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Would you ever imagine that AI can be a great help for sales departments? We may not be so used to it, but it will be more and more critical with time.

Artificial intelligence helps in daily, repetitive tasks, and it is also a lot more helpful than cold calls. It is a help for sales, for customer retention, for focusing on what is more critical during a working day. This makes AI and sales the perfect couple.

These are only a couple of the reasons why it is such a fantastic tool. Read further to know more!

Are you still skeptical? Find out what marketers think about it in our Weekly Digest!

AI is already disrupting sales, today https://t.co/4EtTeCW63T #CRM #Platform #AI #MachineLearning #ArtificialIntelligence #PRM #RelationshipManagement #Sales— Brian E. Thomas (@DivergentCIO) March 9, 2020

“Knowing what we know about the available technology leveraging machines, this a major game changer in the sales industry. Essentially, companies can leverage a machine assistant to accurately and effortlessly handle mundane and routine tasks, from scheduling a meeting, a follow-up task, answering customer inquiries via a chatbot, etc. All this while providing real-time predictive modelling to make decisions and adjustments on the fly.”

What he says is the best way to look at artificial intelligence in the sales department. It is not something that will steal workplaces. It is only a tool that will – and already does – help marketers to focus on what is essential.

Moreover, remember that AI is not replacing us, at least not now, because there is no “general” AI. Every algorithm has a specific purpose, and it can only achieve one particular action.

It is why AI is a great tool for getting rid of monotonous tasks. Let’s think about lead finding or monitoring orders, for instance. It will leave salespeople the time to focus on other tasks. Tasks that are more critical, intellectually stimulating, and that need a human perspective.

Using AI to boost sales is not a new idea. If predictive analytics increased sales leads by 3,000 percent back in 2017, what’s it doing for businesses now? Great insight from @danielnewmanUV https://t.co/BrX00ctyrE #sales #AI pic.twitter.com/GtMaNNV7om— Shelly Kramer (@ShellyKramer) March 9, 2020

“It makes sense, then, that companies are starting to invest in smarter conversational AI—for instance, AI that pulls history and experience into the “conversational”, while also using emotional recognition tools better to understand the context of a customer’s inquiry.
Even better, because they’re able to engage in more in-depth, more complex conversations, they’re able to gather much more data about the customer and answer their problems much more quickly.”

Do you fear that Artificial Intelligence might be too cold for your sales department? We are happy to tell you that data do not sustain your fears.

On the contrary, it may be the other way round, because not every salesperson has to fear AI substitution. It may be right for order takers, but it is not for consultants, that may reach 10% more available jobs in the next few years.

They will become faithful advisors, and the trust of customers will be in their hands. In this way, they will be that unique human touch that will add enormous value to the sale.
Thanks to their warmth, they will gain the confidence and the loyalty of the customers.

Do not forget that AI is and remains a tool – it does not have a conscience.
It only does what we program it to do. This is the reason why human touch is still required and precious help!

AI And CRM: Will Customer Management Get Easier? If you’re ready for easier, check out Spiro’s Proactive Relationship Management Platform. https://t.co/LFGM191BOr @danielnewmanUV #Sales #SalesAutomation #SpiroAI #AI #ArtificialIntelligence #KillCRM pic.twitter.com/ycgUYH9OA8— Spiro.AI (@SpiroAI) March 10, 2020

“Using AI, customer management is incorporating personalized intel. For instance, it’s now possible that contextual data will show up on a call screen before a sales person answers the phone, allowing them to prioritize calls—talk more personally to those calling—and even divert calls to voicemail if they know the caller is a notoriously cold fish. Less wasted time is more potential money in customer management.”

If you want to sell more, you need to make your customers feel unique and special.

Artificial Intelligence is the easiest and fastest way to do it, thanks to the personalization and tools it provides. AI allows marketers to explore a new world of possibilities for personalizing messages, both because of chatbots and collecting data.

Thanks to the data AI collects, you can create a perfectly one-to-one tailored offer that will make your brand unforgettable. It may become useful also to create a highly personalized UX that adapts itself to the user.

Chatbots, when appropriately used, can help marketers to improve sales and collect more data. Most of all, it can enhance their relationship with customers and prospects.

How do you approach to artificial intelligence in your sales department?

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