How to Create dazzling of Social Posts for Free

How to Create dazzling of Social Posts for Free

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Everybody knows that to shine on social networks, you need to create dozen of social posts.

You have to post regularly and being consistent in your social media strategy.

People want variety and value.

To create a Social Media Plan that works, you have to be consistent and post regularly. 

In this post, I will show you how I create dozen of unique Social Posts in a minute using GhostwriterAI Social Post Generator free tool.

This “How to” blog post provides your fellow marketers and content creators, with a step-by-step guide to doing, a complete social media content session to fill your social media editorial calendar in a snap. 

I will explain why to create quality social media content is essential and how to create engaging social media posts easily. 

Also, I will show you how the social post creation process goes fast and smooth, leveraging a few tools that help to have the job done. Creating new Social Network Posts for your Social Media Strategy in Minutes has never been so easy.

Why create Quality Social Media Content Matter?

Social Media Networks is the place where to be to share and show your best pieces of content. There you get exposure for your blog posts, upcoming event, new service, or product.

However, people get bored very fast, and you need to provide value.

The success of your social marketing strategy depends on how you can balance content that matches your audience’s interests and more promotional ones.

To encourage the share, and boost engagement, quality is an essential part of the magic mix that let your editorial stories spread all over readers.

From the most affectionate to the brand new one, you need to engage to win.

In addition to that, providing quality content, you will give your readers a dominant social currency.

As Jonah Berger says in his book “Contagious”:

“People care about how they look to others. They want to seem smart, cool, and in-the-know.”

So, providing people a way to look smart in their community, they will share your content to a broader audience. It will also impact your brand image and your influence in your industry.

Without high-quality digital content, your bottom line may suffer, even if you can’t see the process.

As I said, quality affects your reputation. If you spend more time crafting better content, in the long term, you acquire the confidence of the audience that will trust you and will share more.

The first step for quality social media content

How you can identify what is a quality social media content?

It needs to say: there are no standards for that.

Quality standards depend on your audience, so the first thing to do is understanding your audience and matching the right kind of content.

Run audience analysis! Check for the most recent trends!

Analyzing your audience and finding patterns and interests is the key!

You are not alone in that process. You can leverage tools to check trends, as Google Trends for macro trends, or GhostwriterAI Analytics Insights, for a more precise one.

analytics insights artificial intelligence

As per social monitoring tools, you can use popular tools like Hootsuite or Brandwatch. 

Without considering people’s conversations, your audience loses interest in you. The reason why they are following you starts missing!

They begin with ignoring your posts, and they may even decide not to follow you anymore.

On the other hand, if you can listen to what they want and need, you can serve the very best piece of content that they will love, increasing your brand awareness.

So, how to go ahead after all? You need to have a trustworthy list of curated sources.

A curated list of sources helps not to run out of ideas for creating new content.

In addition to that, use the same to appropriately keep your content curation activity fit and healthy. Content curation is an art that is, definitely, part of a successful social media strategy.  

Once I have all my references is time to post.

More Time Spent on Social Media Posts, Bring Better Results?

According to Andy Crestodina of Orbit Media,

“Working harder on these social media posts makes a big difference. If you just click the share button next to your article, don’t expect much for that 2-second effort. But spend five or ten minutes on a single social post and you may notice the difference immediately.”

Andy Crestodina, Orbit Media
create curated social posts improve your social media strategy

An effective social media content continues Crestodina, include several elements that reinforce the post power and spread.

Wait a moment! To post, I have to create social posts, and, according to that, five to ten minutes for a single post is a ton of time!

Yes, it is. It means from 50 minutes to more than one hour and a half for only ten social posts.

Usual way (Minutes)
Reading the source link (average time per link)10
Time to pick up pieces and create the caption with link and hashtags5/ post
Total time to generate 10 posts from a link60

Can you think about that if you have to fill the editorial calendar of tons of social posts for many clients?

We are now at the core of this “how-to” post: How to Create dazzling Social Posts for Free and with less effort.

How to Get Up To Ten Different Social Posts in Eight Minutes

Creating engaging social media posts using GhostwriterAI’s up-to-date, that easy works with your own links or suggested ones, is a piece of cake. The Social Post Generator tool turns your social media accounts into something your audience will keep to read.

Free Social Post Generato Tool
GhostwriterAI Free Social Post Generator Tool

It doesn’t matter if you are creating posts to promote your last blog article or curated content from a third party link. GhostwriterAI Social Post Generator will make your life easier.

Usual way (Minutes)WITH GhostwriterAI (Minutes)
Reading the source link (average time per link)100,1
Time to pick up pieces and create the caption with link and hashtags5/ post0.8/ post
Total time to generate 10 posts from a link608.1
Total time saved51.9
GhostwriterAI Social Post Creation advantages

See the difference in 1 hour? Imagine the difference in a day, a week, or a quarter.

How Free Social Post Generator Works?

You find here online the free Social Post Generator, without any opt-in registration, in its basic version.

  1. Have your link
  2. Copy and paste in the field
  3. Click Generate
Select the Link that you wish and Copy & Paste

GhostWriterAI artificial intelligence instantly reads the content from the URL for you and extracts sentences from there.

No fancy, no hashtags, but ready to use. You only need to copy and paste wherever you want.

GhostwriterAI extracts meaningful sentences from the link

Wait, what happens? In the table, I’ve said 0.8 minutes WITH hashtags!

I’m not cheating, GhostwriterAI can give you the right hashtags to add to your post to spice up the reach and share.

Log In To GhostwriterAI For Even More Power

To get the most from the tool you need first create your free account of GhostwriterAI Platform.

GhostwriterAI is the AI-based platform to help content marketers to identify the target audience, and create matching content faster.

People out there are living their life

Stop Guessing. Now See It

Real-time data, No-brain proof, Use it today.
Book a Demo to get a free hands-on demonstration.

GhostwriterAI platform opens you to a new way of saving your time, accessing the full power of the Social Post Generator.

First of all, you can have a custom buyer persona based on your target audience.

This enables the Social Post Generator to suggest you the best matching hashtags.

Even more, you can both use one of your links, or having it suggested from the Content Curator tool.

The Curator tool suggests you the best content based on your target audience’s main interests.

Finally, you can add the generated posts to a queue that automatically fills the time slots that you set for your Editorial Calendar.

Cool, isn’t it?

What happens when the 14-days run out?

You simply are moved to the free-forever-plan, and you can still use the full Social Post Generator features.

What are the benefits of automating social media creation?

Firstly, you save a lot of time.

You need to spin the text to reuse it. Take Twitter, for example. The life of a Tweet is a few minutes long, so if you want to reach a wider audience, you have to reuse your content many times in the week.

However, Twitter policies are clear: you can’t post the exact same content twice.

The Social Post Generator helps you to get much unique content to post on the same link.

Secondly, you can spend the extra time to create new content, acquire new clients, or get most from a few of the social posts.

In fact, if you are not overwhelmed, you can curate relationships on social networks, interact with other posts, and participate in a Question and Answer session.


To wrap up, now you know how to generate unique social posts in less time.

Need new content to post to your Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn? Create and share it on your pages right away. Pick and post!

Save time on social posts creation with easy to use tools in GhostwriterAI.

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