What is Social Curation and How to Approach (Checklist)

What is Social Curation

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Social Curation is one of the best practices for social media marketing. 

The approach looks easy: find content from somebody else and share.

I see hundreds of companies doing in that way.

That’s precisely the kind of approach that brings nothing.

Social media content curation is much more than this. I’ll share my best rules with you to get it done with excellent results.

Let’s start.

What is Social Curation

A few years ago, social media experts used to define social curation as the collection of collaborative posts shared in crowd social platforms like Quora or Reddit around a topic.

Today, the definition is more comprehensive and covers the meaning of social media content curation.

Social Media Content Curation is finding relevant, engaging, and valuable content to share with your audience.

Says Dennis Shiao, leader of the Content Marketing Meetup in the Bay Area: “Content curation provides a direct path to thought leadership for brands and individuals. As you curate and share high-quality content, you’ll generate awareness and gain credibility. You’ll be respected for your knowledge since you’re finding just the right content your target audience needs.” 

Effective social media marketing isn’t just about increasing your following on various platforms.

You need to reach new people and attract relevant audience members.

Balancing creation and curation, you get your target audience hooked on your content, establishing your digital and social media presence.

However, it needs to remind people that attention is shallow and that they get bored fast.

Why is social media content curation important

1 – It balances the content

By adding new voices, you can mix a bit of the type of content that you share. 

Indeed, you need to maintain the tone of voice along with all communications.

Also, as I previously said, you have to select the right topics for your goals.

By the way, including fresh air ideas helps your brand have a new reach and avoid stagnating in your plans.

2 – It saves you time and money

Building up meaningful content takes time.

However, you have to post consistently across the different channels to maximize your impact. 

SO what?

Social Media Content Curation helps you with that.

3 – It helps you increase your popularity/authority

You want to position yourself and your brand. Share valuable content that makes sense with the person/brand you want to be.

4 – It creates relationships

Sharing valuable content, you are also sharing content and ideas from other great people. Build up relations, share content from people you would like on your side.

5 – It keeps the conversation exciting

Sharing and involving new people, you can spice up the conversation. 

Five good reason to do social media content curation

What does content curation mean?

Remember? Social media platforms are places to meet and engage with people. 

Whether you are an influencer, a brand, or a digital agency managing social media content for your beloved clients, you need to mix the topic you share.

content curation to mix your content

The 80/20 Rule was once the golden rule of effective social media marketing. It states that 80% of your social media posts should inform, educate, and entertain your audience, while only 20% should directly promote your business.

The point is that you need to create engaging content that resonates with your relevant audience.

Analyze your target audience, their demographics, the top trends that they care about, keep in mind your main topic, and keywords and build your overall social media content curation strategy.

Content curation is finding relevant content from a valuable source and sharing it with your customers and community.

Be aware! Social content for B2B is entirely different, and have incredibly different goals, from social content curation for B2C business.

B2B Content Curation Examples

B2B content curation activities have branding and positioning goals.

Posting high-quality news content demonstrates that your brand is on top of all major industry trends.

Also, by posting topics that matter, and adding your valuable excerpt from the news, you ensure more extensive coverage for your expertise, potential new partnership, while leveraging other people networks.

Ghostwriter AI Twitter Example

Here is an example from @aighostwriter Twitter account, I’ve shared the original post from Robert Rose, chief strategy officer for The Content Advisory, with a little thought.

Here the analytics results.

content curation results

The numbers, in Twitter Analytics, represent Impressions, Engagements, and Engagement Rate.

Considering that Ghostwriter AI Twitter account is so young and has a small number of followers, the engagement rate is exceptionally high.

Also, considering that Robert Rose has more than 57K followers if you have a look at his original post, you can understand why content curation is important (and why I’m so proud of that post).

Michelle Garrett Twitter Example

Also, I invite you to look at Michelle Garret Twitter account (@PRisUs), PR expert.

Michelle is a good example of content curation for brand positioning.

She also conduces a Twitter chat on Thursday at noon ET with the hashtag #freelancechat.

Don’t miss it!

B2C Content Curation Examples

Managing Content Curation for B2C is different.

Brands don’t want to share links from others. They are terrified of sending quality traffic to competitors. 

Can you think MacDonalds posting quality content from Burger King and vice versa?

Hard to figuring.

B2C brands want to send the readers back to their websites or build their brand awareness.

In the B2C case, content curation is more a social listening activity: listen to what your audience takes care of and share similar content to attract them.

McDonald’s Example

Look for example at one of the last McDonald’s post

Regardless of your marketing objectives, you need compelling, timely content to join the conversation. 

3 TOP Content Curation Tools (almost free)

Marketing technology panorama is vast. Hundreds of different platforms and tools can help with curation.

What matters is the mindset: you should know how important doing social curation is.

As a consequence of my article, I hope you get the ball rolling.

Select a list of trustful and influential sources about the topics you want to talk about. The file will allow you to save time and create a reliable content curation.

how to do social media content curation

Keep your curated links tidy

Before building Content Curator, that I’ll show you shortly, Feedl.ly has been one of my favorites. 

Feed.ly is a newsreader. You select the RSS feed among those already included, or add your curated link list and pull all the news in a unique place.

It is useful when you have a well-defined niche. You know what to post. Otherwise, it is only helpful to keep your sources tidy.

Also, Feed.ly has a mobile app that enables readers to connect with the topics and sources they are most passionate about, even on the go.

However, if you want to get serious with content curation, you need something else. It’s good for readers of many interests.

Content Curations and social management

Scoop.it is a curation-focused content curation tool.

The beauty of Scoop.it is that it has plenty of topics because it started its service as a third-party content aggregator.

Not different from Flipboard or Paper.ly, it has evolved with an internal recommendation system.

Later, it has improved the service with a few Social Media Management.

For example, Scoop.it has now an auto queue for publishing in your editorial calendar, distribution management features, and multi-channel distribution.

Curated Links, Social Curation and Content Value at a glance

When you need to manage social curation, having curated links pulled daily in your inbox, and sharing value for your target audience at the same time, then no doubt: you need Content Curator by Ghostwriter AI.

content curation tools ghostwriter ai

Indeed, one of its most clear application is social curation, but there is much more.

Content Curator shows you the best content to match your target audience and suggests the right keywords and hashtags.

For example, you can share the content you find immediately or schedule it to be shared later.

To sum up, it automates content curation by assisting with content filtering and aggregation.

Content Curator makes filling up your social media queue fast and easy. Coupled with the Social Post Generator let you create dozens of curated social posts in a click.

Just select your target audience persona, type in a few of those keywords, and click search.

Curating Social Media using Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Along with the tools, until now mentioned, it comes a consideration about the future of marketing technology.

To approach social content curation properly, you can trust a robust marketing technology stack and, why not, a pinch of Artificial Intelligence for Content Marketing.

Proof of this, in its recent AI In Content Marketing report, Business Insider Intelligence examines the current and potential role AI for Marketing and shows how leading marketers can take advantage of that.

content technology benefits

In conclusion, once you have your plans and goals, why not get a bit of extra help to have the work done?

3 Tips and Reminders to Do Content Curation Well (Checklist)

Let’s sum up now in a checklist the three most essential elements to approach social media content curation.

social media content curation checklist

Plan topics that your audience loves

To share content, you need to know about your target audience.

Do the homework!

Who are your targeting with your content and curated content?

Where are they?

Why them?

When and where can you find them?

Having a clear understanding of your goals and target audience helps you maintain the tone of voice and consistency across the third party’s contents.

It is the very first step towards a proper social content curation approach.

Select a rose of topics you want to cover, maybe leave a space for a last-minute addition, but stick to the plan.

Have a list of curated links

Once you know about your target audience, you have to find other people’s blog posts that are reasoning with your audience.

High profile professionals and influencer’s content are a “must-have.”

However, do not forget to share content from mid-level profiles.

They may not have the same reach and resonance, but they have followers that look alike yours.

It could be slightly easier to get their attention and hope in a little engagement in the thread.

Once again, consistency is the key.

You have to keep in mind the topic and check for the sources.

Keep a list of curated links for your niche or trust content curation software to get the right news pulled to your inbox on time for the sharing.

Share the value

Last but not least, sharing the value is probably THE most significant thing to do.

To clarify, picking, posting, retweeting, or re-sharing is not enough to achieve the best results.

If you are in the B2B business, you want to position yourself and your brand as a leader.

Similarly, if you are in the B2C, your positioning strategy includes building the trustworthiness and positive feelings around you and your brand.

Indeed, you need to nurture conversations first, adding your commentary, encourage debate around if possible.

Make Variations using a content curation dashboard

Come on! Don’t be rigid!

Mainly if you are a marketing professional that works for many brands, you need to test, test, and test again.

Take notes of what you test and find what it works.

As a rule, what works for one audience won’t work for another, so the best social curation strategies should be tailor-made. 

On the other hand, it doesn’t mean “do it manually.”

Not only, as said, you can use technology on your hand, but also it is recommended.

Without a doubt, it is much easier to keep an overview of different strategies with a content curation dashboard that helps.

Use Link Shortener Services

How can you make the most from your Content Curation activity?

By tracking your links!

Use a URL shortener to track your link trip. 

For example, you can even get new advantages tracking how many shares you acquire.

Also, new advantages may come with adding tracking pixels to create a new custom audience to use for your activities.

social media content curation tips and tools


To sum up, remember to include a social content curation strategy as part of your social media calendar.

Select topics that look right side by side, avoid repetitions, and pick the best pieces.

Indeed, in the long last period of your inbound marketing activity, you will see results.

Also, remember to balance your curated content with original content. Keep a close eye on your target audience’s trends and interests by analyzing your analytics insights.

Content marketing platforms like Ghostwriter AI make this extremely easy to do – see for yourself by accessing your free period!

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