Holiday Marketing Season: how to get out from 2020

marketing strategy holiday season 2020

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Preparing your stuff and creativity for the upcoming holiday marketing season sounds like a nightmare. 

Let’s say without shame that 2020 is going to end in a problematic way for everyone.

If you don’t produce masks, sanitizer, or COVID-related products, you know what I mean.

The show must go on, but conscious that everything is changing day by day, even now.

Consumers have new needs and expectations; they look for new values in the brands that they are following.

Brands, you are advised!

Ugh, not yet. Read the whole article to check out how to navigate the next holiday season shopping rush.

What to expect from the next Holiday Marketing Season

People have shifted their consumer behaviors.

But, a thing can’t change the final rush.

Whatever you are going to market, Black Friday 2020, Cyber Monday, or Christmas Gifts, consumers can’t think in advance even during a pandemic.

So, what retailers should expect?

To be in a rush as usual.

But online.

Yes, because public places, shopping centers, malls, even sanitized, are crowded and unsafe.

The next shopping season battle will be online.

A battle played online.

More online than ever, numbers are precise. 74% of US shoppers planning their shopping online. 

percentage shopping online holiday season
Four ways to deliver better shopper experiences

The shift is continuously growing year over year, but the COVID-19 pandemic is accelerating the process.

Less willingness to go out shopping, 1 out of 4 do more than 90% of the shopping online, and less loyalty, people are today more likely to change the brands they buy from.

Christmas in July – Consumer survey confirms a shift in shopping behavior – Infographic

Why are consumers less loyal? Because online, they can compare, receive suggestions from the multi-brands e-shop, and use discounts.

Priorities are changing too.

Old priorities

Pandemic has changed how we approach others and ourselves, giving a reset to our priorities.

The Maslow’s Pyramid is today more actual than ever, even if under a new light.

During the last few months, I’ve personally assisted the full range of needs expressed by Maslow, all of them revised in their substance.

people needs shift
Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

A few months ago, we all used to going to the grocery store and buying essential pantry items, staying healthy, enjoying our friends and relations, looking for attention and social approbation, and sending our children to school was normal.

All of them are over?

Is it possible that a few months of dramatic events and deep crisis change so deeply behaviors that everyone lived in their shoes for years?

Today, consumers avoid going out for dinner, starting any trip, and meeting other people, even in relatives and friends’ inner circle.

What to expect for the shopping holidays?

Don’t be surprised, be prepared instead!

Let’s see together how retailers can navigate marketing and sales for the 2020/2021 holiday season.

Holiday Marketing Season: the new normal brings new priorities

First of all, priorities on physiological needs. We avoid going out to buy what we need, and we look for home-delivery.

Second on the scale: safety. Staying healthy today means washing our hands with high accuracy, avoiding public transport, and staying at home.

Third, the need for social relationships. No more shows, theaters, public events. Let’s space online parties, virtual meetings, and thousands of webinars.

According to a Google paper about How consumer behaviors have shifted, 50% of US consumers said they used video to communicate with family and friends in March.

consumer behavior shifting during COVID-19

Not surprisingly also people are looking to find a way to make virtual parties. As a result, the online conferencing platform has jumped on top of the 2020 tech needs for leisure, education, and social contact.

Fourth, personal success. Those who want to fight the sense of defeat concentrate efforts on personal growth that they like. Consumers are consuming online courses, webinars, and classrooms everywhere.

What about the top of self-actualization, parenting?

We are dealing with home-learning, helping our children, and even hosting their burst of tears or compulsive need for kisses during our meeting sessions.

It does not apply to everyone.

Every market is different, and you need to consider differences as part of your strategy.

So, before anything else, you have to listen to your customers and audience voice.

You need to run an in-depth and dynamic target market analysis and understand more about their customer behavior to make your decision more data-driven.

What is rising from recent trends, and people need for empathy, emotions, and care.

Holiday Marketing Season and the importance of empathy

Emotions are a powerful driver for decisions. Consumers decide to purchase more or less when, apart from pure needs and constraints, something else touches the core of their interests.

If we put our nose inside the most familiar stories shared on Twitter in the lockdown period, we spot out common patterns.

Consumers look for clear communication, try to stay safe and healthy, continue nurturing their relationship (but remotely), recover a stronger sense of the community, and experiment with creativity.

emotional communication during pandemic
Twitter UK analysis

So they expect the right correspondent behavior from brands, where people, workers, safety, health, global sustainability need to be in a central space.

Also, less “saying” and more “doing” from brands.

That is what consumers expect.

Smart marketing strategies leverage information, aligning communication.

For example, Burger King UK emphasizes helping the food chain industry, its workers and supporting families buying products. 

Burger King UK social post on Facebook (but, really, I have seen it shared EVERYWHERE with impressive resonance and virality rate) doesn’t say “buy from our brand” but “buy from our business category, from our sisters’ food chains.” The whole community and category are navigating troubles, and they praise for supporting the community. 

empathy communication during holiday marketing season
Burger King UK Facebook post

Holiday Marketing Season shopping prediction: home-made

Festivities are just behind the corner, and to keep your beloved closed but safe, you need to get creative. That’s going to be important for consumers’. Holidays should be when all are more kind and grateful. What we do is the way to say, “thank you.”

According to a Nielsen insight paper about next holiday spending, people will pour their love and gratitude, making home-made preparation. Home-cooking, crafting, and mixing. 

holiday season marketing and the spending analysis

All of us, we are going to bake bread, pizza, and cakes full of love.

So sweet!

But people are really SO changed?

Don’t they want any more precious luxury? They don’t care about design? They now only discuss cooking and webinars?

Well, that’s not true. The problem is that the crisis moved consumers to be more attentive to what they buy and spend their money on. McKinsey forecasting the global luxury goods market will contract by 35% to 39% in 2020.

What can I suggest to you as a marketing strategy and selling in the next few months?

How Ghostwriter AI can help during the upcoming Holiday marketing Season

According to what I said until now, the way is exact, and I sum up it in 5 points:

  1. Work to understand your clients to find what they need
  2. Make your business dynamic according to consumer demand
  3. Meet customer behavior new normal
  4. Alleviate uncertainty and make your business data-driven
  5. Supportive and present to the people

Ghostwriter AI Target Analysis: understand your customer needs.

People look for the best of everything. Consumers need reassurance that they are spending their money well.

holiday marketing season, do the best
Source Google 

Ghostwriter AI Target Analysis helps you understand customer needs behind their shares and conversation.

According to your business goals, we cross the data that you have.

You may have data from ads campaigns, social communication, purchasing, and multi-touch conversation. 

Even if they are unstructured and scattered, we will put all the elements together. The output is a clear view of people’s profiles, needs, and conversations, as well as numbers to support your decisions.

Ghostwriter AI Predictive Analytics: make your business dynamic

People change their minds. Today they are worried about their job and tomorrow about how to manage children at home. They are humans, and they change dynamically because the world around them is changing as well.

Your brand and marketing strategy need to adapt and embrace shifts.

Our Artificial Intelligence predictive analytics helps you run practical A/B tests faster and with higher accuracy.

Where usually you trust my guts what to do, new normal requires data to win.

AI analyzes campaigns, conversations, reactions, and suggests to you which content is the best.

Ghostwriter AI Call Center Intelligence: meet the new normal

Even in the pandemic, the business needs to go ahead. Call centers are working to sell and to support.

How to understand the actions to improve? How to coach our reps remotely? Can we ensure their success? Ghostwriter AI Call Center Intelligence analyzes thousands of minutes of conversations. The rhythm, emotions, and words are uniquely delivered, and you can see the value on a customized dashboard. The dashboards show you your data, improvement, and best practices.

Ghostwriter AI CX Customer Support: let your clients find what they want.

People worried tend to ask for more support. Since everything is digital, also digital and fast communication are rising. The problem for brands is that people expect readiness also on the other side. Time to respond becomes crucial. Whatever is the channel, email, call center, or chat, people want the best in class customer support.

Ghostwriter AI CX Customer Support analyzes touch-points, conversations, complaints, and knowledge base. Using our system, customized and trained specifically for you and your goals, you save time and money, reducing the churn and increasing satisfaction and customer lifetime value (LTV).

Ghostwriter Conversational Analytics: less uncertainty to make your business more data-driven

Last but not least, you need to use all your data power. Using Ghostwriter Conversational Analytics algorithms, having a chat with our experts, you start with far more saving and experience than starting all alone. We have accumulated hours over hours of different needs and goals. We can support you in your decisions.

Even we can tell you if we are not suitable for you.

That is an important point we are keen on. Artificial intelligence can’t be for everyone. It needs to have specific data availability and strategic people on board in the project.

It needs to involve decision-makers and project managers to be sure that internal communication goes fast and accurately.

We don’t want to trick you or waste your and our time.

If we can, we help. If not, we are not afraid to tell you no.

Conclusions: be honest and bring value to your customers

People are scared and confused, so are brands.

As a professional, marketing and sales for holidays are the core of the whole season, your reason “why.”

Be empathic, check restless for new signals, and carefully analyze data trends.

We all are simply humans, predictable, and surprising at the same time.

Use technology to bring more certainty and value this Christmas holiday.

Contact Ghostwriter AI today to learn together if we have the solution that fits your goals.

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