GhostWriter is what makes the difference between "Uh?" and "WOW!"

Everyone says that advertising is the soul of commerce, but nobody says how difficult it is to advertise effectively, right?

Even today, where everything is so fast, where digital is synonymous with speed and innovation, digital campaigns require time, experience and budget.

You. You who work in marketing, or you, who have a company and you must propose your services and products to the public.
You know this.

Some questions are always there, always the same, like a mantra.
What is the right audience?
What's the right time?
What to offer?

Time, research, meetings, money.

There can be the perfect text, the most exciting image of the world with the most tender kitten on the web (you know that cats are a magnet for the like, right?) And yet ... if your user has a dog and not a cat, your campaign will be UNUSABLE.

Targeting is where the goal is.

The personalization of services is so important today that it is at the center of communication strategies because everything depends on those who listen to us.
It is not just the difference between "getting" or "not getting" the purchase.
The problem is not the purchase itself. Wrong communication makes your message invisible to the eye. The mind cancels it, catalogs it as useless.
That customer is lost forever.

It does not matter how good your advertising is.
If you're talking to the wrong people and the wrong way, your message will not work.

We too were fed up!

As a company, always have the same questions and never have answers. Never an indication.
As innovators, there was no help.
As people, there was always the same useless publicity.

Here is the solution.

  1. Putting our knowledge to everyone's service.
  2. Get better communication.
  3. Talking to those who are genuinely interested in what is being proposed, in a language that they understand.
How good would it be to reduce the time and maximize the results of campaigns as you know them today?
Much. Well, you can do it.

Such as?
With predictive analysis.

No. Studies and continuous improvements.

The coolest thing?
It's all automatic!

How can I do?
Just use GhostWriter.

GhostWriter makes, in a few clicks and a few hours, the one for which qualified people sweat and compare for months.
It profiles, predicts and helps to create content.

In the data, there are context, position, and intention.

GhostWriter makes information ready for action.
The transformation, from simple advertising to content that speaks of us.

That's why we have created GhostWriter.

To help companies and marketing agencies find people to talk to, reach them and speak to their hearts with content made, designed, just for those people.

What is GhostWriter?

The tool of dreams of companies and digital marketing agencies.
This is a dream that is a reality.
  1. It increases the "engagement" of the campaigns.
  2. It improves targeting.
  3. It makes companies talk to real people.
People interact more with content that is designed for them.
The reaction can be expected, and the content can be improved immediately. Today, not in weeks.
You work better, in less time and you get more.

All these thanks to GhostWriter, a proprietary tool based on artificial intelligence, the result of over 4 years of research and development.

Designed for companies, agencies, and people.
For those who produce, for those who promote and for those who buy.
Every day and, here is the beauty, in 1.455.345.676.130.845 .. (and counting) different ways.

We help you find and acquire your best customers, maintaining their loyalty and enabling your business growth.


Ester Liquori - CEO

Founder. TOP15 Influencer Digital Women 2018 Italia for Digitalic Magazine. Entrepreneur since 2012, she works in the marketing field since 2003.

Mauro Bennici - CTO

Founder. He has studied AI with Norvig (director of Google search), Thrun (Google X and founder Udacity) and Andrew Ng (VP & Chief Scientist Baidu).

Rolando Flagiello - CFO

He has been Finance, Administration and Management Controller in several multinational companies including Olivetti S.p.A. and Mandelli S.p.A.

Gabriella Iaia

Senior ICT Engineer. Integration and deploy manager.

Xileny Seijas Portocarrero

ICT Engineer. Development, implementation and management of software applications, systems and IT platforms.

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