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Semantic Chatbot helps you communicate naturally and engage smartly with your customers

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Easy conversation

With conversational AI, the user can communicate by merely typing a text. The conversational interface eliminates the need for navigation, apps, links and other concepts that can distract from the purchase.

Love contents

Spelling is not important! Semantic Chatbot recognizes the context and precisely understands what the customer asks, regardless of typo or lexical correctness.

Trained in your business, it assists your customers in interacting with your company, services, and offers.

Born to be helpful

Semantic Chatbot responds to requests, enhance the buying experience, and engage customers and increasing their loyalty.

Smart conversation

At the center of any perfect interaction with the customer is an intuitive conversation, a shopping experience without interruptions and no waiting times.

Always available

Semantic Chatbot is available immediately to the customer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Semantic Chatbot uses artificial intelligence, NLP technology, and machine learning to help you with a real smooth customer interaction

A proprietary semantic system in Italian and English.

Proprietary algorithms of Artificial Intelligence (AI), natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (Machine Learning).

Elaboration and understanding of natural language so that customers can ask questions as they wish.

Custom set of basic answers to train the A.I. quickly on your commercial language.

Easy training interface.

Automatic learning to ensure that your chatbot is continually improving.

Conversational interaction with your customers about your business.

Easy to integrate with platforms like Messenger, Telegram, Slack and more.

Ability to redirect the conversation to a human agent when necessary.

Variables to allow your chatbot to retain customer information.

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