Why is artificial intelligence important in an enterprise?

artificial intelligence in the enterprise

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Here is the first article of a series. We will explore how to create an artificial intelligence project and why artificial intelligence is a valuable asset in any enterprise in 2022.

This first one will discuss the benefits of artificial intelligence for brands and some of its most critical applications.

Brands need to be ready for artificial intelligence, and we will see how they can do it. AI is not just about creating content at scale. It can have positive use cases in many industries: improve customer service, answer questions at scale, and create personalized experiences based on data. 

Let’s start.

Why is Artificial intelligence crucial for enterprises? 

Artificial intelligence is poised to change the future of work. It is unclear precisely what this change will entail. Still, the most probable vision is that humans and AI will work side by side to reach better results than either could alone.

Moreover, AI in business makes it cheaper and more accessible for many companies to scale their operations, with little need for new employees. This type of automation is likely to accelerate the pace of job changes in some industries. Companies that can use AI successfully will replace those that can’t do the same.

Artificial intelligence is affordable, customizable, and easy to use once implemented. It also helps brands and enterprises automate repetitive tasks so that their employees can focus on something more substantial. It is the fastest and most efficient way to analyze data.

The workforce often considers AI programs as a threat. In reality, they can benefit your company in many ways because they can take care of menial tasks or take care of mundane tasks. At the same time, your employees focus on more significant work.

However, implementing artificial intelligence in an enterprise is not as simple as it seems. 

Which is the impact of artificial intelligence on business?

Enterprise AI is a crucial tool for anyone involved in the decision-making process. It helps to ensure that companies adopt a data-driven approach to business.

Companies have started to use enterprise AI software as part of their daily operations, from HR to customer service and marketing, with the help of chatbots and virtual assistants. These AI-powered tools help organizations achieve better results by automating tasks and providing quick insights.

So, we can summon the main impact of artificial intelligence in the business world in two words: analysis and automation. Let’s give a closer look at both of them.

Data analysis

You know that we strongly believe in a data-driven approach to marketing strategies. Only data can help your brand grow, letting you know how your tactics are going and what your audience appreciates more.

Why is artificial intelligence so crucial in this phase for the enterprise? Because of its power of calculation and its ability to find patterns. Artificial intelligence can collect, select and analyze in a fraction of time, even finding different paths and selecting more variables at a time. 

Try to compare your sales in a certain period to determine which campaign has more chances to perform at best based on your target audience.

To do this by hand, you would need a team of hundreds of people, and you probably couldn’t beat its precision, also due to its lack of bias (at least we hope so!).

Data is one of the most significant elements of our present and future, and artificial intelligence can give us a lot of information from them.

AI-based Automation

Repetitive tasks are monotonous, which elevates the risk of messing up something unless you use artificial intelligence algorithms.

Automation already lets you plan everything, but AI-based automation enhances your results. For example, AI can decide the best time to send an email, improve the answers for your customers’ inquiries, or give natural language abilities to your standard chatbot performance.

The questions you should ask yourself before implementing Artificial intelligence in your business

We have seen that artificial intelligence is interesting to implement in your enterprise. Still, you may ask yourself where you should start.

Like any good project, even this one starts with the right questions! Let’s see together some of the ones you should answer before selecting any plan or tool.

There are countless benefits that an AI program can provide for your company. If you’re considering one, here are some things to think about before implementing it.

Questions to ask yourself before implementing artificial intelligence in an enterprise

What do I want to achieve thanks to artificial intelligence?

The main element you need to identify is your purpose, your “why.” Why do you want to implement artificial intelligence in your company? Do you need to analyze more data? To discover more insights about your audience? Develop new marketing strategies? Automatize email marketing? These elements are crucial, but they require different tools and different approaches. You need to think it through!

Do I have the necessary expertise, or do I need someone else to help me?

Let’s debunk a myth – artificial intelligence doesn’t work all by itself, and it still needs humans’ help to function correctly. It means you need to know how to treat data, let the tools work, analyze the results. If you can’t manage it yourself, be sure you have someone next to you that can do it. There is nothing worse than having all the world’s data and not having the slightest idea of how to use them. Also, ask yourself if your team is big enough and if you have enough human resources to allocate to the activity.

What will the AI program’s role be?

Once you have determined that you will use artificial intelligence, you need the right tool for the scope. Every algorithm has a specific function. According to your goals and sources, there are many options to choose from. Don’t be shy. Ask for an expert!

How much data do you have to process?

Of course, the amount of data you need to process is essential to value in the choice. Not only the amount, however, but also their type. Do you have a billion unstructured statistical data to sort out or hundreds of email addresses? AI is a crucial element for your choice!

Do you have a budget for this type of technology?

Last but not least, don’t forget to allocate the proper budget for artificial intelligence. Knowing how much you can spend on it will be easier to find the best solution.


Artificial intelligence is complex yet fascinating technology. Still, you need to know why you need it and what you want to do with it to use it at its best.

Do you already use it? How is it going?

It was only the first part of a series on implementing artificial intelligence in your company, so stay tuned for more details!

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