5 AI Tactics To Use In Your Content Strategy

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Content creation is a delicate job. If you have ever written a post for a business blog or Facebook page, you know that engaging your audience is far more complicated than just slapping a few words in a row with a poor quality photo.

It may seem a lot of hard work, but it worths it, and Artificial Intelligence can be a huge helper. If you want to know more, follow us through five tactics to use AI in your content strategy.

Moreover, creating beautiful, engaging, and exciting content is only the first part of the task. If you want to spread your content all over the web, you also have to embellish it, publish it on your channels, and promote it. We will talk about it soon!

5 AI-based Tactics

We decided to select five AI-boosted tactics that you can immediately implement on your content strategy from head to toe. It is quite literal because we are going to start with headlines and finish off with result measurement.

We are curious to read what you use for your strategy, and let us know if you have found an interesting tip!

  1. Improve Your Headlines
  2. Create Content That Solves Problems
  3. Upgrade Images With Recognition And Tagging
  4. Email Marketing
  5. Measure Results

Improve Your Headlines

Picture this. You have just finished the best article you have never written for your blog. The research has been accurate, and the topic is interesting, you even checked SEO and chose the perfect image – we will get to this later. There is only one thing missing, and it is an outstanding headline. After the review of 2.7 million blog articles, social media scientist Dan Zarrella discovered that 16.7% of web pages receive more social shares than clicks. Making catchy and effective headlines is the best service you can do for your blog.

Headlines are the first thing your audience will see, and this is the moment they decide to keep reading or not. You can’t miss this chance. The headline is thrilling anticipation. It has to be smart and catchy, concise, and witty. Not to mention short. If you are feeling overwhelmed by all these features and you are afraid you won’t be able to solve it, do not worry!

How AI can help. Our old friend Artificial Intelligence is here to help. Thanks to NLP and machine learning , algorithms can now study billions of titles all over the web, identify the most engaging ones and propose useful, SEO friendly examples of titles for your articles that sums up the text. They could be even virtually indistinguishable from a title created by a human being.

Create Content That Solves Problems

One important rule of marketing says that we surf the web looking for useful or amusing content. This means that if you are not going to post cute puppies, you better find out a list of exciting topics for your target and work on it. You are probably an expert in your field, but your customers are not, and also the tiniest suggestions may be precious.

Crafting useful content will make you skyrocket your niche, and your help may even go viral. There are many ways you can help people. You can craft written content such as blog articles. Or you could take some videos, implement customer service. Many of these elements can be great for your strategy with some shrewdnesses. For example, you want to write long-form posts and turn those pieces of information into a video. Whichever the shape, the most important thing is to provide valuable content for your audience. Your content strategy will have a precise direction that may create loving followers and customers.

How AI can help. The most important thing is to understand what people need to know. If you can discover what your customers are looking for, you can tap into a request thesaurus. If you think that this is impossible, think again. Artificial Intelligence can take advantage of semantic research to look for users’ queries. There is no better way to know what people want than asking!

content is king

Upgrade Images With Recognition And Tagging

Images are as crucial as headlines. If you want your piece of content to be friendly and catchy, do not forget to add a pretty picture. They can also be useful for SEO because, thanks to the “alt” tag, you can associate specific words to your photo.

Try to avoid generic images, because they may make your content look bald and savourless. You can search for exciting photos on high-quality sites. Or, even better, have you ever considered to shoot your pictures? It would give your content a personal and unique touch that could be useful for your branding. The more care you take of photos, the better!

How AI can help. Artificial Intelligence can help you by tagging images. In every picture, there is a lot of data that algorithms can read. AI can “read” and analyze photos, and it can select some keywords to identify them in a pretty accurate way. This helps with SEO and SERP.

Moreover, thanks to machine learning, AI can learn from experience and will be able to recognize the same kind of subject with time.

Email Marketing

We have already discussed email marketing here . So, why bring it up again? We did it because it is one of the most exciting ways to pump your content strategy up. Thanks to email marketing, you can create a tight bond with your customers. Personalization allows you to reach your audience when it needs your presence and build loyalty.

How AI can help. Thanks to marketing automation, you can send the right content to the right person at the right moment and said person is more likely to act and convert. You custom the perfect mail for the ideal client. AI can improve your strategy by adding tones of little yet crucial resources to give your conversions a boost. It can suggest other products based on customers’ search history, understand when and how often they are more likely to open the mail, or discover the most efficient tone of voice for a given target.

Measure Results

You can implement the fanciest tactics ever made, but they will be useless if it will not work correctly. This means that you must measure your results and confront them with the ones you achieved before applying the new ideas. Measuring is not always the most fantastic activity in the world, but having analytics clear is essential. But what is going to happen if you can not find your way amongst KPIs and ROI?

How AI can help. Usually, you probably do analytics by looking for information to match preset questions. This work gives you a perspective of what happened in the past. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, you can take proper action after you saw the results. AI can select the essential values and summarize them to give you the big picture. AI-based reports are practical, precise, and easier to make. You have to feed the tool with data.
Moreover, you can use its predictive functions to see how you can implement and improve your plans for the next months.


  • Content creation is a delicate job, and you need to engage your audience with it.
  • Artificial Intelligence can help you not only create the best content but also to promote it.
  • You can use AI in every part of content creating, from headlines to analytics.


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