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B2B Content Marketing is hugely different from that for B2C businesses.

B2C includes showing popular products that can have their best users. You can do a lot of social activities with an appealing nut cream or tasty biscuits.

Attention, please! I’m not saying that it is easy going. 

B2C marketing strategy requires as much effort as those that you need for B2B.

Yet, storytelling is slightly more accessible. It is not an industrial machine with very few potential business users. You can make creativity go wild free.

B2B Content Marketing involves in-depth business field knowledge and brand reputation establishment. You need to become your potential customer reference.

Are you ready to be your customer’s best resource?

That is what you are going to be.

What is a B2B Content Marketing Strategy

B2B content marketing is creating content to attract, educate, and inform your audience on topics related to your business.

The aim is to strengthen the brand position in people’s minds.

Educating is the preeminent activity for B2B. Very often, the point of view is vertical to the business.

Let’s make an example settled in an extreme scenario.

That’s what I mean. Let’s assume that you sell industrial cleaning machines. You should find all those points that passionate people about cleaning, security, and the environment. These, in a different way, may include industrial cleaning machines—your topic.

In a nutshell, you need to develop brand affinity that crosses the interest of your audience.

After you have positioned your brand in mind, you can educate them about what you are doing.

The audience you need for your B2B Content Marketing Strategy.

Building up a B2B Content Strategy requires a plan, with a well defined step-by-step list.

The first of these steps is establishing your expert voice toward your audience, you need to have one.

So the first thing to do is identifying your target audience.

According to the Content Marketing Institute, the average number of audience that B2B marketers create is 4.

Audience B2B Content Marketing
2020 Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends – North America

But, audience identification is tricky.

People on social media are not active.

They comment very few and share even less.

That is even more dramatic for B2B brands where people are not personally involved. 

They are not passionate about that, it is only something that they are using for their work life.

It needs a different approach.

You may have significant data from Google Analytics, different insights from social networks, and data from your CRM. By the way, it is not enough.

Why does this happen?

Because all those data miss a correlated point of view.

AI algorithms can merge multi-channel sources to get out with the right information that a brand needs.

Once you know who you are going to write to, you need to define your goals. They represent the right measure to ensure you are going in the right direction.


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B2B Content Goals

In a blog post from Foundation, Nicole Jackson writes about marketing goals:

If you’re running your marketing department, you need to stay with the business goals.

If you don’t know your company’s business goals, then stop. Find those out before going any further.

Then you need your execution plan.

According to the Influencer Marketing Hub:

“Your execution plan is, for all intents and purposes, your framework for managing daily marketing activity.”

Looking at statistics from the Content Marketing Institute, we see that social media content is on the top. Companies are using social media to promote their business.

Top Types B2B Content Marketing
2020 Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends – North America

Creating such amazing quantities drains a dramatic amount of time and money.

If you know that your audience is well profiled on your topic, then use social networks to auditing.

Analyze your audience’s behavior with some curated posts on social networks.

Check where they are more active.

Using some third parties content:

  1. create the buzz
  2. see where people comment and interact most,
  3. so that you have a compass that says where to put your content effort.

What you need at this point is a Content Curation strategy that can help you manage your B2B Content Marketing strategy.

Use Content Curation to Audit Your Audience

With Content Creation, you create your own content from scratch.

So, with Content Curation, you use content that others, influencers, magazines, and brands, create. You share it with your social network followers, adding your comment.

Pay attention! Sharing and repurposing, it is not a no-brain activity. It’s the opposite!

You have to find valuable pieces of content that match your brand voice, topics, and interests.

They also have to pair with your audience’s interests.

You add your thoughts and external voice or opinion on that, and only at that point, you share.

The content curation needs a plan itself and requires time.

Content curation should not take all-day.

You can leverage tools and websites that help your brand stay updated in your industry.

That’s the right way to stay even more relevant in your customer’s thoughts.

For example, you can use Ghostwriter Content Curator to find the best news that your audience is reading and commenting with interest.

You can create a successful content curation strategy based on what you see your audience love.

Ghostwriter AI helps you create posts providing you the Social Post Generator.

What can Ghostwriter AI do for your B2B Marketing Strategy?

Customer expectations change fast, and they expect companies to quickly innovate based on what they prefer.

Ghostwriter AI Profiler helps in understanding social trends from your followers.

However, I admit, as I’ve seen for many customers, sometimes this is not enough.

Social insights are inadequate because people are not discussing and interacting so much.

Whereas, other sources may be more precious to find what’s matter.

That’s why, for more prominent brands, with many sources, we make a dedicated assessment.

The goal is to identify keys and KPI to find the right data.

At this point, you reiterate the best practices that Artificial Intelligence can unveil.

We dig into data to discover the valuable information that really drives the change.


Clearly, B2B marketing is not only around industrial machines.

Marketing itself is a profitable B2B business.

Most techniques are highly actionable and engaging.

They make the day when they are target-focused and detailed on specific, profiled audiences.

Want to do the same for you? Contact our experts, and let’s discuss your B2B content marketing strategy together.

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