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Know, Predict and Success with your ads

how it works

GhostWriter.AI is an online marketing intelligence
platform. Our mission is to enable profitable
digital communication.

Companies want to enter new high potential markets, in & out from their Country.
However, they don’t know their target audience’s interests and behaviours.

how it works world

Human-Centered approach to Content Strategy

Ghostwriter.AI is the service that helps you reach new audiences, the interests they have, the words they use.
Find the topics that your target audience loves. Predict to match their interest.


Know your audience

step 1

GhostWriter.AI profiles and segments, to let you know your target audience.

GhostWriter.AI predicts people matching with your social advertising text.


Predict your success

step 2


Reduce risks

step 3

GhostWriter.AI increases your ROI and reduces risks related to poor communications.

Increase measurable results
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Baked for you with Artificial Intelligence

Want to know more about how our Artificial Intelligence help marketers?
Have a read to our blog. It’s full of articles on AI-marketing activities.