7 Content Marketing Tips to Skyrocket Your Digital Strategy

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It is not a mystery that good content marketing is one of the crucial elements of a digital strategy that rocks.
Moreover, we have already seen on many different occasions that Artificial Intelligence is a powerful tool for content strategies.

We decided to combine Artificial Intelligence and Content Strategies to create a list of 7 content marketing tips to spice up your marketing digital strategy.

Can you guess at least one? Let’s see and let us know which one is your favorite!

Set Your Goals And KPIs

There is an overwhelming amount of types of content you can create for your business. Blog posts, Facebook posts, Instagram stories, IGTV videos, Tweets… ok, let’s stop right here!

If you get lost in the Wonderland of content, you might never see the light again (maybe we’re a touch overdramatic, but you get it). That’s why you have to make a plan. You have to know which goals you want to achieve and how you are going to reach them. Setting your goals and KPIs will create a path to follow and will make reports and measurements easier.

Artificial Intelligence is helpful to rank your priorities. Thanks to AI, you can predict which kind of goal will be the most likely to achieve. AI predictive analysis helps your strategy analyzing your data to discover patterns. It puts your marketing activities on the right path, close to your customers.

Pay Attention To The Audience’s Interests

Let’s begin from the very start. Your customers are not going to buy your product only because you are telling them to do it. They are passionate about something about you. It could be that your contents make them laugh, or maybe they find answers to their problems. You have to study your target, craft an effective group of buyer personas, and find out what your audience wants. You need the right hook to engage with them. After this research, you will be able to give them the kind of content they need.

Artificial Intelligence tools, like our GhostWriterAI Lookalike Profiler, help create personalized personas. You can tailor your models over real people, catching feeling and needs. You can use GhostwriterAI Lookalike Profiler to map your target and discover what your prospects are talking about, what they feel, and love. In this way, crafting the perfect content has never been so easy!

Study Your SEO Strategy

You have to look at SEO as the best way to make Google like your content. If you can do it the right way, Google will rank you better. By doing so, you will gain a lot of free visibility. However, dealing with keywords, backlinks, and metadata optimization is not so easy. This activity deeply involves analysis and creativity.
Moreover, it takes time. It doesn’t cost cash in advertising, but it is still an immense investment. Is it worth the effort? Yes, because it guarantees a long-lasting result that can bring a lot of satisfaction to your strategy.

Artificial Intelligence is a fundamental component in nowadays SEO strategies. Machine Learning and NLP (Natural Language Processing) make SEO content much more accurate.


Provide Engaging Contents

Engagement is something mysterious. I can react to a video and ignore a text or, vice-versa, being passionate with a complete full-text guide. Contents of different kinds can engage different people because the taste is very personal.

Artificial Intelligence’s recommendation systems are designed to show the most engaging content for each segment of the audience to visit the website. The software assists in the content delivery processes to craft a fully personalized experience. Moreover, you can use a specific tool like GhostWriterAI.

Don’t Forget Email Marketing

Newsletters and emails are a crucial part of your content strategy that leads to a successful marketing automation strategy. Email marketing is one of the most beloved because, along with the website, it is a channel that the brand can custom 100% for its followers.

It can leverage Artificial Intelligence to achieve even better results with fewer efforts. You can maximize your strategy by sending them to the right people at the right time, instead of a massive sending. Not every email should be similar! Each one should address a specific segment, and Artificial Intelligence segmentation helps to do this task in a shorter time.

Do you want to increase the open rate? Personalization is the key!

Distribute Your Content To The Perfect Target

You planned what you are going to communicate on your channels, and now you want to know your audience. Different people habit different platforms, and not every user is on your target. You have to find out what people talk about and act by consequence.

Targeting your audience makes you know what people want and where to find them. As said, you can use GhostWriterAI to real-time shaping your lookalike audience, take care of your analytics, and discover which referral channel is working best.

Report Is Your Friend

It may sound boring, but reporting is one of the most essential tasks that you have to complete. Without reports, you couldn’t know if your hard work worth it. They tell you what your customers fancy and how to improve your business.

When it comes to reporting, AI can help you a lot. You can analyze all the data you collected and find out patterns and weak spots. A great way to improve your strategy!

Do you already use AI for your content strategy? How do you do it?


  • Content marketing is one of the most crucial elements of a working digital strategy.
  • To create engaging content, you can take advantage of many techniques, such as SEO strategy, setting goals and KPIs, and distribute your content to the right target.
  • Each of these tactics can be improved by applying AI-based tools and software to make them faster and automatic.


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