Three ways in which AI changes the customer-centred strategy

customer-centred strategy

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Which are the real advantages of artificial intelligence in a customer-centred strategy? Are we sure it is not only a buzzword or a nice-to-have asset that doesn’t change the brand’s fate?

Well, artificial intelligence is way more than just a tool, but it is an element that can completely change the way you see your brand and the way you interact with your clients. That means lots of insights that you can leverage to build your strategy.

Let’s go practical! We will find what artificial intelligence can become the best asset for your customers. 

Be more Customer-centric with Artificial Intelligence

We should never forget that customers are the very best asset of our brands, and we should treat them with respect and care. Here is where a customer-centred strategy comes into play!

Along with this, one central concept is customer-centricity, which we can define as “refers to the company’s decision to put its customers at the core of the business. The objectives, goals, and mission of the company revolve around the idea of creating a positive experience for the customers.”

The main points of customer centricity are:

  1. culture (such as segmentation),
  2. customer interaction
  3. feedback. 

These factors are crucial not only for a company but also for its strategy.

Artificial intelligence is, as we often say, a tool. We can feed it with tons of data, and it will give us information and patterns, but it is our job to use them well for a working strategy. Algorithms give us the pieces of a puzzle, but they can’t arrange to form the picture of a Van Gogh painting. That’s what we do.

Three ways to build a customer-centred strategy using Artificial Intelligence

As we were saying, if we can feed it with the correct information, we will have all the right pieces to build a polished customer strategy. 

Here we will see three ways in which artificial intelligence helps us build a customer-centred strategy that shines. 

Knowing your customers to enhance their experience

Knowing the people who make up your customer base is the first way to create something that suits them. It doesn’t matter if we discuss digital strategy, content strategy, or anything else.

Thanks to artificial intelligence, you can act on two fronts.

First, you can skim through all the bits of information you have about people that buy your products. It is an excellent starting point to fix or redo a strategy from scratch. You can learn more about them, fix up some prejudices you had that your data disprove, and more. Artificial intelligence can help you collect all the information from different sources – for instance, by running a sentiment analysis from social media and your database – and find patterns. You could discover what people discuss the most about your brand and even learn if they are upset about something.

Second, you can actively use this information to build up the best buyer persona you have ever known. Building up an ideal customer is crucial if you want to focus on a customer-centred strategy because he’s the hero of your story, and the more precise you create it, the better! If you need help, ask for a demo.

Analyze way more customer variables

What do you need to craft an AI customer-centred strategy? Knowledge. Most importantly, it would help if you predicted as many variables as possible.

Predictive analytics can do just that on your behalf.

Because algorithms can process tons of data at a time, predictive analytics can provide valuable insights in no time. It will give you more elements about engaging your customers, where they prefer to connect with your brand, and how they behave during the customer journey. You can select and analyze several elements like geographical area, behavior, values, and more. 

In that way, brands can combine information and elements at an unseen speed and precision that nobody knew before the advent of artificial intelligence.

Improve customer service for customer-centred strategy

Customer-centred strategy and customer experience are best friends. We know that. Improving your customer service will be a brilliant marketing tactic because not only it is a considerable element of judgment from your customers, but artificial intelligence can boost it – as we can already see in many different places.

Thanks to 24/7 AI-based customer service, such as bots and virtual assistants (you don’t know the difference between them? Here you can find something more), customer assistance reached a higher level. Not to mention the amount of data and insights that brands can collect from these interactions.

The new approach makes customer service more accessible, less people-related, and helps workers focus on critical tasks.

Moreover, it better helps to understand where issues are, especially if many clients are stuck at the same place.


Has artificial intelligence changed customer-centred strategy? The answer should be undoubtedly yes.

It makes data more accessible, customer service more flexible, and overall strategy more agile and data-driven.

If you are curious about what AI can do for your brand, you can find what we can do for you!

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