How to use natural language understanding for marketing

NLU in marketing

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We discussed NLP and artificial intelligence this whole month, but we missed one element until now: NLU, Natural Language Understanding. It is the perfect complement to NLP, and in this article, we will explain why they work so well together for marketing strategies.

Is Natural Language Understanding? We recently are going deeper into marketing, language and algorithms. This article will find out why and how NLU is an excellent resource for customer experience and more.

What is natural language understanding (NLU)?

Natural language understanding (NLU) is a field of artificial intelligence concerned with understanding natural language, typically spoken language. NLU is different from natural language processing (NLP) and natural language generation (NLG) because of what it does. It is a subset of Natural Language Processing (NLP) that focuses on understanding the intent of a user’s query, rather than just the words used. 

Semantic search is the element that does online research and queries intelligent and intelligent enough to understand what we mean, even if we are not extremely specific – or even correct.

A definition could be: “At its most basic level, semantic search applies meaning to the connections between the different data nodes of the Web in ways that allow a clearer understanding of them than we have ever had to date.”

It matters because Natural language understanding is one of the critical components of semantic search – which is why we can look for queries on Google and more. Thanks to NLU, databases and search engines can better understand what a person is looking for and give back the most probable meaning.

Three ways in which brands can use natural language understanding in marketing

Before approaching the three ways you can leverage NLU in marketing, we want to invite you to share with us your experience. Let us know if you already use NLP and NLU and like them!

If you don’t y, what about a chat with us?

Customer care and feedback analysis

NLU is a tremendous tool for customer care and customer experience because mutual understanding is a key to a smooth and efficient process. Moreover, both the customers and the agents produce an immense amount of data during the conversations.

Thanks to NLU, brands can study them and see how they can improve their business. It helps a lot in several ways when it comes to customer care. For example, you can understand the sentiment of a customer’s feedback or even automatically tag and identify tickets that your team will manage. Another helpful task NLU can work on is to analyze sentiment: it will help you a lot when it comes to dissatisfaction, to understand which words are more common and which problems bother your target the most.

Moreover, as always happens with artificial intelligence and its subfields, you must remember that you will be able to manage way more data than with the usual methods.

Employee satisfaction

Everybody knows how important it is to have a satisfied customer, but let’s not forget that employees are essential.

So, how can NLU help better understand a team member’s satisfaction?

There are several ways, and one of the most common is the survey one, but with open-ended questions. NLU algorithms will be able to analyze the subtext of their answers, giving you a more complex and complete view of how your team is going.

Getting rid of biases

As human beings, we have biases – it’s pretty natural. It means, however, that we can’t avoid transmitting some of them to the machines. 

If we combine NLU to interactions, let’s say, between an operator and a customer, brands can select some criteria and define the most important or most common issues, and start an efficient procedure to fix them.


Even if it may sound odd, language is still one of the essential values and assets in the technology era. Managing and using it for branding and business purposes is one of the most important things that companies should know.

Natural language understanding and natural language processing are one of the future’s principal assets and artificial intelligence itself. Have you ever used it for marketing purposes? If the answer is no, contact us!

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