How to deal with Christmas marketing in 2021

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How has Christmas marketing changed during the last two years? 

Last year it was troublesome for many people and companies.

Fortunately, things have changed over the previous 12 months.

Now, we can rethink new strategies with the unique experience to back up our following decisions.

So, how is it going to be for the holiday season 2021-2022? We are going to see some trends that are here to stay and valuable suggestions to stay ahead of the curves and market this new Holidays Season.

How Christmas marketing changed in the last two years

Everything started in 2020, and 2021 is going to end with flying for online shopping.

Do you remember back in time, before the pandemic, when all the people of the town assaulted every single shop available, packed with shining envelopes and glittering ribbons?

People have shifted their consumer behaviors, preferring online instead of infinite queues. However, it is just a shift that doesn’t change the final rush and the final result.

Shopping is still one of the most crucial elements of the holiday season, and marketers, retailers, and brands need to be focused and prepared. Covid-19 changed the way people approach shopping, not only in the way people are shopping but also concerning the kind of objects they choose. One example is for electronics that people generally bought more during the first few months of the pandemic.

So, what should retailers expect?

To be in a rush as usual, but online. They should be pretty confident with this way of shopping by now. We don’t know how the pandemic will be during the crowded and hectic Christmas days, so better be safe than sorry.

Exactly like last year, the next shopping season battle will be online even with maybe a couple of differences and perhaps a little less stress.

How to deal with new priorities

The holiday season can be a challenging and stressful time. You want to manage your business and improve your sales by giving the most fantastic experience for your customers. At the same time, all your competitors will be doing the same thing. Customers will be anxious to find out the best gift for all their beloved ones, and you need to be sure you will be there for them.

However, there is something you should not forget – priorities have sensibly changed. People care more about a deep connection with the brand, the ethics, and the sustainability of products. They look for trustworthy, up-to-date brands that share their values. 

Moreover, the pandemic has changed how we approach others and ourselves, giving a reset to our priorities.

Maslow’s Pyramid is today more actual than ever, even if in a new light. 

Even if there is an excellent desire to return to “normal” times, we must accept that it is still complicated. People care more profoundly and intangible aspects of the brands they support, which is a fantastic opportunity to invest more time and resources in customer experience and communication strategies.

Three ways AI can help you nail Christmas marketing

We are discussing new priorities, new ways of shopping, and a new reality in a certain way. So, how can brands, marketers, and retailers use artificial intelligence to adapt their business to a changed way of Christmas shopping? Let’s discover three ways together.

A wonderful customer experience

Support is crucial, especially when most customer experience is online and especially in a hectic time like Christmas. The problem for brands is that people expect readiness also on the other side. Time to respond becomes crucial. Whether the channel, email, call center, or chat, people want the best in class customer support.

Artificial intelligence helps you to manage all the requests and make your CX as magical as Christmas.

If you need help with your requests, our WAD is your Santa’s elf: an AI-based conversational chatbot that gives your clients the answers they need exactly when they ask for them.

It predicts your customers’ needs.

As humans, clients change their minds. Today they are worried about their job and tomorrow about how to manage children at home. They change dynamically because the world around them is changing as well. Your brand and marketing strategy need to adapt and embrace shifts to be up-to-date and ready to react.

AI can help you by analyzing your target audience’s customer behavior. In this way, you will have way fewer surprises. It will be easier to manage your store supplies, advertising campaigns, and personalized newsletter with the most accurate information.

It takes your Christmas Email marketing to the next level.

No more unexpected gifts. Make your customers feel special, and they will not forget it. What does it mean? You got it – personalization.

How can AI help you? By searching the history and data you collect, you could send an exclusive email to your clients with suggestions from your catalog. This may stick customers to your service and brand. In this way, customers may even reduce their choice span – which is beneficial not only for your brand but also for their pre-Christmas stress.


The right way to not feel stressed about the idea of Christmas marketing is good planning. Artificial intelligence is a helper that will make your campaign easier, your clients happier, and will give you tons of new data to work with.

What a Christmas gift, right?

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