5 Great Benefits of Speech Analytics in Contact Centres

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Speech analytics provides contact centres with insight on how they can improve their service levels and satisfaction.

Contact centres have the difficult task of retaining customers. They are exposed to high volumes of people calling them in a day, making it even more difficult for them to maintain customer satisfaction. Speech analytics has become a crucial tool for call centres, enabling them to measure efficiency and satisfaction. Management can use this information to make decisions and prioritize work that will improve service levels for customers.

What is speech analytics?

Speech analytics is the technology that allows the customer service agent to monitor and analyze the conversations between customers and agents. There are many benefits to using speech analytics in contact centres, including improved customer satisfaction, better agent performance, and more accurate reporting.

Speech analytics can establish customer identity and estimate their interest in the products and services offered. It is a hot topic in the marketing world right now. It’s a data-driven approach that can help you engage with your customers and track their interests and behaviours.

It is vital to improving the quality of customer service by understanding and responding to customer sentiment. Speech analytics allows organizations to do this through speech recognition, text analysis, and other technologies.

Speech analytics has five components: speech recognition, sentiment analysis, machine learning tools, neural networks and language understanding systems. These five components help identify customer needs and wants by analyzing their words in conversation with a company representative.

It helps companies better understand their customers’ sentiments about their products or services and understand what information they seek from the company’s representatives. But how can it be helpful for the contact centre?

Which are the benefits of speech analytics for contact centres?

Starting a complete list of benefits of speech analytics may take quite a while. In short, it is a technology that helps contact centres to improve their brand, reputation and sales.

However, we know that this is not enough. So, here we are with five of the most important reasons why you should care about speech analytics for contact centres!

Speech analytics can improve customer satisfaction

The first benefit of speech analytics in contact centres is that it helps improve customer satisfaction. Studies have shown that when there is a more personalized experience for customers (like speaking on the phone with an agent), their level of satisfaction increases. 

Suppose agents can monitor and analyze their calls. In that case, it means that they can improve, make better decisions and create a smoother experience for the customers. It also means that their customers will have more reasons to feel engaged, trust them, and solve their problems. 

Analysis of what you said can be a massive gamechanger!

Speech analytics improves agents’ performance.

The second benefit is that it helps agents perform better in their job. When agents could see what words they used most often (which would indicate what their clients were also interested in), they could use those insights for training. Trained agents can use these words during conversations with other customers, which lead to higher conversion rates. 

Speech analytics helps a contact centre make better business decisions and improve interactions with their customers. It allows them to understand, monitor, and measure the customer journey. Through speech analytics, it is possible to identify agents who need training or coaching and those who need to be disciplined. It also monitors what people said. 

Improving is a must for any job, and there is no exception for contact centres’ agents. Training on the job is essential, but having a little help from technology is always a good idea. Having a speech analytics technology helps to analyze what went well and what can be improved, in a definitive benefit for all the parties involved.

We have a solution for you. Our Speech analytics tool, BAAL, was developed with Ghostwriter AI™ technology, Natural Language Understanding and Processing (NLU, NLP) algorithms, and our semantic system to analyze conversation data.

Capturing the voice of the customer for a better customer experience

With speech analytics, a contact centre can understand what their customers want. They can improve customer experience and drive ROI by enhancing service quality.

Why is capturing the voice so important? Voice can tell us a lot about our customers – and people in general – want and how they feel! In this case, another fantastic tool that can help us is sentiment analysis. It can help to analyze the tone of voice and use certain words that can help undercover some specific feelings. 

Speech analytics saves time and money

Speech Analytics helps contact centres save time with things like call routing while improving efficiency. It also helps them identify the most valuable leads for sales by looking at various metrics such as lead source, call length, and more.

Moreover, all this work will provide a higher amount of data, which will make it easier to analyze the entire process and reach for the stars!

Conclusions: Effective using a speech analytics service

Suppose you pair it with all the reasons we showed you until now. In that case, you can easily understand how much using speech analytics can be a lifesaver in many businesses. If you can improve your efficiency, you will use less time to complete tasks.

If you can better understand your customers’ voices, you will solve their problems in a fraction of the time.

Suppose your agents are better trained, faster and more efficient. In that case, they will work on several projects simultaneously and even dedicate themselves to more complex tasks.

Speech analytics has the potential to improve contact centres’ business. The voice can tell way more than you can imagine.

Start improving your business today. Contact us for a demo of our speech analytics solution.

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