AI And Christmas: How Artificial Intelligence Can Improve Holiday Sales

AI and Christmas

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Christmas is just around the corner!

What do you associate with Christmas? Family time and decorated trees, red and gold colours, hot chocolate, delicious food, cold, and gifts.

And, of course, commercials and advertising. A lot of them.

Christmas advertising is coming – better to say, and it is already here -, with bright tv spots and ruby red sales.

However, Artificial Intelligence works even better and harder during the holiday season, just like Santa. Do you want your business to rock this Christmas?
Ask Santa Claus a touch of AI and continue to read our pieces of advice.

How Can AI Become Your Business’s Best Christmas Gift?

If there is a moment of the year in which advertising is stunning, this is Christmas. Brands are eager to be chosen by customers. They need to be the gift under the tree. It is one of the most critical moments for the economy, because of the growing amount of money that people spend in those few weeks.

Think about a classic Christmas shopping routine. Your customers look for information on the web, buy their presents on Amazon, and are thrilled about all the commercials that seem to fit their needs perfectly. In all of these stages, they have probably interacted with an AI algorithm. If you do not use it already, it could be the gamechanger for your company.

However, the holiday season can be a tough and stressing time. You want to manage your business and improve your sales by giving the most fantastic experience for your customers. At the same time, all your competitors will be doing the same thing. Customers will be anxious to find out the best gift for all their beloved ones. They may be frightened because they have not enough time to look for the perfect gift, or they may even feel overwhelmed by the excess of choice online and in stores. They can miss your message. Artificial Intelligence is your business lifesaver, with its personalization and custom help.

One of the most critical tasks for you as a marketer is helping the brand, whether you represent your brand or you work a digital agency, to reach as many people as possible and make them aware of their shops and offers. You can do it in many different ways, but there is one constant element that will dramatically increase your success rate – Artificial Intelligence.

AI is changing the way retailers can prepare themselves and their shops to Christmas time. They can have an easier time, and they can collect many pieces of information about their prospects. How artificial intelligence for Christmas Holidays bring companies to success? Let’s count five points, at least.

Reduced Advertising Costs For Better Performance

Artificial Intelligence is a great tool to increase performance. You can analyze billions of data -, from your website to your social media. Do you not know how to figure out what your best audience is on? Try our GhostWriterAI Lookalike Profiler service for free!

You will find customers’ behavioral patterns, most loved products, and well-crafted analysis. You will know better which elements to stock in a greater amount and which ones need a more intense promotion. You will avoid all the guesswork in favor of an economical, reliable, and time-saving approach. Social listening and personas will make you craft a social media strategy packed with interesting contents. All of this work will lead to happy customers and interested prospects. And a merry Christmas to everyone.

Perfect Content At The Right Time

Do you remember that excitement while you were waiting to open your Christmas gifts? You want to cause the same emotion in your prospects about your products. How do you do it? First of all, you have to know them very well.

Next to it, you need to create the perfect content to make them feel engaged, happy, and full of Christmas joy. What do they want to know? Do they prefer videos or photos? Is it better the red graphic with the snowflakes or the white one with the shape of Rudolph? Do they want a Christmas vlog or special offers? Is there a product they love the most?

All of these questions may lead you on the right path for their hearts. If you are struggling to find an answer, do not worry – AI is your little helper. GhostWriterAI’s Lookalike Predictor helps you to select your best advertising text. Predictive A/B test will help you to find the right words for the right target audience. Then you only have to select the right image and post!.


Recommendation Systems For Personalized Gifts

Less Santa’s Elves, more Virtual Assistants. Let Artificial Intelligence wear its red and green caps to become the best elf of all time! Selecting the perfect gift may be exhausting, and you do not want your customers to be unhappy. How could you do it? For example, you can use AI-based chatbots.

Chris Messina coined in 2015 the term “conversational commerce,” which is the chance for customers to chat and communicate with brands through chats in natural language interfaces. AI may analyze a person’s searching history. Then there may be a bot that, when consulted, could help him to select the most appropriate item to his search. Do not forget to make it good-mannered, because at Christmas we are all kinder!

Better Email Christmas Offers

No more unexpected gifts. Make your customers feel special, and they will not forget it. What does it mean? You got it – personalization.

How can AI help you? By searching the history and data you collect, you could send an exclusive email to your clients with suggestions from your catalog. This may stick customers to your service and brand. In this way, customers may even reduce their choice span – which is useful not only for your brand but also for their pre-Christmas stress.

Improved Customer Experience

Everything is great at Christmas, so why not to make customer experience a little more extra special? People are looking for immersive and memorable experiences, and AI can realize their dream. If customer care and personalization are not enough, study your clients’ customer journey to make it a little more Christmasy.

Let algorithms guide your customers in personalized shopping experience through your website, with dedicated sales, tailored pieces of advice, merry emails, and coupons according to their wishlist.

Moreover, once again, the recommendation system reduces the number of choices and can predict their own decisions, making them feel comfortable and understood. Is this not the best gift of all?

Try out GhostWriterAI to save time and money. You will know more about your customers, and you will craft better advertising. This will lead to more focused sales.

Register here for free!

This season can be hectic for marketers and communication managers. If Christmas anxiety is not faded yet, follow us on Facebook and Linkedin.

One post a day until December 24th, with our marketing-themed Advent calendar, and your anxiety will disappear!


  • Christmas is the time of the year with the highest amount of advertising. AI can help you to make it perfect for your customers and your brand.
  • Thanks to AI, retailers can prepare themselves to the Christmas time easier. Users and customers can take advantage of AI for custom shopping.
  • AI can help retailers in many different ways, from the personalization of sales to improved customer experience.

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