it as something to enhance their strategy.

First of all, let’s talk about Big Data. IoT devices can bring you tons of data and Artificial Intelligence can help you to come out with meaning from them. Big data are gold for marketing, but only if you know how to organise, select ant takes the value from them. IoT gives you access to data by seeing the customer journey from the very start.

Then, you can study every single aspect of the tour, find new touchpoints and improve the existing ones. The more you know your customer, the better you make your product! Most of these data were unavailable before. You can’t say how much technology is going to unlock new power and change marketing panorama!

All of this leads toward a Data Driven relationship, in which more connectivity means more data and, by consequences, more significant adv campaigns and increased engagement of the audience. No one likes spam or recommendations out of our interests.

AI recommendation systems are perfect into goal our audience and show the right content to the right people. A perfect fit between message and destination.

If people feed IoT devices with data, then marketers get access to preferences habits and lifestyle informations. Some of the IoT-adaptable devices are, for example, coffee makers, thermostats, wearables, smart energy devices, intelligent fridges. The list is long.

They inform third parties on which products we use, how often and so on and so far. It’s a gold mine for marketing!

How not to mention Siri, Alexa, Google Home magic world!
How our relationship with Home Virtual Assistants affects marketing?

Think about SEO. Think about a natural conversation between you and your home virtual assistant. If you talk to Siri (or others) in a conversational, natural way. In text-based search strings, on Google, Bing or Duckduckgo, for example, you think about an appropriate keyword to type to get better results. Beth Kotz, from Type A Communications, explained that the use of AI in Virtual Assistants (for example Siri, Alexa and Google Home) means that “search engines strive to understand the intention of the user as opposed to honing in on a keyword.”. Natural language processing (NLP) will be more critical in the future.

How not to close this post mentioning Self-driving vehicles?
Tesla’s autopilot system gathers data from many sensors. Movement, light, voice commands. It leverages an advanced Neural Network model to predict events based on general and environmental information. All these data help determine the movement of the car smoothly.


There is a new relationship occurring between digital marketing, AI and IoT, that makes the three of them interdependent.

We can’t wait to see what’s going to happen!


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