Customer service: 5 reasons to do it well

Customer service. 5 reasons to do it well

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When you think about customer service, what do you imagine?

A bored employee that cannot answer your questions? An unsatisfying and infinite number of calls? Something that you want to add to your brand, but maybe one day, when you will have enough time?

This article will explain why we consider customer service one of the most important levers and skills – yes, skills! – that a brand should possess. You will learn what makes customer service so unique and how it will bring value to your brand.

We are sure you will see it differently!

What is customer service, and why it is important

Customer service is the set of interactions between a customer and a brand. It is a delicate moment to build trust or make you lose the client forever, so hand it carefully!

Often, entrepreneurs forget customer service when they start building a brand. It is easier and more urgent to focus on the right product, on the best communication or advertising campaign.

However, brands should never forget who declares, at the end of the day, the success of any company – its clients.

It should take care of them, almost cuddle them, make them feel loved, and build a relationship based on loyalty and trust. Excellent customer service is the easiest, fastest, and more effective way to reach this crucial result.

Inside the customer journey, this moment is so important because it can retain customers by providing value. If your brand can provide satisfying customer service, your clients will remember it, and they will come back to you more easily. It will activate a virtuous circle that will bring you more clients, more sales, and an even better reputation.

That said, you can’t improvise a well-structured customer service. From social media to analytics, you need a plan and to stick to it.

Customer service VS customer support: both crucial, yet different

Customers are the centre of many services that brands can provide. Because of it, sometimes it is hard to understand the difference between customer service and customer support. 

The main difference between the two is that they focus on different aspects of the customer journey.

The customer service operator provides a service, helping to find the product, check different options, upselling, cross-selling. The customer support department allows with the post-selling, changes, returns, requests, new creative usage, and any questions that the customer may have.

If you buy a food processor, the customer service will help you understand your needs while you are buying. The customer support will help you if you want to return it if it doesn’t work if you need suggestions about the usage, the recipes, or the voltage. Customer support involves technical abilities, and the agent needs to have full access to the whole company knowledge base.

Both of them help create the most satisfying customer experience for the clients, but customer service is a broader word that includes the more specific customer support one.

We will focus today on customer service and its crucial relevance in a business.

Five reasons why customer service will improve your business

Keeping a deep and virtuous relationship with customers helps the brand in several ways, from awareness to sales. We selected five of the most important ones. Have you already experimented with their value? Which was the first benefit you noticed?

It creates value

The more a brand excels in customer service, the more its value will grow in its customers’ minds.

Customer service is a fundamental part of the buying path. As we already said, your brand can have the most incredible product on the market, but it will not be enough in the era of customer satisfaction.

Your customers will value how easy it was to reach the product, how fast the website, and how simple the payment was.

Moreover, they will value your brand and it will create value in their mind.

Usually, if customers have some problems, they are not in the most gentle and calm state of mind. If your customer service can create a relationship with them if they understand they can trust you, and if you can solve their problem, they won’t forget. It will make them grateful, and they may also be so happy about it that they will advise other people about your brand.

Remember – a happy customer is the best testimonial!

It improves retention

A happy customer is a loyal customer. If your customer service is working well, you will see an increase in the retention rate.

Keeping good relationships means more money, that you can re-invest in other products, improved service, and more.

Keeping customers is the hardest part of marketing. Perfect customer service will help you to make it a little less hectic. Remember that increasing customer retention rates by 5% increases profits by 25% to 95%.

It means that if you have a part of loyal customers, keep them with you as long as you can!

Customer service is one of the easiest and safest ways to make customers happy and improve retention rates. You only need to do your best!

It also means that you will see an increase in sales, engagement, and endorsement, and decrease the churn rate. What else can you desire?

It increases your sales 

You are a brand, which means that you are not on the market because it’s funny – you do it for profit.

The good news is that efficient customer service will help you to increase your income.


For example, it will increase customers’ lifetime value. If they like you, they will probably buy your product more often and prefer you and not other competitors.

If everything goes well, they will also become loyal customers who will build a solid fan base, which is one of the main goals a brand can reach.

It is not the only reason, though. Good customer service may also lead to new business opportunities! If your customer service team is proactive, it can also anticipate and solve problems even before your clients ask. It will lead to less time spent focusing on issues and more chances to develop new strategies to become even more effective and profitable.

It helps to improve your brand reputation 

Good customer service benefits don’t end with increased sales – even if it is a terrific achievement already.

Having your customers happy about how you treat them will have positive results, even on your brand reputation, mainly for two reasons.

The first one is that happy customers will bring other satisfied customers. Your brand will grow the reputation of being caring and ready to solve users’ problems, which will make your customers loyal and to talk about you with their family, friends, and online.

On the other hand, don’t forget that your customer service is the direct relationship between you and your customers. If the service is fast and correct, it will create a positive image of your brand in your customers’ minds.

It is the direct emanation of your brand to the outside world. The more this image is brilliant, the better for your reputation and customer loyalty.

It makes the team stronger and enthusiast, reducing turn-over

If you believed that this advice worked only for customers, you were wrong.

Excellent customer service brings advantages not only to your customers but to your team, too!

Why and how does it happen? Because employees watch how the brand treats its customers, even because they could be the customers themselves.

If it works and the brand loves its clients, it is easier for employees to feel engaged and proud of being part of the organization.

It will make everyone’s job easier, with a purpose and interest. It will make the team more cohesive and enthusiastic. Moreover, if your team is happy, it will hardly leave your brand. You can dedicate more time to training, making your employees even better. It will lead to an increase in skills and a reduction in costs.

How technology helps customer service success

At this point, you should be conscious that a customer service program to coach your employee properly is strategic.

Now, you know the impact. But impacts have a source, many sources to tell the truth. 

Analyzing data from all the customers’ touchpoints is both the key and the problem.

Customers reach your support on chat or socials. They may also call or write an email.

How to track information and extract data to improve and coach your customer service team?

Fortunately, technology is your superhero here.

Ticketing systems

A ticketing system collects in a unique place all the requests that your customer needs to have. It is a management tool where you also publish your knowledge base, F.A.Q., manuals, and whatever can support the customer during the journey with you.

One of the most popular help desk ticketing system software is Zendesk

Digital Customer Service (D.C.S.)

Digital customer service is a first in line technology that collects customers’ requests. It collaborates on-screen during customer interaction.

The conversation happens on different channels, such as the website, phone, or chat.

The virtual agent supports the purchase.

Many companies are using solutions that include AI-powered virtual assistants. Most customers are unwilling to wait until you open your doors, and they want 24/7 support.

A.I. agents don’t go to sleep and stay kind and available.

CX Analytics for sales and support

Warning! Data is crucial, and you NEED to have data to extract actionable info.

Track the sentiment during conversations, or test the time to respond to your agent pointing to excellence.

Ghostwriter AI CX helps to analyze conversations as well as your knowledge base.

The conversation analysis keeps you active and lets you understand your customers emotionally.

Check the dashboard to see how you are engaging with them.

Improve the script to increase satisfaction.

Have the data to best coach your employees.

The CX optimization also keeps track of all your knowledge base. Your agent will find the info that the customer wants in a snap, significantly increasing the satisfaction for both.


If you take care of your brand, customer service is one of the best elements you can add. A trained and experienced team will help you to make customers happy and loyal.

Besides, it will also make your reputation and your sales grow, too.

However, be careful and not try to improvise. Having a well-shaped customer service is a matter of time, expertise, and skills. It will give you so many opportunities, though, and so much satisfaction and improvement that you will ask yourself how you did before without it!

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