3 AI-Powered Video Content Strategies That Work

Video content strategy

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For a few years, every year is “the video marketing year.” Video marketing has a huge part in marketing strategies.

But what’s going to happen when we combine video marketing with Artificial Intelligence?

How can AI help to do better with video strategy?

We’re going to tell you in this article, so follow us to know a bit more!

What Is A Video Marketing Strategy??

Let’s play a game, close your eyes and:

  • Think about one of the most engaging spots you’ve seen in the last three months.
  • Name three tutorials you found useful or engaging.
  • List the top three content that you engaged within your Facebook timeline.

There is a high probability for all three to involve videos. Those videos are a part of a video content marketing strategy.

According to Hubspot, video marketing is “using videos to promote and market your product or service, increase engagement on your digital and social channels, educate your consumers and customers, and reach your audience with a new medium.”

Making a video is exciting and time-consuming, especially if it is part of a marketing strategy. The process is full of tasks. You start by finding an idea, a great one that will lead you to the concept you want to develop.

After that, you have to write a script and make the footage. It’s not over, because you’ll have to watch all that footage, select the most famous scenes, eliminate part of them, and combine everything in the finished product.

Next, you’ll have to promote it and show it to your target.

Why Videos Are Important

Video-based marketing will be more and more critical in the years to come. It’s engaging, catchy, fast to consume, easy to remember. It’s a win-win for every marketing strategy.

52% of marketing experts affirmed that video is the kind of content that provides them with the best ROI.
This happens because videos show clearly the advantages of a product or a service, they’re engaging, and it’s easier for people to comment and share impressions about it.

If you’re not entirely convinced yet, here we have a couple of reasons why your marketing strategy can benefit from video marketing.

  • Connecting with your audience. You want your customers to know you and to trust you. Video marketing can make you reach this goal. Video marketing allows you to communicate with your customers, show them your brand, your products, and your vision. It’s one of the fastest ways to reach their hearts.
  • Skyrocketing SEO. Do you want to rank higher in search? Video marketing is the answer. A search engine is in love with videos and, besides that, videos help to build backlinks, pump up shares and, as a consequence, lead a lot more traffic to your website. Are you still sure you don’t need them?
  • Increased engagement. Is organic engagement still alive? Yes, if we’re talking about videos! Storytelling has the power to engage people deeply, and video is the magic word that makes it happen.

man holding a camera

How AI Can Make Them Your Best Marketing Tool

If simple videos aren’t enough anymore for you, Artificial Intelligence can help you and your brand to spice them up. How exactly can it do it? It’s all about data. Managing millions of data in a snap is one of the most potent help that AI provides to marketers and brands.

You can involve AI to improve several aspects of your video marketing strategy.
For example, AI can help make your videos more accessible. How? Making distribution more comfortable and leading your brand to engage a more significant number of clients and customers.

Here we have three (and a bonus one) things where Artificial Intelligence support can boost your video content strategy.

  • Predicting performances. If one of your products, services, or marketing strategies has ever been an enormous success, you know that you’d like to repeat the magic formula. To do it, you need the right prediction. Artificial Intelligence can analyze not only people’s insight from past campaigns but also pieces of content and information. In this way, it can extract data about demographic segments and most beloved subjects. If you know why people loved your video so much, it’s way easier to create something similar – or even something better.
  • Personalized videos. Personalization is one of the keywords of our present days. Users expect to see video content suited to their interests and needs for a fulfilling online experience. It may seem incredible, but thanks to AI, marketers can achieve this goal. By analyzing data, marketers can build a one-to-one lesson during video fruition, sending personalized messages. For example, with a custom discount, creating a strong emotional bond between brand and customer.
  • Show relevant advertising and suggest recommended videos. If you can show your customers a highly customized video, you can also use AI tools and techniques to propose to them exciting advertising.

    In this way, you’re sure not to lose your customer’s attention. How many times people switch or nervously wait for an irrelevant ad to end? Thanks to AI, you can avoid this by selecting your target and only suggest ads that interest it. This simple action will increase engagement and conversions.
  • Video production and editing. This process requires a lot of time, and there are many tasks to achieve. From filming the scenes to the last touch of golden light, AI can be a marvellous helper. For example, you can use drones to shoot your footage. They can fluently follow the subject without tremblings or jolts, keeping it in the frame neatly, thanks to previous human instructions. Moreover, AI can make your editing more comfortable and cleaner, too.

AI And Videos, A Few Examples

If you want to boost your video content marketing strategy with A videos, you will be delighted to know that AI and videos are a well-loved combination.

Here below a couple of good examples in which technology helped creating outstanding products.

  • Lumen5. Lumen5 is a tool that allows you to transform static posts into full videos. It analyzes the text you feed him to generate slides with automatically selected background images.
  • Affdex , an emotion-detection app. Its job is to scan and analyze facial expressions through computer vision and AI. Content creators and marketers can use it in many ways, for example, for testing. Thanks to machine learning, the software keeps analyzing even the most slightly expression, such as smirks or winks.
  • Adobe Sensei, AI on the shelf branded by Adobe. It can build from scratch new videos by selecting key images and applying models to them.

If you have never tried AI in your content marketing strategy – and especially on your video strategy – give it a chance. You will be surprised!


  • Videos are an essential marketing tool. AI can make it more efficient and help you to collect more data.
  • Artificial Intelligence can help video marketing in many ways, from analyzing and managing the footage to predict video performances – and even personalize it for your audience.
  • AI-powered videos are fashionable, and many tools can help you achieve this goal. AI and video are an exciting combo!


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