Debunking 10 Myths About AI And Marketing

AI myths

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Artificial Intelligence is a unique opportunity for companies of any dimension. It can provide advance, create new job places and, generally speaking, make our private and working lives safer and more comfortable.

Several pieces of research demonstrated that Artificial Intelligence has a significant impact on marketing. Gartner even announced that 70% of organizations will implement AI by 2021. Artificial Intelligence is and will be a crucial element of the marketing strategies of the present and the future.

However, not everybody is so eager about the advent of AI technologies. People are scared and worried about this topic for many different reasons. Most of them are afraid because of practical reasons, such as losing their jobs and being replaced by a machine.

The marketing field is not immune to this kind of fear. It may take a while to accept the novelty of AI as a resource for everybody.

Today we are aimed to debunk several myths and misconceptions involving AI and marketing. You do not have to worry because your coffee machine is not going to try to kill you. Neither a robot will replace you in your coworkers’ hearts. AI may even help you finish off your work early and leave you time to converse with colleagues. It sounds better in this way, does not it?

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AI Is A Magic Bullet

Artificial Intelligence is an outstanding marketing technique, but it is not going to heal every flaw in your business. Many people believe that adopting AI will instantly skyrocket their business, but the reality is a tiny bit different. If you want to improve your business, AI can help. However, it can not be the solution to every problem – but we will get there.

In reality… AI is a process and also a tool. Adopting it will not guarantee you to become the best company in your market. Again, AI is a tool, not the answer. It will help you to make more efficient campaigns, improve relationships with your audience, and automatize some processes to dedicate more time to important tasks. However, it has not yet advanced enough to have a crucial impact on strategies. Remember that a good plan always comes first and technology follows.

AI is overrated

This myth is, in a certain way, the opposite of the first one. Some people believe that AI will be the cure for all their company’s ills. Other people believe that AI is just hype, and it will soon become unuseful and forgotten. Most of the time, people believe it because AI is not an outstanding technology.

If AI is not detachable at first glance, it is not the first technology that comes to mind. This is probably the reason why people believe it is less capillary than it is. Some marketers see it as a futuristic element that has a few to do with daily tasks like campaigns, advertising, and copywriting.

In reality… AI applications are deeply integrated into many everyday routines, even if they are not immediately visible. From facial and vocal recognition to predictive analysis, Artificial Intelligence can be a powerful tool for your marketing strategies. Facebook uses facial recognition. AI is the core of personal assistants, such as Alexa or Siri. Indeed, it is not a show-off kind of technology, but its applications are outstanding, and marketers have already started to love it. Try it for your business, and it will amaze you. In the future, AI will be even more fundamental for marketers’ work – so be prepared!

Only Big Companies Can Use AI

Many small companies believe that Artificial Intelligence does not suit them. They believe it is too pricey; they do not need it and that they can do marketing the traditional way.

They often see it as an extra that they can not afford, understand, or implement. After all, only big companies are interested in AI because they have money, resources, time, and purpose to use it.

In reality… By now, you have probably guessed that this is another senseless fear. Not only corporate giants can benefit from AI and marketing, but it can be a gamechanger for any company. Strategy can be different, but AI can help you automatizing processes, targeting your audience, and improving your campaigns. You can reach a higher level of efficacy. AI will also free part of your time that you can dedicate to more crucial tasks. This will also help your audience become faithful customers. Moreover, if you set the right expectations, AI can be not as expensive as you fear. Test it, and you can be surprised by the results.

Implementing AI Is Too Complicated

This myth is tightly bond to the previous one. Even if some companies would like to adopt AI, they believe that it is too hard to implement in their daily advertising techniques. They imagine complex interfaces, tricky processes, and a complete derangement of the routine they used until today.

In reality… Applying AI to marketing strategies may take a bit of time, but every second will be well spent.

Moreover, it will reward your companies in ways you can not even imagine. Let’s begin with the first objection and clarify that implementing Artificial Intelligence is not impossible. Many tools on the market – GhostWriter, for instance – have a user-friendly interface that can guide you through all the required steps. If you are more worried that it will make you lose time and money, think again. After a couple of attempts, you will be able to match your strategies with the endless possibilities that AI provides. In this way, you will achieve better plans, more precise goals, and smoother processes. Once your system and AI are friends, you will be glad to have done it.

You Need A Technical Background To Use AI

Artificial Intelligence has a reputation for a complex and technical field. For this reason, many companies believe that using AI for their marketing campaigns is impossible because they are not technicians.

In reality… Ask yourself when you have used Siri last time. Or, if you prefer, when you segmented your target or sent the last newsletter. All of these things have an AI-based alternative. You and your marketing team can fearlessly use AI in your marketing strategies even if you do not have an engineering degree. You are perfectly capable of using Artificial Intelligence for your marketing strategies even if you do not know the meaning of “asymptotic computational complexity.” Technical skills are useful, but they are not a must. You can use software that does the job or simple techniques that do not require specialized skills. Exit fears, enter AI!

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AI Will Take Marketers’ Jobs

This is probably the most common fear of all for those who work in the marketing industry. It is noticeable that it is not only linked to marketing but almost to every job with a technical side. People are scared that technology will become so fast and precise that it will substitute them. Marketers, in particular, are scared because AI algorithms can analyze, predict, and guide the customers better. We are delighted to debunk this myth. No AI will replace you.

In reality… On the contrary, AI will enhance your job. Artificial Intelligence can not work by itself, and it will always need a human hand – and brain – behind it. AI can help to personalize the outcome, as we have already said, but it lacks imagination, empathy, and creativity. A machine can suggest how to improve a strategy or perfection an adv campaign, but it will never be able to craft one from scratches. However, it will help you to do wonders out of what you already have.

AI Can Do Anything

Another fascinating legend tells that Artificial Intelligence is almighty. This belief probably comes from a tradition of sci-fi movies with scary, power-hungry Artificial Intelligence examples – from Terminator to The Circle. Even if AI is way less scary, this conviction is still powerful even in a peaceful environment. Many people believe that AI is capable of virtually anything and that pressing a button will instantly release a world of magic robots. Lucky for us, it is just another myth.

In reality… The term “Artificial Intelligence” is a blanket that can cover many different definitions and applications. Not every AI borns equal and needs the same set of data. AI has not a brain, and it can not think by itself. Even if it may look like magic, it only does what humans teach it through algorithms. This is why AI can not do anything. Since AI can learn only one algorithm at the time, its projector must know its task before building it. If you want your AI to recognize people’s emotions , it will. If you want your AI to boost your strategy’s personalization , it will. If you want it to analyze people’s conversations by looking for certain words, it will. AI can respond to one precise task at the time. It will never be able to do something different than the task it was built for. A single Artificial Intelligence will never be able to do everything in the world, but a lot of them, everyone with a single and specific task, can produce outstanding results.

AI Is Still At Early Stage And Has Not Practical Applications

Artificial Intelligence is still a novelty in our world, and this can lead to mistrust. It is not the standard yet, and this may make marketers think it is an unuseful or immature technology, with few practical applications.

In reality… If you reached this point in this article, you are probably laughing. AI, unuseful for marketing strategies? It must be a joke! It is, in fact, a naive way of thinking. First of all, let’s clarify that skeptics are partially right – AI is an immature technology indeed. It is still new, and we are eager to see how it will transform in a few years. However, even if it is young does not mean it has no purpose. Think about it as a boost for your marketing strategies, like a vitamin C compress for your body. It is simple yet powerful. It may not be an autonomous technique, but it can help your marketing strategies and be a faithful helper to your marketing team. Do not you believe us? Take a look at our blog. We dare you not to find at least one application for your marketing strategy of the moment! Take your time to explore it and see how it can be useful for your marketing plans, even if it is not a mature technology.

Only Humans Can Create Effective Copywriting

Writing has always been a human activity. Writing talent usually impresses people, and copywriters know it very well. For a good copywriting you need wit, sensibility, empathy.

In reality… Let’s say it straight – AI copywriting works faster and better than the standard one. Before a horde of copywriters decides to do us in, let us explain this little provocation. AI is getting better in recognizing context and understanding the intent of a written text, and we explained why here. AI can analyze several elements of a text and help the writer to review it. It can help you to create new text content in a fraction of time, find out interesting sources, and use machine learning, deep learning, and NLP to improve your writing. Have you ever tried Grammarly?

AI Is Objective And Infallible

If you are going to use Artificial Intelligence for your pieces of research and marketing strategies, you may think it is going to be fully objective. After all, you are using an Artificial Intelligence tool because you want to obtain definite answers and be sure of the ongoing strategy.

In reality… AI is objective as the dataset that is training its behavior. Data comes from many various sources, and it may contain bias that the algorithms are unable to recognize. Data scientists are in charge of put the machines in the right way. However, Artificial Intelligence algorithms may still fail. This is perfectly normal since, as it is said, “AI is a function of error reduction.” AI can reduce human error, enhance customer experience but is not 100% perfect.

Did you have any of these beliefs? Do you already use AI for your marketing strategy?


  • Artificial Intelligence will be an increasingly crucial element of marketing strategies, but people are still scared of it.
  • The marketing field is not immune to fears. AI is a novelty, and it will take a while before people fully accept it.
  • We debunked several myths and misconceptions about AI and marketing. For instance, AI will not do your job, and it is not invincible or too complicated to use.


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