Content Marketing ROI: How to Point in the Right Direction

Content Marketing ROI

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Content Marketing ROI is the most crucial thing in any content marketing strategy.

Here at Ghostwriter AI, we’re committed to the smart and active social media content strategy.

First, bring results.

Second, results have to be measured. Otherwise, they are just fancy ideas.

Last, with a bottom-up approach, you need to optimize what you and your marketing team are doing, bringing evidence, real numbers, ROI, to your boss.

COVID-19 crisis is still running over our heads, striking hard at our marketing efforts.

What can we do to survive?

I will show you here how to get the most from your strategy, optimizing marketing stack, and budgets.

The impact of COVID-19 on content marketing ROI

Does COVID-19 have an impact on marketing and content marketing ROI?


Content consumption has increased.

Here in the insights from Hubspots’s COVID-19 Marketing and Sales Benchmark Data tool, you can see a growth in open rate.

COVID-19 Marketing and Sales

But, what about in terms of ROI?

Sales email responses are negative.

sales emails rate negative during COVID-19

Ad spent is negative.

Ad spent negative during COVID-19

In real terms, this means that while the COVID-19 crisis is still here, marketing managers need to do four things to enable them to survive and thrive through unprecedented times and beyond: 

  1. Find cost-effective solutions  
  2. Strategize to adjust to a shrinking market
  3. Become more relevant to their target audience
  4. Build a pipeline for the future to enable sales.

What is Content Marketing Return On Investment (ROI)

Social Media Content Marketing, Video Content, Content Creation, and Content Curation for your brand, don’t exist without a goal: the Return On Investment (ROI).

If you don’t measure your ROI, you don’t know what you are doing.

The term ‘return on investment’ is financial, commonly used to denote the gain from a cost for some element of input, not only financial, such as time investment, emotional Investment, or effort investment.

Here the ROI most straightforward formula:

ROI = Return / Investment

However, there are so many different goals in marketing; all of them have their ROI calculation.

Also, hundreds of parameters contribute to costs or revenues.

Marketing ROI = Return on Investment

As you guess, it is not so easy to calculate if you are doing well, and no one fits all formulas is possible.

It is a kind of Short-term ROI: action/reaction. Traffic over PPC campaign, as well as Number of Leads over Landing page costs.

That is a different result from Content Marketing ROI.

How to Measure Content Marketing ROI

The questions about considering marketing as an investment are wrong. 

A better formula is:

ROI = (Revenue – Costs) / Costs

Each dollar that you are spending has to give you back more than one dollar.

Content marketing ROI Revenue-costs/costs

Revenue is a much more clear parameter: are you selling your product/service?

Yes or No. If yes, how much?

Even costs are a more clear parameter. 

Marketing campaigns and advertisements are costs.

Tools and platforms are costs, even people, are costs.

However, all of them are necessary. You can’t have a return on investment without cost to have the investments.

Investments are assets for your company, so content is an investment that you can optimize in results.

That is the difference between a Content Marketing Strategy ROI and a Marketing Event ROI.

While a Marketing Event could be a PPC campaign, a Facebook Ads, or whatever, has a short-term ROI, a Content Marketing Strategy brings a long-term ROI.

Content Marketing ROI is not a fixed number at the time. It is an investment that has to acquire more and more value along the time. It is a strategic asset that builds value over time.

Budgets are shrinking, and decision-makers are hesitant to purchase new software.

However, you can’t simply wait.

Competition go-ahead, and the most you can do is prepare your team to navigate and set up for new deals.

Now, deals are delayed indefinitely.

Fortunately, it isn’t forever, and you need to be ready.

How to Identify your Content Marketing ROI

According to what I said, you need to find the root cause of your marketing actions.

Let’s do an exercise.

It is called “The Five Whys.” It is a technique, invented in Toyota, and consists of repeating why five times, the nature of the problem and its solution become clear.

The primary goal of the 5 Whys technique is to determine the root cause of a defect or problem.

Ask yourself at least five times why you want to solve that problem and find the root cause. With the real problem in your hand, you will come out with the right solution easier.

Eric Ries, the author of The Lean Startup, writes there about the 5 Whys Technique, showing how startups can use it to solve their problems efficiently.

It is something that you can also apply to your social media marketing strategy.

the five whys to identify ROI

The problem: I’m in trouble in reaching my target audience.

Why is it happening? I do not have the right data to analyze.

Why? People don’t share their thoughts. Social Networks make money by keeping their data in a black box. Brands need an easy way to check what people care about.

Why? To gain an overview of different markets, they are/want to be.

Why? To match brand’s topics with that of the client

Why? To increase customer acquisition and retention against the competition.

Profit and No-Profit Goals

For a brand, the root cause is, 100% of the time, customer acquisition, and retention.

I can add another “why” if you want to segment brands and activities in two categories, profit or no-profit organizations.

So, brands want to increase customer acquisition and retention against the competition. You need to promote your content with that goal on top.


For-profit, so a private interest.

Or for no-profit, a social interest.

It doesn’t matter. Even if you are a no-profit, you have competitors.

To sum up, what is, for example, the final goal of a content marketing platform as Ghostwriter AI? Ghostwriter AI increases brands’ customer acquisition and retention against the competition.

Stretch your goals

Now You Can

Increase Customer Acquisition And Retention Against The Competition.

What Ghostwriter AI does to help to increase Content Marketing ROI

Would you like to know how a Digital Consumer Intelligence approach can help your business?

Both of you have or not your target audience ready, acquiring, and maintaining the interest is challenging. 

How can you prospect people, how can you give them value with your content if you have no idea what they like and where they are?

Stop Guessing. Now See It. People out there are living their life.

Let’s talk about your mum.

Don’t worry. I’m a mum by myself, so I’ll just bring you evidence.

Think about you when you were a kid.

Have you ever, voluntarily, listened to your mum?

Let’s pick up a controversial topic. Teeth brushing.

Did you ever listen to her when she told you to brush your teeth?


What happens a few years later?

That you have your fist dating and…you are worried about your mouth freshness!

It’s a matter of priorities.

When you are a kid, playing is your priority, as well as eating candies and chocolate.

How about teeth? You can’t lose two long-last minutes of something else better in brushing.

When you are in your fifteen, things change. You have different priorities. There are other things that matter.

Don’t waste your business time trying guessing what matters to your audience. You can’t.

Look at them.

Ghostwriter AI Beta Trends To Wear Your Audience Shoes

Here Ghostwriter AI new features. Top Trends, beta release, available for all of our users.

I’ve filtered “female,” and I see that what matters for them now is #voguechallenge.

Ghostwriter AI TOP Trends to increase content marketing ROI

Let’s have a look at what it is.

Just googling and you find that is a challenge that Vogue, the popular magazine, had launched a couple of days ago and that is driving crazy girls all over the world.

find keywords to increase content marketing ROI


What is your business?

Do you want to be an Instagram king/queen?

You now know there is a trend.

Are you a photographer? A Movie Maker?

Put down a tutorial to make girls edit their photos to pop out in the challenge.

Be an influencer.

find your audience to increase your content marketing ROI

There are so many ways to take advantage of real-time and most recent top trends.

You only need to find your way.

Don’t you have your audience yet?


Executives still try to guess their audience, not to listen to people in real life.

Even worse, brands are asking their marketing agency to do the same!

Why hiring experts if you don’t want to hear from them?

Today, there are so many ways to start from scratch.

Understand your audience is looking smart at what the data have for us.

Artificial Intelligence for marketing, marketing technology is the right help to do that. The smartest and brightest, and funny part of the work is in your brain.

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