How to Use Speech Analytics for Maximum Customer Engagement

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Voice is a powerful instrument, and speech analytics can be crucial to maximizing customer engagement. Don’t you believe us? Let’s dig deeper to learn more about artificial intelligence and its magic!

What is artificial intelligence speech analytics?

Artificial intelligence speech analytics is a technology that can detect emotions in people’s voices and measure the speaker’s engagement.

AI offers an alternative to traditional interview and focus group methods. It provides unbiased feedback from numerous participants, which would be impossible for humans. A limitation of voice-based feedback is that only listeners who speak the same language can understand what the voice is saying. Still, voice recognition software could solve this problem, translating the speech into different languages. This technology brings new opportunities for customer service line managers, sales staff, psychologists and counsellors.

Why use it to engage customers better?

Speech analytics can establish customer identity and estimate their interest in the products and services offered. It is a hot topic in the marketing world right now. It’s a data-driven approach that can help you engage with your customers and track their interests and behaviours.

It is vital to improving the quality of customer service by understanding and responding to customer sentiment. Speech analytics allows organizations to do this through speech recognition, text analysis, and other technologies.

It has five components: speech recognition, sentiment analysis, machine learning tools, neural networks and language understanding systems. These five components help identify customer needs and wants by analyzing their words in conversation with a company representative.

It helps companies better understand their customers’ sentiments about their products or services and understand what information they are seeking from the company’s representatives.

What are the benefits of speech analytics for customer engagement?

Speech analytics is an essential tool for customer engagement and customer service. You can use it to assess your customer’s sentiment, identify trends in customer feedback, and monitor how well agents are performing.

The data given by speech analytics provides insights that are not available through other methods of monitoring customer service. For example, you can find out how much customers are happy with the help received over the phone. Or, you can measure the sentiment of a conversation and understand how it changes over time.

It allows brands to deliver personalized experiences across all channels: web, social media and contact centres. It is a way for companies to understand better how their customers are feeling by analyzing customer service interactions or using web surveys.

Companies can improve customer satisfaction by using analytics to track what their customers want and need and when they need it. Companies can use speech analytics technology to identify emotional drivers that motivate people to buy and how they do it.

Here in Ghostwriter AI, we developed BAAL to improve your sales and customer calls with data. It combines sales data from your CRM and information extracted from recorded phone calls with your current contact centre system. Speech Analytics technology allows you to capture customer opinion and seize new opportunities!

How can your business implement it?

Speech analytics is an essential part of the customer relationship management strategy. It provides valuable insights into the customer’s voice and tone as they speak to an agent on the phone. The software uses speech recognition to transcribe what customers are saying in real-time. It allows you to identify callers who might need extra assistance or help with their accounts.

Contact centres play an essential role in the companies. They offer customer service to customers, market new products, and provide information to customers. The success of these departments depends on the amount of contact they have with their customers and their ability to keep the customer engaged with them.

This technology analyzes speech recordings, to identify crucial elements during the conversation.

Then, you get insights about how well the customer is satisfied with the call, how long it takes for them to speak and if there is a need for any service improvement. It helps organizations understand what to do to retain clients better and add more value by meeting their needs.

How does AI Speech Analytics Lower Costs?

Speech Analytics offers an alternative to the traditional human-based method of understanding and predicting customer needs. In the age of automation, it takes less time for AI to figure out what a customer needs just by analyzing their speech.

The process is simple. Speech-to-text algorithms convert the recorded voice into text. Other AI algorithms understand what the person is asking. The system receives feedback, and it adds it to its knowledge to predict better what will come next.

Now is clear how this technology is beneficial for tasks, including a better understanding of human language, determining context, predicting intent and recommending content, and more.


When it comes to speech analytics and speech recognition, technology and artificial intelligence can be game-changers for brands. In particular, it helps to improve customer experience and customer engagement, and only thanks to the voice!

Do you already use a similar system? Request a demo for BAAL to try this incredible technology!

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