How AI Can Improve Customer Engagement

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“Engaging” has been a mighty and sometimes dreadful word for a few years. If you own a business or work in the marketing field, you know what we are talking about. You have to make your brand smart and brilliant, and you have to engage people. The customers need to remember the brand and feel engaged. We must involve the employees and our community. And so on and so far.

Before you start posting cute videos of kittens or buy your team a ticket for Disneyland, keep reading! We are going to show you why engagement is so important and how to achieve it with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

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Why Engagement Is Important

Let’s say it straight – you can’t avoid engagement, which is the “emotional connection between a customer and a brand.”

Would you ever like a dull, annoying person that has nothing to say? It happens the same with brands.

If you want to build a successful business, you have to engage your customers – and even your employees. Creating an excellent impression in your customers’ minds is the best way for a proficuous and long-lasting relationship with them.
If you can engage them, they will be close to you, and you will gain their loyalty as clients and as potential, spontaneous brand ambassadors. Think about them as the real protagonists of your brand, as if they are some superstar.

But why exactly should you care about engagement, and how does it work?

Forbes compared engagement to the classical cinema. The power of involving people lives in stories. According to research by Gallup , a deeply engaged customer can reach 23% more revenue than average.

If you think about it, it expresses the reasons why customers decide to trust and support a specific company amongst thousands. If it does not seem enough for you, a study by Ray Wang of Constellation Research shows that “…companies who have improved engagement increase cross-sell by 22%, drive upsell revenue from 13% to 51%, and also increase order sizes from 5% to 85%.”

Moreover, the engagement power is unique for any brand because its customers are unique as well. It may sound scary, but it represents the way you talk to your customers, and it is pretty obvious it has to be crafted from scratches. No formula fits all brands, but the good news is that there are some evergreen suggestions.

For example, whatever kind of strategies you are going to implement, do not forget to always communicate in an empathic, transparent and straightforward way. It is way easier to remember and love a company that has a gentle behaviour.

We can essentially talk about two subjects to engage – customers and employees. But how can you do it? And how can AI help you achieve this goal? Here we have some ideas to improve your people’s engagement. Have you ever tried one of these? Did it work?


5 Examples Of Engaging With The Help Of AI

  • Know your target. It is not something new, but before engaging your community, you have to know the people. Knowing what they want to know and which is the best way to engage them will give you an enormous advantage. You may want to craft some personas, create polls, and do semantic research. You can’t participate if you do not know what your audience is fond of.
    How AI helps. Crafting a fitting buyer persona implies a lot of research. Thanks to these data, you can choose where to focus and which traits of your customer, you need to consider the most.

    How can you do it? Monitoring conversations, finding out data, and combine them may need a long and challenging job. Artificial Intelligence can help you by adding a high-quality personalization. It can process behavioral data and personal features to create not a simple bidimensional and flat figure, but models as close as possible to full customization.
  • Analyze the correct set of data. You can collect impressive sets of data about your customers, but not all of them will be useful for knowing them better and craft the best engagement strategy.

    However, do not feel discouraged! You have to select the essential pieces of information out of those data. In this way, you will pick only the gold nuggets that will serve you well while you plan your engagement ideas.
    How AI helps. Artificial intelligence can provide precise sets of data to marketers.
    Thanks to personalization and the analyzing capacity of Artificial Intelligence, you can feed it with millions of data, and it will be able to select only the ones that are most important for you and your target in a few hours – or even minutes. In this way, you will obtain precise insights in a fraction of time.
  • Anticipate needs. Now you know what your customers yearn most to feel engaged. The only thing to do now is to be sure to anticipate their needs. Andrew Ortiz, a marketing specialist at Skillroads, states that “For businesses or marketers to provide better service faster, they must invest in acquiring intimate knowledge about customer needs, preferences, and behaviors.”

    How AI helps Your best friend here is predictive personalization. Thanks to AI, this technique can use previously stored data and browsing history to predict which kind of content may be interesting for a customer. This also helps to tailor offers to every single customer.
  • Personalize your content strategy. Crafting a content strategy that rocks are one of the most critical steps for a proficuous business. This is why you need to make it personal and exciting, engaging, and memorable.
    However, keep in mind that a content strategy is a delicate mechanism, in which every gear must work at its best to fulfill the goals you set. To personalize a content strategy means making it more interesting for the audience. You have to propose the type of content they like and crave. In this way, you will have an intelligent strategy, curious customers, and a happy brand.

    How AI helps Artificial Intelligence is a powerful tool for content strategies. It helps them in many ways, literally from head to toe. Thanks to AI, you can set goals and KPIs, analyze the audience’s interests, study an efficacy SEO strategy, and propose the right content to the perfect target.
  • Build an efficient customer service. Have you ever listened to a friend that describes a catchy Facebook bot for customer service? He would probably be amused and interested. Crafting a well-implemented customer service can be one of the most critical elements to engage your customers. If people know that you have a quick, comprehensive, and even hiring customer service, why not take advantage of it? It can be helpful and playful to make it easier to collect pieces of information from customers.
    How AI helps Chatbots are one of the most common AI-based tools that pop in mind when it comes to customer service, and for a good reason. Bots can run conversations with customers and provide a set of pre-selected questions to help them find out the right solution for them.

    Moreover, you can also provide messages in selected hours or days, for example, a free delivery service for Friday lunch.

Engagement is so valuable and precious for your business that it would be a shame not to show it some love. Which are your favorite tactics to make your brand unforgettable?


  • Empowering engagement is an important activity that every brand should consider.
  • The engagement power is unique for any brand, because of its identity and because its customers are unique as well.
  • You can engage your customers in many ways, but you have to know your target and provide content that your audience will like. How can you achieve it? With the help of AI in every step.


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