Why deep learning will change marketing strategies

deep learning marketing

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When it comes to buzzwords, few of them are as popular as deep learning, especially if you plan to use them for digital marketing purposes. However, this article will show you that it is not just a popular topic but an asset that marketing managers should consider to sharpen their strategies.

If you don’t know what deep learning is, it is time to dig in!

What is deep learning?

As we always do, let’s start with the very basics. It is a subfield of artificial intelligence, and here is what it does, according to IBM:

“Deep learning attempts to mimic the human brain—albeit far from matching its ability—enabling systems to cluster data and make predictions with incredible accuracy.”

However, this definition may look a bit generic. What does it mean in practical terms?

Thanks to neural networks, deep learning can mimic the human brain and its learning capacity. The fact is, it can do it to a higher speed and degree. Each time the machine performs a task, it can do it better because it can learn how to self-improve. The experience helps it know how to perform better, faster, and more efficiently, precisely as a human brain.

How is deep learning important for marketing nowadays?

We know that marketing and artificial intelligence are heavily bonded nowadays. Automation and quick data analysis are only a couple of the topics we covered in the last few months that prove it. 

However, we never considered the perspective from a deep learning point of view. Why is it so important, and what can it do for marketing strategies?

We can separate the question into two different parts: what it can do now and which is the perspective on the future. The second question will be the subject of the next paragraph, so let’s explore why deep learning is crucial for marketing now.

Deep learning matters a lot because of its capacity for self-improvement and quickness. 

Three ways deep learning helps marketing

Marketing, yes, of course. We know how much automation and digital strategies get together, and deep learning makes no exception.

How is deep learning going to change marketing in the upcoming future? When it comes to marketing, deep learning is a massive help for many tasks.

Deep learning’s features will make it become one of the main game-changer for marketing in the next few years.

Marketing is one of the fields with the fastest rate of change. If you want to be relevant all the time, you can’t afford to be left behind – by technology or competitors.

Suppose artificial intelligence is already a game-changer because of its great potential and capabilities for automation. In that case, deep learning is even more critical. Thanks to its ability to imitate the human brain, it can help create projects less robotic. Just like chatbots.

Let’s explore three of the actual uses of deep learning for marketing.


Personalization is never enough. However, when we discuss deep learning for marketing, we discuss a new level of it, the so-called hyper-personalization. It happens because of the incredible amount of data, that we can collect thanks to deep learning.

We usually manage elements like gender, age, or past purchases. Still, we can go one step forward and have tons of small data, thanks to deep learning. You will target your customers in a more refined way and that your marketing strategies will be more fitting.

Customer service

As you probably already imagine, deep learning and personalization affect customer service in several ways. 

Suppose algorithms can imitate humans and collect information from various sources. In that case, it translates into the most valuable and user-friendly virtual assistant globally. By knowing the human language better, chatbots will be able to create a more personalized and human-like conversation. It will happen by answering ambiguous questions, too.


SEO is probably the most critical and transformative application of deep learning for marketing. If machines can understand how humans think, it will be easier to create a more organic SEO strategy.

It helps to understand and use long-tail keywords, more similar to the actual spoken language, especially in vocal assistants, such as Siri and Alexa. It is a game-changer for strategies because marketers can now consider way more options than before.


Is deep learning for marketing meaningful? Absolutely. Even if it is not as common as other forms of artificial intelligence, it will become more and more crucial for marketers and brands.

You don’t want to miss the chance to use it properly, are we right? If you want a professional opinion on how you could implement artificial intelligence in your business, contact us: we will be happy to help you!

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