Why AI Will Empower Your Advertising Strategy

AI and advertising

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Data rule the advertising world. If you are a marketer, you know that a good idea and a smart campaign are also due to the correct interpretation of different sets of data. On the other side, if you do not analyze your results, you are probably wasting time and money.

Data-driven strategies are one of the essential elements of marketing. However, there is a lot that AI can do for advertising apart from collecting and analyzing real data. Artificial Intelligence helps marketers to craft innovative strategies with high personalization and lower costs. What if the next prize-winning spot has an AI software as creative director? How is it going to change the advertising world?

If you are curious, follow us in this new adventure between advertising and AI.

AI In Advertising. What Is It And Why It Works

It was 2018 when Lexus released the first advertisement scripted by an AI. Artificial Intelligence has always been an aspirational technology that can help in many aspects of our lives – for instance, stunning advertising campaigns.

However, sometimes, it may be unclear how many applications it may have in advertising. First of all, try not to make a mistake to think that AI is only useful for campaign optimization because it is so much more than that. Brands can commercially use it to almost everything, from targeting the audience to crafting creative ads. It can potentially skyrocket the competitive advantage and the number of conversions of the brand.

The most important thing to know about the use of Artificial Intelligence is that it excels in data analyzing more than every human being. AI will be your best tool for analyzing, predict, confront.

It is a data superhero, and you can easily understand how its superpower can change the game of advertising, especially the online kind. Which is, in case you didn’t notice, the most basic type of advertising in our present time. Artificial Intelligence could assist and improve advertising in many of its parts, from targeting to implementing announces.

According to Salesforce , “60% of marketing leaders believe AI can help them run more effective programmatic campaigns”. We could not agree more.

However, remember that, even if it is still something new, AI is already at work. The relevance of AI is a concept that makes a lot of marketers struggle. They do not know how to use it or if it will effectively be useful for their brand. We can assure you that it is sturdy and, if well used, gratifying.

You would like to test it and see how it goes because your competitors and other marketers are probably already using it to set the advertising you see every day. Would you miss the chance to be among the first marketers to create stunning AI-based advertising?


A Few Examples Of AI In Adv Campaigns

AI is still too young to craft an advertising campaign from head to toe, with all that this word implies, media center, copywriting, pure advertising, creativity, and so on. Still, it is a great help for marketers, advertisers, and copywriters. Let’s find out together a few examples of how to employ AI in adv.

  • Audience targeting. Do you know who your perfect customer is? What does he (or she) need or think? If you do not see, you should worry, but we have good news for you – you can find out if you do not know why you are not paying attention!

    AI can help you not only if you are unaware of who your audience is, but also if you want to know more about what they think about your brand and what kind of product/service they would like. If they are strangers for you, you may start by crafting some buyer personas.

    They will help you to create a reliable model for your customers. AI will provide you with the perfect set of data to build a figure – or even more than one – that fits your customers to work on. If you already know them, you can listen to their online conversations to see what they are looking for. In both of these cases, AI can help you to achieve your goals with semantic research.
  • Crafting advertising. Creating a good piece of advertising is a tough job. If you set your goals and KPIs, you can make AI create advertising for you. The software can form part of it or even a complete one. You can do it with the help of the same social media platforms or other online tools.

    AI software can segment your audience at best, use A/B tests to select the best creativity, and, thanks to NLP (Natural Language Processing) , write incredible copy. Your ads will be more attractive, smarter, and more productive.
  • Targeting and sales forecasting at its best. Conversions are one of the most critical things in a business. One of the main problems, however, is to understand what people want and if prospects are going to become actual customers.

    AI can get you rid of these doubts. It can analyze different metrics, compare them, and find out the best outcomes.

    Moreover, it can analyze – thanks to social listening and with the help of semantic – your customers’ discussions online. Your audience will have no secrets for you!
  • Performance and budget optimization. Optimizing a campaign is essential to make it work at its best. You can do it in many different ways, but AI gives you something extra. It allows you to look for deeper insights and analysis.

    AI can provide you way more data in a shorter time. Its automatized eye will be more precise and more objective in judging a campaign. You will save money and time, and your campaign will be optimized for the best.
  • Real-time relationship with customers and prospects. AI will lead you to know an impressive amount of pieces of information. You can use them not only to send advertising to your customers but also to understand them better. Do never forget that a good business has to know its clients deeply! A sell does not end the moment a happy customer gets out of your shop. If you want to gain his trust, you have to make him feel precious and assist him.

    For instance, AI can help you send your customers a mail after purchase to make them feel appreciated, or implement a Facebook bot that can help them to choose the right products before coming into your store. Whatever way you will decide to act, your clients will not forget it!

Have you ever think of implementing AI in your strategies, too? Did you find it useful? Which policies have you adopted?


  • Data rule the advertising world. Thanks to AI, you can take advantage of them for your business.
  • Artificial Intelligence helps marketers to craft innovative strategies with high personalization and lower costs.
  • AI is still too young to craft an advertising campaign from head to toe, but it is a great help for marketers, advertisers, and copywriters.


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