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Get, Keep, Grow

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GET, KEEP, GROW, AI. Data are easily actionable with AI.

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You know that but what the what is the problem with that we are looking to do the search console and we looked at the data with think that we can catch some information from that the problem is that internal data are self-referential this means that we are looking up yourself.

We have no clues about how we can reach new customers. It’s great obviously keep endangered our current audience base current customer base. Still, it is much more valuable new people are providing content that is currently using our current audience can share with their network so that word mouth will generate new people new audience and your interest around all brand.

Internal data are self-referential what we can do to go outside of this box we can use external data helps us and helped us in reaching Europe our existing data and help identify new audience so looking at what people on the net are commenting sharing looking for the trans what’s happening around us understanding if we can catch a particular that isn’t that people are discussing and commenting and looking.

We can try to understand if it’s matching with what we do. We can really learn new sources, new information, new insights, and all these messages matching our current later understand the meaning of the audience that we want to reach and enlarge our audience reach.

Use external data to enrich.

GET, KEEP, GROW, AI. So, some example of external data social conversation obviously a lot of conversation on social platforms are really concentrating people that lost to discuss and share their opinion is not the big part of the conversation we have we need the help to understand what kind of this conversation which portion of this conversation is really meaningful for us reports and papers obviously once again collecting information from a benchmark from other companies that are already run some insights and they are sharing this kind of insight can be helpful for us to reach work lovely no competitor analysis we have absolutely have have a look on what our competitors are doing because we’re dressing the same audience so we need to understand what they are doing with, whaythey’re using, how they are positioning themselves and how people are reacting to this position into this kind of conversation search intent exactly what I said what I said about competitors obviously the 13th and that comes from what people are looking for and why they’re looking for that so are our competitor are missing this opportunity can we catch the 23rd of them can we serve these people that are looking for something as well as 3rd party platforms think about g2crowd capterra every kind of that that I think about for example on the Travel industry portals where you can book a room house for your holidays for your plenty of people that are sharing their opinion that are showing their feedback.

GET, KEEP, GROW, Slides are available at the website of the event.

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