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customer-centered strategy

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We often discuss the importance of strategy, artificial intelligence, and technology for a business’ health and growth, and these elements are crucial, for sure.

However, there is something else that brands shouldn’t ignore – and it is the importance of a human-based, customer-centered strategy: in 2022, it could be the only way to develop a company that people will love and that will prosper.

How can you do it, you may ask – and the answer is pretty straightforward: artificial intelligence is here to help with all its enhancing power. In this article, we will discover how and why all of this can happen.

What is a customer-centered strategy, and why is it important?

It is not the first time we discussed this topic – you can find the first article of the series here. However, customer strategy is often an undervalued asset: we figure out what to do with our products, social media strategy, newsletter, user experience, and nobody considers this crucial aspect.

According to Investopedia, a customer-centered strategy is “a strategy and a culture of doing business that focuses on creating the best experience for the customer, and by doing so builds brand loyalty. “

You can easily understand its importance. Still, we need to remember that a strategy requires function not for us but for our customers and, most importantly, our buyer personas.

Now that we know what customer strategy is, we need to ask ourselves the following question – why do we need it? 

Why do you need a customer-centered strategy for your business?

A business without a strategy is destined to fail in no time.

However, the strategy usually looks quite cold and full of technical assets: touchpoints, perfect target, content that works, shining products and services. All of these elements are pretty crucial, but there is something you should never forget – and these are the people who will feel interested in your brand. 

It is the main reason you need a customer-centered strategy for your company. We always listen to marketers that say that content is king, but the reality is that the actual ruler is the client. If you make customers feel like you don’t consider them essential and valuable, there will be no investment to save you.

However, don’t worry: if you don’t know how to start, artificial intelligence is here to help you – and we are going to see how in a minute.

Another element you should consider is the evolution from a customer-centered strategy to a human-centered approach

Moreover, a strategy isn’t only helpful in gaining new customers and – and somehow most importantly – maintaining the ones you already have, because once a client is gone, it’s tough to take it back.

Why artificial intelligence and customer-centered strategy can work together

We know that a human-centered approach and a customer-centered strategy are the new ways of seeing marketing, but how can artificial intelligence come into play in this scenario?

There is a lot of room for artificial intelligence in this context because technology can help brands understand their customers better and create a more personalized and thoughtful experience.

A research from Accenture says, “Where nearly 90 percent of customers only buy from companies they trust, and 80 percent say they are more likely to buy from companies that listen to—and act on—customer feedback.”

Artificial intelligence is the tool that can make brands convert more because of deep data-driven knowledge. It will give you a specific root and some crucial answers, all of this will not be only guessing – but actual proof, based on the input you gave to the algorithms. It is also a great idea to see things from a different, colder perspective.

Let’s see how.

Three ways in which AI can improve your strategy

The importance of the correct data to know your customers.

If you want to build a customer-centered strategy, you need to start from customers.

Any strategy that works starts with the punctual knowledge of the people you want to engage.

How can you do it? There is no room for guessing here: you need data. Fresh, precise, and valuable data.

Here is where artificial intelligence comes to help. Do you know who you would like to reach or who your customers are? Do you know what they think of you? Do you have any idea if you are going in the right direction to make them happy? Do they share your values, or do they only buy your products because they are the cheapest? Are they satisfied when you interact with them by phone call? If you have no idea, we at GhostwriterAI can help.

If you think you can’t know all of this, you are – lucky you! – in a mistake. You already have all these bits of information, and you don’t know where to find them. 

One buyer persona goes a long way.

What can you do with all this data? Building up your perfect buyer persona could be a good answer.

As we were saying, your customers are first of all people. You can categorize them, but there is a good chance that a cold statistic will not be the perfect way to pick the perfect ones. They are different from each other, and several shades and details will make two people unique.

Here is when artificial intelligence saves the day, because thanks to the algorithms’ capabilities, you will be able to select and create detailed personas. The best part? Models won’t come from guess, but solely from data. All the bits of information you find out will be the foundation of a data-driven customer.

Moreover, the more you know about your customers, the more you can personalize the experience – and we are going to discuss it in a minute.

Personalized experience

No strategy can avoid an engaging customer experience and, in 2022, “engaging” rhymes with “personalization.” All the data you collected, selected, and analyzed before having one huge purpose: giving your clients the most relevant experience of their lives.

You can select the most exciting elements to show them in the following newsletter or when they browse your website. You could analyze their previous purchases and propose a selection of products for an upsell, or send them personalized discount codes. The possibilities are endless, and all of this is thanks to a proper customer-centered strategy and artificial intelligence.


You probably understand why we believe that a customer-centered strategy is essential for a business. If paired with the correct artificial intelligence algorithms and analysis, the data will give you lots of information about your customers.

Exactly what you need to achieve a fantastic customer experience, and you know how important it is, right?

Have you already implemented this kind of strategy? What are your suggestions?

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