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Have you ever heard of intent marketing?

If the answer is no, go and read our article about it!

Intent marketing is now one of the most important trends worldwide, because it allows marketers to better understand their target and know how to adjust their strategies to meet people’s needs and cravings.

If you do not believe us, read here what marketers say about it!

Intent data is a valuable marketing tool that helps marketers connect to targeted consumers who are already looking for what you have. Here are 6 way you can add intent data to your marketing stack: #intentmarketing #marketingstrategy— Aberdeen (@aberdeengroup) January 15, 2020

“Intent data is a valuable marketing tool that helps marketers connect to targeted consumers who are already looking for what you have. But it goes beyond that. It’s not just about knowing that a lead is interested in your industry, topic, or product; it’s knowing that the lead is ready and willing to buy.”

There is no reason in trying to catch whoever you can to buy a brand’s product. Marketing does not work like this anymore – if it ever has.

If you know your customer, how it acts, and why he performs his actions, you can build an efficient buyer persona to craft the perfect marketing strategy to catch his attention.

It means that, for giving people what they want, marketers need to know them very well. They need to know their preferences, their habits, their touchpoints.

All of this is one of the tasks of intent marketing.

Thanks to intent marketing, you can study your target with a precision never tested before. It allows marketers to understand customers, their values, and ideas better, and it is easy to understand why all of this can be a gamechanger for any advertising campaign.

Marketers will be able, thanks to data analysis, to tell what people want and how they want it.

Moreover, thanks to that precious data, they will be able to craft buyer personas in detail, allowing marketing strategies to be more precise and tailored. In this way, you will have a better target to point out, happier customers, and a saving of time and resources.

Are you leveraging #intentmarketing to provide instant access to relevant brand content to your customers? #b2bmarketing #marketingtrends #intentmarketing— Synup (@synup) February 19, 2020

“Intent Marketing is based on meeting this new consumer reality in the best way possible. It’s a pull marketing strategy that – unobtrusively – presents people just what they need to see in order to choose a business. Whether it be customer reviews or coupons, available product inventory or photos and videos, content remains king in people’s minds.”

Intent marketing can be the most useful element for a successful content strategy. If you know the intent of your target, you can use it in your approach to obtaining the best result from it.

The key of intent marketing is giving people what they need when they look for it, understanding what they mean under the common requests on Google and social media platforms.

Content is one of the most valuable marketing levers and, to obtain the best from it, marketers must use it wisely.

As we were saying, knowing your target is crucial, and it is the same when it comes to content marketing.

Only if you know your user and customers very well, you can provide them with precisely the kind of content they need and crave at that moment.

Thanks to a tailored content marketing strategy, you can provide many services that will reward you with affectioned customers, high engagement, and a renewed brand reputation.

You can use the knowledge of your target to answer the most common questions, propose events they will love, share content that may be useful for their job. You will become a trustful and reliable presence on their mind.
You get incredible results only by knowing them a little better.

Is it worth it, isn’t it?


Businesses need to start thinking in terms of intent marketing.

Know Why Intent-based Marketing Is the Future- #B2Bmarketing #fridaysforfuture— Beyond Codes Inc. (@beyondcodes) December 5, 2019

”Interruptions are out. Intent is in. Whether it’s customer experience, artificial intelligence, machine learning, interactivity, personalization, conversational marketing, or any other from a long list of prominent trends in the marketing realm, nearly all point back to this core imperative. Only when we understand our audience at a deeper level can we engage them more in more relevant ways and foster powerful relationships that drive business in the new era of digital.”

Bold assessment: intent marketing is the future.

During the last few years, target and customers have become more and more important, but only in recent times, marketers started studying them more accurately.
Marketers only wanted to know people’s taste and motivation, but now we reached a more profound level – now we want to know their intent.

The customer journey is more and more complex. We live in a cross-media world, and customers are bombarded by stimuli every single minute of their lives – online and offline.

According to this situation, personalization is not enough anymore.
Better to say, we switched to something more personal and almost unconscious-like intentions.

Right now, we have to focus on different elements, for example, the context and the behavioral insights, to provide the right content at the right time for the right reason.

It is also a massive help for your paid advertising and your SEO. If you identify and follow the right keywords, you will have a personal and privileged sight on your customer’s mind. In this way, you will be able to plan an efficient SEO strategy.

Give your audience what it wants and when it needs it, and the reward will surprise you.

It is the only way to win in marketing and keeping your customers happy.

Are you ready for the challenge?

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