12 Marketing 2020 (not) Trends to Follow

2020 trends

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AI-marketing Personalization, Video Marketing, Audience Analysis, Podcasts will be big trends for 2020. Which one to follow

Every year – better to say, every week – there is something new in the digital marketing trends. Just as it happens with fashion, marketing knows different directions every year.

Many of this year’s trends are not a new entry at all. Many of them are around for a couple of years now.
So, who knows what to expect from the future?

That’s why we have created for you our list and a beautiful calendar to handle all of these trends with success!

We are not able to say which one will be what, but we can start this new decade with 12 most promising marketing trends for the new year – and, who knows, maybe for much longer than that!

Our list is a list of those expectations for the new year. We expect that AI will grow its importance. We assume that video marketing will be there and that customer satisfaction will be even more critical.

The real question, then, is not about what are the most important trends in marketing to look at in 2020.
The real question is: how are they going to explode?

How will AI be relevant in marketing 2020?
How is video marketing changing?

How can social media marketing help brands growing this year?

We at GhostWriter.AI have selected for you twelve trends to look at for your marketing in 2020 and what you can do to make them helpful to you. It’s one per month. A full year of new ideas to work on and the right time to do it.

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Artificial Intelligence for Sentiment Analysis

For example, take the case of artificial intelligence for better marketing activities.
Artificial Intelligence has been a marketing trend topic along 2019, and it is again now in the 2020 marketing strategy. Stronger and more efficient.

Artificial Intelligence will have even more space to show what it is capable of. Until now, AI has been a useful and precious tool that people often glanced suspiciously.
As said, Artificial Intelligence is the fil rouge capable of linking together many of the upcoming marketing trends of the next few years.
One of these is sentiment analysis and emotional recognition. Audience’s emotions have always been one of the most critical elements for marketers to consider.

Sentiment analysis is not a new topic, but there are new techniques to apply in 2020 to successfully understand customers. For example, AI can read a text, understand different words, and even catch not only the right topic, avoiding any misunderstanding, but also the feeling and the mood of the sentences.

Human communication has not only positive and negative words but also profound and various subtexts. AI is capable of analysing them.

Not only marketers can find out pieces of information about online reputations, but they also test the audience’s mood on several topics.

Video content marketing

We can hear you saying, “Here we are! Another one that says the video is a trend to follow”.

It is not a piece of news that videos have been one of the most popular and beloved kind of content in 2019, and things will not change in 2020 nor the near future.

Why? Because pictures catch attention more than text, and videos easily exceed photo power. It’s the motion power, baby!

Data about videos are clear. Statistics say that 95% of people watch videos about services or products. It is an engaging medium, the most engaging of all. Customers love videos and companies love them too, because of their high conversion rate.

If you have not implemented a video strategy in your business plan, you better move. It does not mean that other kinds of media will not be useful anymore.

It only means that, if you want to bet on the winning horse, you better grab a camera.

People love to see who is behind the scenes. Videos are more explicative and help to understand the product’s features better. They will be more successful if there is somebody in person to explain that.

For younger people, like Gen Z, videos are the only content they are going to watch because they completely abandoned television.

Do not forget to craft your video properly! We suggest you have a look at Kapwing, an online image, video, and GIF editing platform.

Kapwing tools for video editing
Videos need to be short, under 7 seconds, to grab attention in a social feed. Facebook, Instagram strategies require to consider that readers have low focus while scrolling their feed.

Study your audience and measure which video has more success. Consider how long people consume your video. Remind yourself that a successful marketing strategy comes from people for people. User-Generated Content (UGC) is one of the ways to find the right protagonists of your marketing scene.

Video can explode in a massive success if you involve micro-influencers that are near to the audience. UGC can be the pool where to find micro-influencers, people that already know the brand, are positively affected and can bring new fresh air in your target audience.
Who is more trustworthy than the peer group?

UGCs are going to be one of the essential marketing levers of the next years, especially for Gen Z. Users and customers do not look for advertising anymore.

They look for sincere opinions. They want to see and share an everyday lifestyle and shared values.

This is why UGC will be fundamental for brands to gain customers’ loyalty and build a community of peers. This may become the most crucial asset of a brand.

Audience Targeting and Content Personalization

We discussed personalization a lot in the last few months, and we know that.
Nonetheless, it is not a feature as standard as you may think. Only a few companies already use it for their website and online presence.

90% of people that answered a survey from Adobe saying that they appreciate personalization. You can achieve it with custom emails, studying customers’ searching history, and remarketing.

It is annoying – and a failure for the business – when people see ads that have nothing to do with their interests and personality.
The result may be devastating – the user may ignore the ad or even feel annoyed by the product.
To avoid this mistake, do not forget to do better audience targeting in your 2020 strategy!

Before going ahead with a successful digital marketing and social media content strategy, you must have clear who your buyer personas are.
There are several more traditional ways to do audience targeting and segmentation.

However, our favourite way is using GhostWriterAI Profiler tool.

Interactive content

Users and customers are seeking for interactive experiences, which are an essential buying lever.

Interaction is a healthy marketing strategy that even helps to boost your social media marketing activity. If people interact, then Facebook, Instagram, and any other social media will give visibility to the content. More profile means a broader reach.

Interaction generates new content, and, as we said, UGC is vital for a brand.
People that interact are more willing to share personal data to play, to win, to get new attention sharing their scores.

Put something in a game, and it will be shared easily.

Attention! Gaming rules are different from country to country.
There are marketing companies that are specialized in giving you all the worldwide assistance to let you use hassle-free engaging games in your marketing strategy.

One of that is Leevia.

Leevia is a platform to create, manage, and monitor online contests according to the law. You should know that this is not easy at all! Different Countries have different rules. Leevia’s team has strong expertise in that, correctly managing contests in many countries and many languages.

They have been worked with many famous brands, such as Mercedes Benz, Shimano, or Fox Life. If you want to engage with your audience and collect lead generation data in a gamification way, their platform is the right way to operate.


Still speaking about interaction, do not forget that Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are two techniques that will see their importance growing in 2020.

Their popularity grew in the last year, and, at present, AR is even more known and loved than VR. Experts predicted that AR would surpass VR during the upcoming year.

From Ikea’s simulation of furniture right in your living room to Sephora’s service to see how a product will look on your face, we expect substantial new interaction and customer experience possibilities.

Social media will take a lot of advantage from this technology. Thanks to technologies such as 3D lenses and 5G, strategies of several brands will be full of AR and VR. We are curious to see what our favorite brands are going to do.

Social media evolution and Customers’ Behaviours

Do you feel like trends are always the same over the year? So we do, but, as we said, trends are the same, while the approach to them is changing.

The worst mistake is thinking that social media will not change, and everything will always be as it was.

Every year new platforms born, and some of them are presumed dead. A lot of techniques rise, and others are dismissed. In this world, everything changes week by week. You would be a fool if you still used Facebook and Instagram techniques from the past.

From Facebook to Twitter, everyone is getting ready for something new – a new push to Facebook Watch, the building of Libra cryptocurrency, Instagram video chats, and IGTV are only a few examples.

Social media are changing. Marketing techniques are evolving. Why?

Because customers are changing.

Services and technologies grow up along with users and modify the way of interacting with them.

Influencers will still be one of the most critical elements to create a connexion with customers. 86% of women look for a consult on social media platforms before any purchase, which means that working with influential and well-loved influencers may be the best tactic for many different brands. However, there will be a lot of little and micro-influencers next to the big ones.

As we said about UGC, customers consider micro-influencers more reliable and honest.

For example, Gen Z on TikTok, leveraging micro-influencers, and direct shopping.

This is why shoppable posts, for instance, will increase their importance in 2020 marketing activities.

Download Your Free 2020 Marketing Trends Calendar Now! Find monthly trends & tips to stay ahead from the curves with your competitors. Get twelve-trends and tips to stay smart with your content all year long. Printable Paper Calendar Template if you want to go old-school or keep it digital in PDF as a resource.
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SERP Position Zero

Do you want to be first on Google SERP?

This is so 2017. You are out of fashion.

In 2020, the primary trend will be Google Position Zero.

What is Google Position Zero? Are you aware of that little snippet right above the search results list? That’s it.

This snippet is vital because it might be the only element users will see – especially if they are surfing by mobile.

In Google Position Zero, you can find a summary of the answer to the query, a link, the URL of the website and its name. It is the most relevant result in terms of SEO and positioning.

Google will like your website. You can provide high-quality pieces of information, and users will be more likely to click on your website.

It is so important because it has the maximum value for SEO. Be in the top-ranking means a lot for your business. More people are going to see you and your products, eventually be curious and become clients. The procedure may be a bit harder than this, but it is worth trying.

It is cool, but how can you reach this fantastic position? You can take advantage of several formats that SEO will like a lot.

First of all, take care of the format. A responsive website, web-friendly paragraphs, bold words, bullet lists, videos, and images are the best ways to make your website and content shine for Google.

Moreover, there are certain kind of content that SEO will appreciate the most.
Amongst them, we can find the classic journalism technique of “5W” (who, what, where, when, why), top lists, FAQ and how-to guides.

Find out the best content you can give to your audience and dress it up!

You can also write a brief and easy-to-read snippet – no more than 50 characters.

zero is ok

Conversational marketing and VEO

In a world more and more lead by digital features, we yearn for human contact, and marketing makes no exception.

Conversational marketing is a consequence of the high use of social media in our society. The most critical element of it is the chance of building a two-voices conversation, between the customer and the brand, without the interfere of formal structures.

This conversation will be in natural language, as much as possible, and available on different supports – apps, messenger, social media, email, the already mentioned chatbots.

Some examples of this trend are the raise of customer care and community management, but also the development of smart speakers, CRM, and chatbots.
The most important thing will be to give the customers the impression of a real dialogue with the brand, with someone that cares about their issues and knows their history – this is why we can not stress enough the importance of an updated set of data.

If you already talk to Siri and Alexa like you were chatting with your best friend, you are ready for Voice Search 2020 marketing trend.

VEO (Voice Engine Optimization) is growing in popularity.

Mobile-friendly movement and voice search is useful for marketers because they even improve local SEO.

Voice search can allow app and websites to improve their natural language skills and engage customers the most. Voice input will grow because it is practical and precious.

Moreover, the different way people write queries or ask them by voice implies a different affection on websites.

There is a massive amount of data that voice can deliver, emotions, tone of voice, age, gender, a lot more than usual text-based search. How to use them? The AI-based system is studying a new way to leverage data coming from VEO.

Moreover, it helps in collecting relevant data about customers and their habits thanks to Artificial Intelligence.


Back to your marketing content strategy, one of the marketing trends 2020 is still about podcasts.
Podcasts successfully coupled with the needs of voice and audio, if not video, contents.
According to your target audience, consider crafting your content in audio format.

The main advantage of podcasts is usability. There are podcasts about almost every topic that you can imagine. People usually listen to them on several occasions – while they are driving, during their breakfast, in line at the postal office.

Generally speaking, a podcast is an excellent idea during downtime.

It may be interesting to create a connection and a fixed appointment with customers and users, engage them, and increase the brand authority.

You may even find it extremely funny to record!

girl wearing headphones

Customer retention with Chatbots

An old and well-known marketing rule says that it is cheaper to retain an old customer than acquiring a new one. This law might be not so fancy, but it is still valid, and it will be one of the more significant elements we are going to see in the upcoming year.

Having happy customers and keep them engaged helps brands in many ways, from a reliable brand reputation to a less expensive strategy. How can you do it? You can collect many sets of data to understand customers’ experience and journey and be sure to engage them at best and gain their loyalty.

A happy customer will be more likely to suggest your brand to friends and family, adding new prospects to your portfolio at a low cost.

So, how in 2020 improve your customer retention?

Chatbot and automation could be the way.

Automation is essential and can save a lot of time, but brands must remember that people do not entirely trust chatbots yet. A human interface is more reassuring, and people feel they can ask for help more quickly.

We said that people do not trust chatbots entirely yet, and it is true.

However, things are going to change, and chatbots will become customers’ best friends in no time.

These tools are extremely fast in giving answers and, most important, they are available all the time – especially if you enhance them with some AI. Moreover, it has no issues of bad temper or being moody – it is always ready, friendly, and fast.

It is less expensive than real human customer care, and it can take care of many requests at the same time.

This will also change the customer experience.

Chatbots are good examples of fluid verbal communication between human beings and machines, along with real-time answers.

Omnichannel customer journey marketing

Many marketers claimed the funnel is dead, and they attended its funeral. Even if this prediction may be a bit too over-dramatic, indeed, attention is mainly switching on the customer and its nonlinear path.

Marketers would like to think that people follow a linear and easy path to buy products, but it is not valid. It has never been linear, and it will never be, especially after the rise of social media and mobile technologies.

Focus in 2020 will be the customer, more than ever before. You will need a strategy where the core center is the prospects, the people that may be interested in buying your product and services.

Follow them without being intrusive, but caring and interested in every step of this elaborate and tortuous journey. This will do wonders for your brand reputation, and the customers will be more than happy about you.

The omnichannel analysis comes to track the customer journey.

messages and emojis

Private messaging marketing and Privacy

The marketing approach is shifting from hyper-targeting to one-to-one communication, along with renewed attention to personal privacy. This is why private messaging is growing in importance and will be one of the most critical features for 2020.

This will give brands the chance to be nearer to customers and monetizing apps for messaging. Soon, people will buy products directly from Messenger or Whatsapp, and brands should not miss the opportunity.

However, you must go careful with privacy, a delicate issue for customers and brands. No one should be surprised by seeing this voice amongst the upcoming trends.
Customers want to know which data brands are collecting and how they are going to use them.

The way to succeed is being transparent with your target. Tell them which data you need and explain to them how it will lead to a better service. Be sure they will be able to cancel their preferences every time they want and have a clear privacy policy.

It may look a bit complex at the beginning, but the reward will be people’s happiness and loyalty.

Take Control Over Yourself (And Not Be Spammy!)

Do you know why people today are so difficult to engage? Because of the spam.

People like caring brands, but there is a thin line that separates an exciting newsletter from stalking spam. In addition to that, they feel uncomfortable when they see your ads everywhere while they are surfing. They think you are violating their privacy, and you know that privacy is a risk. Even if you are acting according to the law, people may quit brands.

Be sure you never overstep the spam “sensation” limit!

One example? Newsletter and emails are one of the essential marketing tools, and its importance will grow (yes, newsletters are not dead!).

However, it does not mean that it’s ok if you fill people inbox with emails! Ads and promotions are compelling unless they become invasive. Take care of your newsletter, segment people, and make more focused lists.

Be aware of this element, and try to protect your brand. Avoid showing the same ad to the same audience for too long, plan your newsletters carefully, and be always sure customers are not feeling annoyed in any way.

Interesting advertising is an in for the upcoming year, while spam is out!

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