Ester Liquori

Ester Liquori - CEO - FOUNDER

Founder. TOP15 Influencer Digital Women 2018 Italia for Digitalic Magazine. Entrepreneur since 2012, she works in the marketing field since 2003.

Mauro Bennici

Mauro Bennici - CTO - FOUNDER

Founder. He has studied AI with Norvig (director of Google search), Thrun (Google X and founder Udacity) and Andrew Ng (VP & Chief Scientist Baidu).

Mara Santeramo

Mara Santeramo - Board member

Lawyer. More than 10 years of experience on litigations, arbitrations and consulting focused on company / commercial law.

Rolando Flagiello

Rolando Flagiello - CFO

He has been Finance, Administration and Management Controller in several multinational companies including Olivetti S.p.A. and Mandelli S.p.A.

Gabriella Iaia

Gabriella Iaia

Senior ICT Engineer. More than 20 years in development, implementation and management of software applications, systems and IT platforms.

Xileny Seijas Portocarrero

Xileny Seijas Portocarrero

ICT Engineer. Integration and deploy manager.

Giulia Porzionato

Giulia Porzionato

Content Editor. Experience in content creation and copywriting. Passionate about writing and communication.

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