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Here it is another Friday and, with it, our weekly GhostWriter Digest.

Today we will give you some opinions about our last article about the stiffest challenges marketers have to face every day.

Is there anyone of these that you faced personally? How did you overcome it?

1. How Do You Use SEO To Catch Google’s Attention?

In the #digitalworld, #searchengineoptimization strategies are used to endorse a #brand and get #qualitytraffic. https://t.co/hrltWcydr4— SolutionSurface (@SolutionSurfac) February 13, 2020

In its tweet, @SolutionSurfac quotes one of its articles in which, talking about SEO, says:

Every business requires a flow of traffic to maintain a constant rate of conversions. If a business is not having enough traffic then there must be an error in the marketing strategy. SEO not only ensures traffic flow to your website but also creates a strong online presence of your brand.

SEO is one of the most important digital marketing strategies – and for good reasons.

If a website shows in the first position of the SERP, people instinctively trust it. Brand authority and brand awareness grow and help to distance competitors—all of this at a reasonable cost.

The real challenge is to reach this position.
To make this goal real, marketers have to keep studying the latest news, adapt websites to the upcoming techniques, and see SEO as a dear friend that, with a bit of care, will reward them.

2.Why Do You Have To Craft A Content Marketing Strategy For Your Audience?

5 Ways To Write High Quality Content For Your Website or Blog.

If you want to boost SEO rankings, get more traffic and gain leads, you need to write high quality content. Here are 5 key components of content writing.https://t.co/TiC7rD2U1L#ContentWriting #contentstrategy pic.twitter.com/ggI99mtCgw— Jon Allo (@JonAllo) February 19, 2020

We already discussed SEO, but it is not the only way to rock your communication – you have a lot of different tricks to put in action.

Planning a content strategy is the best way to keep your audience engaged and make your consumers trust you. However, it has to be stunning and exciting, and how can you achieve it?

For example, as @JonAllo suggests, be informative:

“Content exists to offer information. And content that doesn’t offer value or is of little use to the reader, it will not inspire, engage or connect with the audience. High-quality content must answer specific questions, and great content will lead to brand recall. In other words, the more a reader reads your posts or sees your brand name, the more they trust you and the more likely they are to buy from you.”

3.How Important Is To Measure Your ROI?

Want to create an #ROI-boosting #SaaS #content #strategy? My 5000+ words MEGA-guide 🔥 will tell you how to do it right. Step-by-step instructions, tips, tricks, examples and how-tos included: https://t.co/dfemolQamM #ContentStrategy #ContentWriting— Adriana Tica (@adriana_tica) February 18, 2020

@adriana_tica, in her article, clearly explains why you should take care of ROI:

Aside from these compelling statistics, content strategy comes with other benefits too. It helps you focus your content efforts where they matter most and where they can bring actual results and ROI. Otherwise, why even bother publishing the odd blog post? You will be publishing content in a vacuum, going at it blindly. How will you know if it yielded results? More importantly, you won’t even know what results to expect.

Measuring ROI is one of the toughest challenges for marketers, but it still is a vital parameter to decide which tracks to measure and which decisions to make in the future.

4.Why Do You Have To Work On Your Brand Image And Tone Of Voice?

If you create any marketing content for your #brand (online or offline), then tone of voice is important to you. But what is tone of voice exactly? Why does it matter to your business? https://t.co/Fi1HTsLtOH #contentmarketing #contentstrategy pic.twitter.com/psF4BjpeKI— Paul Landa (@ZeckroDesigns) February 19, 2020

One of the trickiest elements of defining a brand identity is selecting the perfect tone of voice. It is one of the most challenging aspects for any marketer.
It is so crucial because it will profoundly affect any communication you will craft and will characterize your brand.

If we ask you to think about a brand with a funny and easygoing tone of voice, we are sure you can number at least a couple of examples.

@ZeckroDesigns tweets an article by Contentshare that says something exciting about it:

“It’s worth mentioning that in writing and literary circles, a strong distinction is made between the terms ‘voice’ and ‘tone’. Voice is defined as the distinctive personality of your writing – it’s what makes you unique and recognisable and allows your audience to see your character. Your voice is one and one only. Your ‘tone,’ on the other hand, can change because it’s what reflects the mood and feelings of your writing and helps you to connect with your audience through your content.”

It is a fascinating perspective that leaves a lot more freedom than one could expect.

A lot of people believe that the tone of voice is a cage that you can not escape because you are forced to speak in a certain way – the brand way.

The voice has to be recognizable every time, but your tone can change according to the different situations.

If you think about it, it is perfectly reasonable – whenever you are talking, it does not matter if you are arguing, laughing, or being serious, because your voice remains the same all the time.

5.Why Is Competitors Analysis So Important?

Competitor analysis gives you invaluable business intelligence. Talk to us about ways to research, track and measure your close competitors on a regular basis.#businessadvice #SmallBusiness #SmallBiz #SMB #competitoranalysishttps://t.co/HKFMJfWS9F— Goodridge Advisory (@GoodridgeCPA) February 17, 2020

While you are developing a strategy, competitor analysis is a must-have.

Thinking that someone else is playing in your field may be stressful, but it will be a danger if you will not be able to see and understand what they are doing.

In his article, @GoodridgeCPA explains it clearly:

“Knowing who your competitors are is a crucial piece of business intelligence, helping you understand your market and the core threats and opportunities in your sector. Competitor analysis is the process of identifying, researching, and gauging the threat posed by your competitors and is usually carried out before launching your business. But monitoring competitors is a useful exercise to undertake regularly, for several reasons.”

Do a competitor analysis now, or soon you will not have any competitors to analyze – because you will be out of the market.

How can you do it? You can find our tips here.

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