How Virtual Assistants Support Knowledge Management System

knowledge management systems

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A knowledge management system is one of the most used tools to manage data flow most efficiently, and virtual assistants can become one of the main allies in this task.

Artificial intelligence and VAs (Virtual Assistants) can perform many tasks in place of humans, making processes simpler, faster and more profitable. Let’s see how. 

What is a Knowledge Management System?

A knowledge management system is a software application that works to maintain and control the data flow. Companies often use it to organize their employees.

A knowledge management system tracks data on a project, task, or specific subject.

It makes sure that any relevant information available in the organization is open to all those who need it. It can also track people’s changes and updates and a team’s work on an assignment or project.

The purpose of these systems is to make sure that essential memos are not lost and forgotten while also keeping the communication within an organization open and easy to follow. Knowledge management systems allow for tasks to be tracked by individual team members, making sure no one falls behind.

What are Virtual Assistants?

Virtual Assistants are computer programs that can complete tasks for a human. The functions that they can do go from administrative work to answering questions and screening calls. They are most often used in the workplace, but they also find success in other areas such as schools and hospitals.

AI experts initially created these programs to help people perform administrative tasks, such as sorting through emails, scheduling meetings, sending reminders, and more. However, as these programs advance, they can achieve more complex tasks such as inputting data into spreadsheets or retrieving data from multiple sources on the internet.

Look at MAX, our agent’s virtual assistant. It improves your agents time to respond, providing powerful semantic search inside the company’s knowledge base. How much can you improve? Current use case evidence is a response time 30% better and counting.

The most important thing to know is that you don’t need to learn any additional platform. Everything will be integrated fast and smoothly within your current management system.

MAX takes its power from NLP technology (Natural Language Processing).

NLP is that part of Artificial Intelligence dedicated to language, spoken or written. It aims to make human ideas understandable for computers. 

Ghostwriter AI NLP technology processes different data sources according to business goals.

The effectiveness of Knowledge Management Systems and Virtual Assistants in the workplace

Brands can use Knowledge management systems and virtual assistants in the workplace to save time and increase productivity.

Knowledge management systems have significantly reduced the time that employees spend searching for information. They are also more effective in storing information so that employees don’t have to worry about looking up the same data later. Virtual assistants have eliminated some everyday tasks employees would otherwise need to do. For example, they can send emails on behalf of their employers. In this way, among other tasks, there is no risk to lose or forget any email.

We should use knowledge management systems and virtual assistants to increase productivity in our work environment. They allow us to focus on doing what we’re good at instead of worrying about mundane tasks like sending emails or looking for information from a database.

MAX, NLP with semantic search
MAX uses NLP with semantic search

How Virtual Assistants Support Knowledge Management Systems

Virtual assistants are becoming increasingly popular as a tool to provide support and relieve the pressure of knowledge management systems. They are capable of performing tasks that would typically take days in mere minutes.

There are many ways in which we can use virtual assistants to help knowledge management systems. For example, virtual assistants can serve as a repository for all the information gathered on the website, which will make it easier for people to know what they need to update. Companies can also use virtual Assistants to provide various forms of support, such as answering customer queries and scheduling appointments. 

Challenges of Knowledge Management Systems and Virtual Assistant Solutions

Knowledge management systems are being integrated into the workplace at an increasingly rapid pace. The advantages of these systems in the workplace are clear, but what about the challenges?

The main challenge of knowledge management systems is that they don’t work well with other interfaces and technologies that offices use. These tools and technologies are often incompatible with knowledge management systems, which can cause some difficulties for employees when they need to access or recall information from these different resources.

On the other hand, you can integrate MAX easily through simple API calls. Your IT team will find up-to-date documentation and integration support. Your company will use MAX right away to increase the capabilities of your staff and the way you find the documents you need.

Another challenge is that knowledge management tools can be expensive, so not everyone has access to them in their workplace. For a workplace to fully enjoy the benefits of a knowledge management system, it needs to offer this tool to all its employees.

With MAX, there’s no limit to the number of users, so you can make your data accessible to anyone you want. Request a demo of MAX to see the benefits for your business.


When it comes to knowledge management systems, things can be pretty harsh. However, artificial intelligence, NLP and virtual assistants can be precious to help your business and solve your problems.

Powered by Natural Language Processing, they can understand requests and their variations in different contexts. 

AI-Virtual Assistants improve Customer Experience. They can assist agents, and customers, all across the customer journey and on different channels.

Improve your Knowledge Management System today. Make it more efficient!

Let’s discuss how MAX, our AI-based virtual assistant is suitable for you.

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