How emotion detection can help grow your business

emotion detection

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If you work with marketing, you can’t skip emotions. Feelings are one of the essential marketing assets to know your audience better. Moreover, emotions give brands lots of information about their followers and customers. Artificial intelligence can transform these data into valuable insights, thanks to emotion detection.

Let’s see how.

What is Emotion Detection and Recognition, and How Can it Help Your Business?

Businesses are now exploring the use of emotion detection and recognition technology to better understand and interact with their customers.

Emotion Detection and Recognition is the ability to detect and recognize human emotions from images, videos, and text. This technology has been developed to allow businesses to understand better their customers’ emotions, moods, reactions, preferences, and much more. The most important thing is that it can help them grow their business by ensuring that they provide the best customer experience possible. It is a machine learning technique that allows computers to interpret human emotions. 

This technology has many use cases, such as understanding customer satisfaction in a call center or retail store. Marketers can take advantage of it for various purposes, such as detecting a person’s mood or mental health in the healthcare industry, understanding customer sentiment in retail, or understanding how consumers react to advertisements in marketing,

Computers can collect information about facial expressions and other microscopic signals that reveal a person’s emotions, such as tone of voice, gestures, and posture. Software programs can then analyze the outcome and confront it with a database of patterns to understand which emotions the subject is feeling at the moment.

Artificial intelligence plays a huge role in this phase because it helps collect data that brands can analyze. For instance, algorithms can use NLP and sentiment analysis to find out bits of information that express certain emotions. After that, emotion recognition will work easier.

The benefits of emotion detection and recognition are many. Still, the most important one is that it helps companies understand the emotional state of their customers. Emotion detection can help make them feel valued and provide an opportunity for customer service agents to engage with them in a more humanizing way. Let’s see five ways in which it can happen.

How do we combine ethics and technology?

Every technology brings issues and risks that brands and developers need to face. As we said, emotion detection may use that technology in various ways, such as to monitor an individual’s emotions or determine their emotional state.

Law enforcement officers could potentially use this technology to discern whether a person is telling the truth. The ethical risk may lead to false arrests, wrongful convictions, and the exploitation of individuals with certain mental health disorders or disabilities.

It is a known issue that requires a deep knowledge of the subject and a society’s sensitivity that tries to draw a line between what’s acceptable and what is not, even with some risk.

Five ways AI Emotion Detection and Recognition Tools can Help brands

Can artificial intelligence tools help detect emotions for marketing purposes? The answer is yes, and we will see five ways in which it can do it.

Detect emotions in images and videos

AI is already used to detect emotions in images and videos. Emotion detection algorithms extract information from facial expressions, body language, and even the colors in a vision to identify if someone is happy, sad, angry, or surprised.

Knowing how someone is feeling thanks to the facial recognition

AI is now capable of reading and understanding human emotions. and could be used to detect depression or improve the customer experience when shopping online. A study from Stanford University found that when people can identify if a person is happy, sad, angry, or surprised with over 90% accuracy just looking at a picture.

Extrapolate the emotional tone of a text message

AI can read a text message and tell you what the person is feeling. This type of artificial intelligence can analyze the tone of words and phrases in a text message. It can determine how the sender feels about it. This type of AI has been used as a mental health aid because it can help identify feelings that someone might not be able to locate on their own.

Predict the success of a working relationship based on the emotional data

AI can predict the success of a working relationship by analyzing how two people are communicating with each other. Companies can use the technology in hiring managers to expect how two individuals might work together based on their emotional data and personality profiles.

Detect emotions during a voice conversation

Sometimes, what people say isn’t as important as how they say it. For example, a person may genuinely seem happy when someone says, “Good morning.” Still, if the volume of their voice is low and slow, it can be inferred that they are not happily surprised by the person’s arrival. Machines also can listen to aspects of speakers’ speech for signs of their feelings.


Emotions are one of the most critical and powerful drivers of today’s marketing strategies. If we can detect emotions, we can clearly understand how people feel. Artificial intelligence can help us to do so through several types of analysis.

Have you ever tried it? How did it go?

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