How AI helps Skyrocket Sales In 2020

AI and sales

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If you have a sales team, you should consider implementing an AI-based system. It is common knowledge that cold calls are often inefficient, but did you know that, according to a study by Baylor University’s Keller Center for Research, they only work 1% of the times?

The lack of personal touch and human interest will make people feel suspicious and uncomfortable, which are not the emotions you would like to associate with your company.

If you are feeling surprised and worried, we have great news for you. Artificial Intelligence is more efficient than cold calls to improve your sales. It’s the critical element that can help your sales without you lose human contact with your customers.

Stay with us to find out how to take advantage of this fantastic technology to make your sales rock!

How Salespeople Can Use AI to Boost Sales

Artificial Intelligence is here to stay, and it can help sales in many different ways. It helps marketers in almost every element of their daily work life.

It was back in 2015 when Forrester announced that AI would replace one million B2B sales jobs by 2020.

Moreover, research by Harvard Business Study predicts that, by 2020, 85% of customer interactions with businesses will not involve humans apart from the customer.

Those numbers may be a tad too optimistic, even if Artificial Intelligence will have – and already has – a growing prominent role in the sales game.

It is unlikely that AI will take over in less than a year by now, but at the present moment, AI still needs the presence of a human being to accomplish its duties.

The sales world indeed has to change if it wants to survive and evolve itself by keeping its distance from cold calls and aggressive behavior. On the other hand, you can be sure that your best man will not be replaced by an algorithm tomorrow morning.

If you want to improve your sales team’s results, AI might be the most efficient way to increase revenue and reduce costs.

This will give you a competitive advantage, will make you know your customers at best and create a more conscious relationship with them.

Thanks to a well used Artificial Intelligence, your company may gain a lot of new, different changes to improve sales and customer retention.

Let’s see together in which ways AI can skyrocket your incomes in a way you have never experienced before.

10 Ways In Which Sales Can leverage AI

Provide many more pieces of information

One of the most exciting elements of Artificial Intelligence is its power of calculus and store of pieces of information.

It is a massive help for salespeople because it allows them to have an organized database of leads and other kinds of data. In this way, AI can not only store them but also find out new leads and predicts new solutions.

Achieve mundane tasks

The main reason because it is so hard to define Artificial Intelligence is because there is no such thing as a general AI.

Every algorithm has a specific purpose, and it can only achieve one particular action.

AI is a great tool to use for getting rid of monotonous tasks, such as lead finding or monitoring orders. It will leave salespeople the time to focus on other tasks, more critical, intellectually stimulating, and that need a human perspective.

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Enhance your relationship with customers

Not every salesperson has to fear AI substitution. It may be true for order takers, but it is not for consultants, which may reach 10% more available jobs in the next few years.

They will become faithful advisors, and the trust of customers will be in their hands. They will be that unique human touch that will add enormous value to the sale because it will gain the trust and the loyalty of the customers.

Identify the best leads with AI-focused Sales Technologies

Lead scoring is a lifesaver for every business. No one has enough time to follow up on every single lead personally. Lead scoring can figure out the most qualified leads by certain characteristics and features and assign them a specific value.

Artificial Intelligence can help by implementing predictive lead scoring. It bases on machine learning, and it determines which criteria define a strong lead. You will not have to worry about what properties should include or how much to value each one of them.

Predict customer behaviour using AI for sales

Can you predict the future? Maybe not in a sci-fi movie-like way, but AI can help you to anticipate your client’s next move.

Thanks to social listening and predictive analysis, you can collect and analyze thousands of data about clients and prospects.

You will learn what they like and do not like about your company, how they approach your product, and guess what they may do next.

In this way, you will be able to focus on the next campaign and how to improve your next sale.

Explore new opportunities and market areas

Again, the capacity of AI of data analysis can open doors you could not even imagine. Thanks to its report, when fed with enough sets of data, it can figure out new and outstanding patterns.

It could understand that in certain towns, customers are more likely to convert after a newsletter that comes on Sundays, or that there is an unexpected focus target that you did not even consider.

Personalize content and user experience

Do you want to sell more? Make your customers feel unique and special. Artificial Intelligence is the easiest and fastest way to do it, thanks to personalization. AI allows marketers to explore a whole new world of possibilities for personalizing messages.

Thanks to the data AI collects, you can create a perfectly one-to-one tailored offer that will make your brand unforgettable. This may become useful also to create a highly personalized UX that adapts itself to the user.

Monitor activities and performances

Do you know how your team is going and what is your sales state? AI can tell you accurate reports. AI is so great to surf amongst data that it can also provide you with precise data about performances.

You can obtain a meticulous overview of which sales your team accomplished, the number of accounts, the number of activities, and more—all useful information to picture of the sales and focus on what to do next.

Improve sales without expanding your team

You may be worried because you need more salespeople, and you are not sure that you can afford the cost to hire them.

AI can analyze your team’s performance to see who the best people are. In this way, it will be easier to share knowledge and know-how to drag everyone at the same level.

Identify clusters’ dynamics

Thanks to data-driven sales, marketers can have a clear idea of funnel and trends.

It allows us to divide customers into clusters and keep a record of important insights, such as the number of members for each group, their buying history, if they are active contacts or not, and much more.

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