7 Ways AI Can Boost Your Adv

AI and adv

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) boosts your Adv activity, and it is already showing results. It is no more a “maybe one day,” but “how to take that advantage today.”


Do you want to know how to improve the efficacy of your online ad campaigns? Then, the solution to get better results from digital advertising today is using Artificial Intelligence.

In this article, we are going to see why AI can be such a powerful boost for your ads

Then we will see seven practical ways in which you can apply it to your campaigns straight away.

Are you ready for the most disrupting advertising ever?

1. AI boosts your Adv using Predictive Analysis

Let’s begin from the start – before any marketing campaign, you need to know where you are, who is your target and which goals you want to reach.

In short, you need a lot of data to discover the best path to follow, and predictive analysis is a great way to find it out.

Predictive analysis is a kind of analysis that identifies how people interacted with your channels and tries to understand how things are going to change in the future.

You can apply it to a lot of elements, from your buyer personas to the next month’s business plan, to the budget allocation.

Artificial intelligence and predictive analysis can coexist, and AI can help to make the predictions more accurate and useful for the marketers that need them.

Prediction and AI together are mostly used for demographic and websites information.

AI can make the prediction faster and more precise. Why? Because of a large amount of data it can absorb and analyze at incredible speed.

You get a more accurate prediction and more people towards your communication and pieces of content.

Many huge companies are already using AI, for instance, Unilever, that “reduced their forecasting errors by a margin of 15% and achieved multi-million-dollar savings with this technology.”

Thanks to AI, you will be able to develop a series of advertising that will match your goals and your target – we will see it in a minute – creating the most perfect messages.

Do you want to give it a try?

2. AI boosts your Adv Providing Deep Customer Insights

We just said that one of the many advantages of AI is its capacity to analyze, combine and understand pieces of data, especially demographic ones.

This leads us to the second way AI can boost your advertising campaign – better understand your customers and their needs.
AI is incredibly helpful in better understanding of customers’ voice.

The algorithms will be able to collect any kind of information – from demographic ones to buying habits.

You can start activities of listening and monitoring social media to see what people have to say about your brand, your competitors and their personal preferences.

After collecting the data and all the different opinions of your customers, AI can skim and rearrange them to create your buyer personas.

In this way, it will be able to pair pieces of information to create coherent and realistic personas that will represent your clients faithfully.

For example, our platform Ghostwriter AI, amongst the other features, has also the capacity to build your buyer personas for you.

You can create them from your current audience, if you are happy with it, or you can point to another direction if the target audience that you want you reach is different from your current one. Our Artificial Intelligence powered analysis will help you figuring out how to engage with these people.

It is clear how the creation of the right personas will advantage your advertising. It will let you focus your time, content, and energies on people that will benefit from your product.

Speaking of advertising, it will let you better spend your budget on a more defined target, without losing resources on uninterested people.

3. AI-Based Content Marketing

Can AI help you even with your content strategy? Of course, it can!

A few years ago, marketers started saying that organic advertising was dead. Paid advertising is indeed the king now, but it does not mean that our content quality has to fall.

On the contrary, it is even more important now than ever that your content marketing is sharp, useful and up-to-date. It will make your calendar more interesting – and guess what can happen when customers and prospects find your content stimulating?

You are right – they can become clients.

It is a specific kind of personalization.

Thanks to the elements we have previously seen – predictive analysis and customer insights – you can take advantage of your knowledge about your audience to create a kind of content that will retain them.

Hopefully, it will also help your sales and your advertising. In this way, you will understand which topics your audience likes the most – which will help you with traffic and engagement.

Moreover, you can take advantage of personalized advertising to send ads to your target.

For example with sponsored campaigns on social media platforms.

Also, if you want a practical example of how AI can be important in content marketing.

For example, think about the last time you watched your favorite show on Netflix.

Do you remember that, at the end of the episode, Netflix recommended several new shows and movies? Those suggestions were based on AI and the study of your behavior on the platform.

What did your Netflix suggest to you?

4. AI boosts your Adv by Optimizing Budget

If you are going to spend a huge amount of money on advertising, you may be worried to allocate your budget as best as you can.

This is a crucial moment – you have to pick the right target, a sufficient budget, and a pleasurable ad.

Artificial Intelligence can help you in this tricky situation by giving you tips on how to optimize your budget to obtain the maximum result.

First of all, remember that different targets require different actions. Artificial Intelligence can study many different elements, historically and not, to help you spend your money the most wisely.

Artificial Intelligence algorithms can target people, as we were saying, but also examine the history of your advertising and many of the factors that led to your current results.

They can study the target in every detail, which is great, but also the KPIs you have set, the messages you send, which post was more successful in a series of A/B tests, which time of the day is the most indicated for that specific target, and way more.

All of these bits of information will make AI decide how to select and allocate your budget on the different pieces of content, to obtain the maximum from the goal you set.

5. AI boosts your Adv Thanks to Personalization

We can not have enough personalization.

It is not a secret that a high customisation is one of the most important keys for happy customers and virtuous marketing activities, and this is why it is a fundamental factor in marketing strategies.

How can AI help you achieve it, anyway?

In a customer-centric marketing strategy, we have to consider people’s preferences and how much they love to feel important.

Artificial Intelligence in marketing is making it simple how a brand can deliver personalized content and customer experience.

Once, before the dawn of social media and AI, personalization was achieved by using a set of already existing data, but it was a slow and static approach.

In a hyper-personalized era as the one we are living now, AI technology allows marketers to explore a whole new world of possibilities for personalizing messages.

This means that marketers are now using “behavioral and real-time data to create highly contextual communication that is relevant to the user”.

It needs to consider that, the advantage of this new, tech-based approach is to create a tailored offer for each customer, and the most important thing is that you do not have to do it manually.

This kind of predictive personalization can use previously stored data and browsing history to predict which kind of content may be interesting for a customer.

Also, it helps to tailor offers on every single prospect, knowing exactly what he or she wants for a 100% personalized offer.

6. Data-driven content plan

Did you believe that we were done with the content plan? No way!
Artificial intelligence can do so much more than simply help you craft the best kind of content for your target:

“You can utilize artificial intelligence and big data to get insights about the top-performing content in your niche. This can help you understand what type of content your audience likes to read, engage with, and share.”

Thanks to AI, you can analyze literally everything that you publish and confront it with other data to obtain data-driven answers. The elements you can analyze are almost endless, from photos to videos.

On the other hand, by using data you can understand the best trends to cover. You catch those topics your audience is more interested and even the best way to reach them.

Data rock!

Moreover, Artificial Intelligence can also help you create your pieces of content.

There are several AI-based services that allow marketers to craft pieces of content looking at the data.

For example, they can correct your sentences and texts, like Grammarly does, or help marketers to find the best topics for their audience, like SEMrush.

7. AI boosts your Adv thanks to Image and Face recognition

Using AI for face recognition is not so common yet, but it is a huge change in technology and advertising.

Marketers and advertisers are starting to target their audience and trace users’ profiles thanks to image recognition, too.

According to Digiday, “The different companies all have their own tools, proprietary technologies and image-recognition engines, which can learn to detect information like facial features, age and gender ethnicity as well as brands, products, logos and scenarios within a picture.

They can then use this information to help brands engage with their consumers.”

There are several ways in which those images can be a huge help for marketing divisions.

However, there is more, and it is image recognition. This is the capacity to share advertising directly thanks to photos in an article or social media. It already happens with Instagram.

Several of the most important brands worldwide took advantage of it, for instance IBM, Apple, Amazon, Google and Facebook.

Algorithms are capable of understanding an image and identify its elements, from landscapes to objects to faces and expressions.
These bits of informations are valuable insights for marketers, because algorithms can understand a lot of a person from a photo.

For example his or her habits, lifestyle, and preferences.

You can imagine how important this may be for segmentation and targeting!

Do you already use any of these techniques? Are your ads going better thanks to them?

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