Kick-off your profile takes less than 5 minutes (really!). In about 2h then you are going to get your data.
You can access your dashboard anytime to scan results, using these numbers to support your marketing strategy according to your digital marketing KPIs.
✅ Register at https://ghostwriter.ai (or login if you already have one created with the first part of this quick guide)
✅ Confirm activation via the link that you will receive at the e-mail address you registered with
You can try GhostWriter for free for 30-days! You can associate and activate the trial on all the accounts that you wish.
Activating the GhostWriter free trial is quite easy and it is the best way to dive into the fascinating world of Artificial Intelligence for marketers.

To activate your trial you need first access to the dashboard, by registering a new account. If you already have an account you can just log in.

✅ Click on the “Login” button on the upper right corner and enter your credentials
✅ Link the account you want to analyze from Settings> Socials

You have to wait about 2 hours later to populate the data.

The BUSINESS subscription plan is in a free trial for 30 days starting from your registration day.
Using GhostWriter you get your lookalike audience segmentation by age, gender, language, country, trends of interests, and keywords.
You can filter by data, segment and so on and so for really going focused on the characteristics of the segment that you want to approach.
GhostWriter is compliant with the GDPR requirements and has a strict privacy policy.
doesn’t use Personal Identifiable Information (PII) to target audiences as explained here, so you won’t have to be concerned about relying on user’s profiles that will unavoidably degrade over time, or about having to delete older profiles as the GDPR requires.
AI offers you the ability to dynamically explore and exploit audiences toward the Highest Sustained Conversion Rate (HSCR) using no PII, so successfully targeting customers at scale won’t be a problem anymore.
GhostWriter data are completely different from those of Google Analytics.
Google Analytics data is historical data, based on people already in your content funnel.
We support analysis for Twitter and Facebook Pages and Personal Accounts, as well as Linkedin Company Pages.
GhostwriterAI analyzes the social account to find the best and interactive followers. These loyal and engaged people were the way to find new potential similar behavior on the Internet. However, AI is hungry for data! If people in your social account are passive, they don't comment or interact with your post, then Ghostwriter stays on diet :-D
Think about it like you are at a party and you want to engage people there with a smart conversation. You try to listen to what they are saying to introduce yourself, but they stay mute! How can you enter a conversation that actually doesn’t exist?
Data referring to the country are sometimes not visible because, perhaps temporarily, they are insufficient to have statistical value.
I remember that, for legal reasons, we only analyze public data.
Let me cite here a valuable opinion by Sonia Simone (Chief Content Officer at CopyBlogger)

“Garbage content will get you garbage results.
Tempted by one of those “auto blogging” programs that promise a keyword-focused blog without any work? Keep in mind that if it’s easy for you to automatically generate, it’s just as easy for your competitors.”

[Internet Marketing For Smart People, Sonia Simone]

Content Creator helps you in creating a draft based on value extracted from sources. You have to put inside the content all of your skills and abilities to do it working well for your audience
You can upgrade to a higher plan at any time. You'll pay the difference based on the fraction of time left and you'll be able to take advantage of the features you need right away.
Ghostwriter.ai can be used both by those who manage social pages on behalf of third parties (such as freelancers or communication agencies), by large marketing teams, or solo marketers.
Among our frequent users, we have many small realities that manage their own channels. Among the small activities: wellness centers, restaurants, travel agencies, and many others.


When your monthly subscription expires you will be downgraded to the freemium account.
We will keep the full data available for you for a while (a couple of weeks sounds good) so that if you are late in your renewal you are not going to miss a thing.
You can always renew the subscription even later. In that case, the system will require 2h again to study your audience from scratch (things can change a lot in a month! Think about your customers at Christmas time and how they are in January!)
Ghostwriter.ai is a freemium service. There is a free version with reduced functionality: you will have a maximum of one user and you can hook a single social page.
In the free version you won't be able to use the predictor tool, you have no activity report.
Ghostwriter.ai doesn't force you to subscribe.
Once that the trail free period ends you can subscribe for an advanced plan, monthly or annual payment, or downgrade to the free plan.


GhostWriter is not a Programmatic tool, or rather, its DMP (data management platform) component. GhostWriter does not analyze CRM data and then identify to similar audiences. GhostWriter starts from content that has a high value in that specific moment and then expands to related semantic content, co-present, opposites etc.
The DMP is a limited tool, based on historical data that could be falsified and very old, is generic and not specific, nor targeted for momentum.
GhostWriter system is an Artificial Intelligence Powered Marketing Tools and its contents are dynamic. Leveraging on AI, numbers are constantly updated and dynamically fed by what AI learns from real people, real interactions, real use.
Information grows constantly. It starts with a narrow bunch of info to grow and expand toward different and new data sets.
You only have to be the administrative privileges on the social account.
If you don’t have these privileges you can ask those who own them to create an account, connect the social account by themselves and then invite you as a Team member.
We are afraid but no. As said, to use GhostWriter you need to connect social accounts that you own or you are granted to manage. Sorry guys, nice try.
GhostWriter maps and clusters by itself the data that it collects by using its proprietary AI algorithms. You don’t need to care about clustering or mapping anything, everything is ready to use.
Are you curious about our secret recipe? Well, it is just...secret. :-)
You can’t ask Google how its ranking algorithm works (I bet that you would love to know it).
We don’t store data, only statistics elaborations. The system starts analyzing when connected and can’t get data from the previous period.
Example: You connect your account on the 1st of January 2020. GhostwriterAI starts from there. Data before the 1st of January 2020 are not available.

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