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Ignorance makes us scared of what we don’t know. Understanding needs education and curiosity, the proper recipe to improve what we do.

Technology and artificial intelligence can impact people and society, from allowing a child to learn to understand bank customers’ spending habits. Many people want to learn more about what artificial intelligence is. They are from many different backgrounds, startups, big companies, students, professionals, and more. People want to listen and understand.

Also, focusing on the people is the best investment because of their skills and experience.

Technology can make people unskilled and better because of their knowledge and transformations.

Putting people first is the best idea.

Technology will not bring results if people are not educated about it.

People can fall in love with brands. Technology is only a medium to nurture love.

Companies need to focus less on technology, using it for the true goal: to make people happy.

That’s why education in artificial intelligence is so crucial: companies need to focus and gain a mindset that favors innovation and Artificial Intelligence adoption by educating internal people and customers simultaneously.

It is not easy, and people and companies must prepare them for effort and failure. 

Education is an excellent asset for brands to retain customers. The company becomes a friend, a problem solver, somebody who teaches you the solution and provides you with the necessary tools.

Knowing people’s needs and problems Is the key. Companies must educate themselves to be relevant and see technology as a servant for people and their situations.

The best investment is understanding what technology is and how to make it worthwhile for our clients.

Where to start?

From the kids.

Education in artificial intelligence is crucial for kids. Virtual Reality, Augmented reality, and other AI technologies can create immersive learning sessions. At the same time, they make new habits, new people able to use and appreciate a technology that can open their minds towards new boundaries.

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