NLP and artificial intelligence for marketing

NLP and AI for marketing

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NLP is short for Natural Language Processing, also known as language analytics. Today, we will explore NLP, its meaning, its general uses, and why it is so important to consider this asset for a marketing strategy.

What is NLP, and why is It useful?

As we were saying, NLP is Natural language processing, which we can define as “the ability of a computer program to understand spoken and written human language”.

Having machines capable of comprehending what we say to them, in any form, is one of the most important aspects of artificial intelligence that led us to many of the technological developments we know today.

However, we must not only believe it is a simple translation of different kinds of data. NLP is one of the most significant achievements of the artificial intelligence field. It’s also not new – the first studies about it took place during the 1950s.

Its usage for marketing and everyday life is well known and variously documented. Do you want an example? Every time you ask Siri something, you see the effects of Natural Language Processing. It is a massive help for predictions and implementation of virtual assistants in marketing.

One of the essential elements to distinguish is the difference between natural language processing and machine learning.

They are both branches of artificial intelligence, but machine learning focuses on improving machines’ accuracy and ability thanks to data processing.

Why is NLP a gorgeous tool for marketing strategies?

Is Natural language processing a good asset for marketing strategies? It is, and it already helps plenty of companies to achieve their marketing goals. 

The most important help of NLP for marketers is its capacity to analyze language inputs. 

Why is this feature so valuable? Analyzing language is one of the most important ways to understand your customers better, leading to a better planned customer-centred strategy.

In 2021 a survey showed that AI solutions are vital for marketing success for marketers. NLP is a great way to draw a more proper and complex context around your target, for example, by asking yourself the right questions: why did they not complete the customer journey? Which words helped this ad to convert?

Since we were kids, teachers kept telling us that words are essential – and NLP translates this concept into marketing strategies.

Let’s discover how effectively NLP can help marketing strategies in everyday life.

Three ways you can use NLP for marketing strategies

The ways you can effectively use NLP in your marketing strategies are endless, but we will explore three of the most common and useful ones for brevity’s sake.

Do you use it for something different? Or you didn’t know how precious NLP is? If so, you can always ask us to discover how to implement it in your brand!

Improve your customer service

If you have followed us for a while, you know we believe that customer service is one of the most important assets a brand can have. Natural language processing is a tool that can give brands tons of data to work with, thanks to its analysis capabilities. That includes elements to improve tickets, customer journey, responses to questions and feedback. That makes it even simpler to make recommendation systems more precise and improve targeting precision. It will also help you improve your buyer personas. 

Collect targeted leads

What do your customers need? What do they want? If you’re going to discover it with more precision, NLP is a huge helper. It happens because, thanks to it, you can analyze several conversations that will give you hints and insights. It also is an important asset to predict trends and possible new opportunities for your business. Not bad.

Take content creation to the next level.

Is Natural language processing useful for content creation, too? It is, indeed!

Artificial intelligence is excellent to provide new content ideas (have you ever tried our content strategy platform?). Still, it also helps when you need to find out keywords suggestions for an SEO-proof strategy.

It is also essential to test sentiment analysis to provide more mindful and relevant content for your designated target audience.


Natural language processing is here to stay, and it is going to become your best friend when it comes to marketing strategies. Thanks to its adaptability, it comes in handy when you want to create content and engage your audience, especially if you are building an artificial intelligence-based strategy.

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