A Content Marketing Mistakes List And How To Solve Them With AI

Content mistakes

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Content marketing is a popular and valuable element of a solid digital strategy. Because of that, it’s very tough to achieve it at best. At the beginning of 2019, Hubspot reported that content gets three times more leads than paid search adv (Content Marketing Institute, 2017).

If you deal with a digital strategy, and especially content marketing, you’d prefer to avoid any mistakes as much as you can. Despite this, several accidents may occur. Is there a way to avoid them or, at least, minimize them? If you’re going to implement AI elements in your marketing plan, it is!

In this article, we’ll see together a list of standard content marketing mistakes and how AI can fix them for good.

A List Of Common Content Marketing Mistakes

What are the most common beginner mistakes in content marketing?

Let’s face it; every one of us makes a mistake sometimes. There are lots of them, and the cause can be lack of information, an old-fashioned approach, an improvable strategy or even a simple distraction.

Especially in digital marketing, a mistake could lead to a tricky situation or a crisis. However, no panic! You can avoid many of those mistakes, but first of all, you have to recognize them.

  • You don’t have buyer personas. You can’t even start to sell your beautifully designed and useful products if you don’t know who’s going to buy it. If you don’t have identified your buyer personas you are losing lose time, money and prospects.
    To craft your ideal customer, you have to do tons of research, internal and external. You have to know who your customers are, what they look like, what they need, what they want – and how you can give them, most fittingly for everyone.

    Maybe you think that buyer personas are useless, that you perfectly know your prospect. You can also feel that you want to sell your products to “everyone” and that segmentation is futile. Well, we will show you how, changing your mind, you can have more customers with less effort. More successful strategy exist and involves how to use Artificial Intelligence for successful target segmentation.
  • You neglect SEO. If you’re trying to skyrocket your content strategy, you need to understand and apply SEO rules. This tool is helpful for traffic on your website and reduces costs for acquisition. If you craft your content strategy without taking SEO into account, the risk is to produce useless content. If you don’t write Google-friendly articles, then your content risks being pointless. You need to index your images and make your content similar to user’s intentions.

    If you neglect SEO, Google won’t correctly recognize your content and will penalize its ranking. Do you want to lose the first-page position because you don’t take care of it?
  • Lack of personalization. Personalized communication is key to happy prospects and loyal customers. Lacking in this important feature can be a huge mistake for your brand. Having a “one-for-all” strategy, landing page, newsletter template or chatbot isn’t going to pay you back. If you consider your customer as one big wallet instead of thousand of different people, they will find you as one in a million — the negative way.
  • A dull customer journey. Remember when previously we said that personalization is vital for an efficient digital strategy? It’s true. A well-designed customer journey is a valuable source for collecting customers’ data and build loyalty. For example, a competent customer care service and wise use of your clients’ pieces of information can do magic for your business. If you create a massive and tedious customer journey, people may ask themselves why they are going to buy your products. This is the last thing you want for your business.
  • A boring content mix. Again, be brilliant! Dull communication isn’t good for anyone. Any communication strategy must have a plan behind to stick it. The project is to have a various, exciting and engaging communication mix. How can you do it? The most important thing is to listen to your customers and prospects, have a multifaceted panel of content and keeping in mind which goals you want to achieve.
  • So call me… maybe. A relationship wants two people. In this case, it’s made of your brand and your customers. You must nurture this relationship. If you don’t send a newsletter when expected, or, even worse, if you don’t personalize content, you are wasting an excellent opportunity.
    If your customer care doesn’t work at its best and you can’t give any response to your customers, you may need some help. Otherwise, you might find yourself in great trouble.
  • Not tracking results. Most of us are guilty of this sin. It is the most unforgivable mistake of all! If you don’t measure your results, you’ll never know anything about your brand. In marketing, you can’t merely say that “sells are going well”. You have to understand what is going on, what customer think, what people say about you. It might be tough, but you will be well rewarded.

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Here’s How AI Can Help You Fix Those Content Marketing Mistakes

If you put together all the mistakes above, it sounds like a horrible scenario. Do those mistakes exist? Yes, they do, and making one or two of them is quite reasonable – the important thing is to stop making them.

However, if you’d prefer to craft a smoother content strategy for the future, you may want the help of AI-based tools.

We’ve previously seen that AI can be an excellent help for marketing strategies. It’s a great help to avoid those imperfections, too!

Lucky you, for every mistake we have analyzed there’s an AI-based solution. Let’s rid off those mistakes by replacing with proactive ideas!

  • AI to build the perfect buyer persona. If you want to impress your target, you have to know it wee. That’s why you need to craft several buyer personas. Personas are a model of your ideal customer, and you want to have it always on your mind. Artificial Intelligence helps you to change flat personas models into personalized and dynamic ones. Some AI algorithms help you to identify people preferences and help to craft a tailored customer experience (we’ll talk about it in a minute!).
  • How AI improves SEO. Before AI, keywords were kings of SEO. It’s crucial to craft an efficient SEO strategy to make easy for your prospects to find you, and AI can help you in this critical task. Machine Learning and NLP (Natural Language Processing) make writing SEO content more comfortable, more valuable and accurate. You can find which kind of content your audience wants, understand users’ intentions and guide them to find a perfectly crafted content.
  • AI ensure customer-tailored offers. Personalization is the key to the entire modern digital marketing. To achieve this goal, you have to be sure to segment your audience in the most useful way and give them custom content.

    AI helps you analyze each of your customers and prospects in many different ways. You can understand their habits, their preferences, their interactions and keywords. This means the chance to tailor any content almost for each prospect, and this will lead to happy potential customers.
  • AI for a compelling customer journey. Choosing a brand, finding pieces of information about it, buying its products and become an affectionate customer is a tricky and complicated journey. AI is here to make it easier for your company and more enjoyable for your clients.

    Artificial Intelligence maps the customer journey. You track data, and AI elaborates it to help refine strategies, and personalize the customer experience. Artificial Intelligence is a powerful technology even to assist in selling and post selling steps, with chatbot and virtual assistants.
  • AI social monitoring. If you’re struggling about understanding what your customers want to see from your brand, we have good news for you. There’s only one thing you have to do, and it’s listening to them.

    Thanks to AI-powered social listening tools, you can improve a lot your relationship with your customers. For example, you can study your customers’ habits and ideas. You can interact with them and understand what they think about you and your contents.
    Moreover, you can track conversations about your brand and keep an eye over your competitors. It’s plenty of AI tools that can help you do this, instead of doing it manually. This will save you a lot of time, and you will have more accurate results.
  • AI to personalize newsletter delivery. If you’re thinking of crafting a digital marketing strategy without email marketing, think again. Email marketing is critical to create a bond with your customers. Email marketing paired with marketing automation allows you to personalize, schedule and send your emails to a selected list of readers. Using Artificial Intelligence, you can give a super-power to your marketing automation strategy. You can create the perfect mail for the ideal customer.
  • Content is king while analysis is queen. Even if you have the most outstanding strategy, it’s almost useless if you don’t measure your results. AI tools work along with your marketing skills to provide the best analysis in a short amount of time and with in-depth pieces of information. AI tools can identify patterns and automate the delivery of insights.

Now you can’t go wrong with our suggestions (and with AI!). Have you ever tried an AI-based strategy?


  • Content marketing is an important element of marketing strategy and it’s important to avoid mistakes, but they could happen. However, thanks to AI, there are ways to avoid them.
  • Mistakes can be of many kinds. You could not target your audience, create an impersonal content mix, ignore SEO optimization or forget to analyze your data. Lucky for you, AI can come to the rescue!
  • For a smoother content strategy, AI-based tools help to avoid all the mistakes, replacing them with proactive and ingenious ideas.


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